Nexus Fate - Chapter 8: Cursed

Nexus Fate - Chapter 8: Cursed

A Chapter by Piegoose

Everything is guided.


'Perfect'. That's all you have to say about this place, Akidet?”

Yes, your majesty.”

You've been here as long as I have... longer than anyone who lives this day... how have you not grown fatigued as me?”

It's always a wonder to what stunt you'll draw next.”

I have brought about many things to witness in my time, but I still lack an infinite freedom. This human body lacks the unlocked mind to create anything and everything... there has been a long stalemate of interest because of that, Akidet.”

Albain, while you do intrigue me with the unprecedented affairs of yours, my life is still to protect Royce. I can't be bored sire... and why don't you just write another one of those stories?”

Maybe... I'll dismiss you for now. Thank you, Akidet.”

Thank you, your majesty.” The ingot-suited general bowed before the resting, middle-aged King, and ambled indoors from the slanted balcony.

Albain studied the city he controlled... the city he morphed to fit to his liking. He thought back onto the actions, horrible or not, that drove him to the present throne in which he resided. His only regret was moving too fast, with too many exciting games to play. Now he lies, bored with his own mortal mind. If he ever was to find another measure to take, another chasm to explore, it would be one of the last he could ever have. Fresh choices ran ever-so-thin, and all new goals were too simple to fulfill.

His kingdom lied vast before his perception, and breath-taking to most of its settlers. “I could.”

The King turned his attention below the balcony. A wagon rode past the gold courtyard-gate, halted by a legion of guards. “A visitor...” His expression stood serene, as he reclined into his chair. To his left, he reached for the esteemed journal beside him. After making his marks, he strapped the chronicle to his belt, then stood and faded away from the lifeless breeze.

Just a moment, the messenger should get to the King shortly. If he wishes not to be seen, then he shan't be seen. Just to make that clear again.”

Lyez nodded accordingly, “We understood the first time.”

Teiy was too afraid to speak. Royce was indeed a kingdom after all... he was going to see a King. He shook from the thought of it. What if the King lacked a positive mood? One wrong word could mean death. Making any accusation of the legitimacy of Royce, or his kingship, sounded insane to Teiy's present self. Teiy wanted to do many things in his life, but one thing he didn't want was to die here. The only way, and the best way, would be to get to the point. He would then await the reaction the King would leave him. A quick shun of his goods? Fine. A confiscation of the cargo? Could be worse. He was at the King's mercy. Whatever the King wished of him would come to pass. That was a fact of this place.

Light drums could be heard off the wind from an unknown direction. They built a mood of silent sorrow. Looking around the courtyard, the surrounding architecture formed more of the look of a cathedral than anything else. There were spires spaced out on the tips of the courtyard structures to all sides, but behind the wagon. The gate stood there, curved and gleaming brightly. The courtyard also had many flowers, spaced about the edges of the large tile circle on the ground. Behind each patch of blossoms, a small current of water fell to mat the soil. Pink seemed to be the most popular color of blossom, seconding with white. There were many differing pigments to mention, but none as distinguished as those.

The construction, preceding directly inwards of the gate, was the Great Keep. It was rounded to an oval-shape, and had many bands - of some form - at every exact spaced measurement up itself. On each band, connecting pillars slanted towards the several, conjoining buildings. At its principal, a substantial beam rose adding half of its original height to the maximum. The mast curved near the center into a semi-circle of sorts, with many baroque formations to its design. Behind it, purple smoke surged to the heavens. It brought an ominous impression after seeing ludicrously, preposterous areas of Royce, formerly.

The spruced-up, messenger boy returned after, almost, an hour of delay. He hurried to the ring of royal templars near the cart. “The King says to 'let them in immediately'!” The young one panted, holding a slanted stance.

The head templar, in front of the cart, relocated himself from their path, “I have no idea how you two managed to interest the King, but go on ahead.” His paltry, horned helm shook as he marched away with his men.

Lyez... this is it.”

It can't be too bad, right?”

Teiy couldn't build the energy to fool about, and whipped the horses forward. The small messenger boy sprinted across the tile floor, through the massive open doorway... inside. Inside, there looked only to be a faint brightness. Sun rays could be seen cast upon some of the floor, and the sound of a flowing river, oddly, grew with each forward motion.

The shadow of the doorway finally covered the wagon, sifting past Teiy's hairline. A short corridor was met first, soon to open to the wide throne room. A flat surface of red and white checkered marble ordered over the floor. At the center of the chamber, stairs built up some feet of height to an opulent, crystal throne. Overhanging the throne, some branches of an ancient tree rustled through the delicate draft. The draft had two sources, being the three angled air-ways to either side, and the concave waterfall towering its trail in wake of the celestial throne. The King - draped not in robes, not garments, but full plate-mail " sat there with a welcoming look. On his right shoulder-guard, a metallic wing stuck out, molded into place. He looked surprisingly calm. Around him, and the entire chamber, protectors stood watch with careful eyes.

The King stood, his lengthy, golden hair waving about. Opening his arms, Teiy was cast in invisible chains. “Welcome travelers!” In his hand, a small book was held. It looked to be no text of any God's...

Lyez jumped off the wagon, with Teiy right behind his footing. The two bowed in-front of their steeds, who looked around blankly.

Lyez spoke heavily, “Your majesty! It's a great honor to be in your presence!”

He couldn't do it... Teiy couldn't say a word. He shook with feelings beyond nervousness. He feared for anything and everything.

The definitive tone rang through him, “What brings you two to my throne room?”

Lyez stood back straight, with no movement from Teiy to follow. “We've come with a shipment you've ordered!” Lyez nudged Teiy, “Teiy explain it to them~”

Teiy built himself erect, a fountain of faces cascaded upon him. He looked to the bright thing, ahead of the old pine. The throne... the King stood by it " staring " waiting.

Albain converted to a more pleasant character, “Are you alright there?”

I... you've ordered this shipment from us " I mean Ager, from Ager. We've come a long way to send you these weapons... and armour - for your soldiers!” Teiy gasped for air, but resided in his position to appear stable.

I see!” The King left his height, and descended the steps to the floor. Behind him, the falls of water continued to pat the wall's edge, keeping a moist contact.

He continued past the steps, with strides, alone " godlike. His face showed no worry, but expectation.

He stood before Teiy, and placed a hand to Teiy's shoulder. “I don't usually like to scurry through things myself, but may I examine your supplies?”

Uh- o- of course!”

A small chuckle rose, and fell, about the crowd of royal friends and guardians. The King, Albain, walked a semi-circle about the cart 'til he stood by the shipment's back, drooping cover. He placed his hand on the dangling tarp and made a brief snicker to himself. He rose the tarp, and leaped back! He put his hand to his back, to his spear... but to what avail? He stood speechless, the crowd confused... Teiy confused. Albain stared dumb-struck, his mouth ajar.

Lyez rubbed his own shoulder, “Is everything alright?”

Albain relieved his hand from the spear-grip. He bent over and pulled a differing spear out of possession from the cargo. Albain twisted and turned the thing, examining it confusedly. He lifted it to his side, and shattered its hard-earned tip against the marble tiles. “What is this...” His tone didn't let out any form of joy.

Teiy stood shocked by the King's immense power, “T- that was a steel halberd... f- for your men...”

For my men?”

... yes.”

This is useless!” The King threw the broken spear across the floor. “What aid do you expect us to receive from these... pathetic attempts of battle-tools?”

T- they were ordered. I... Builth.”


Teiy gulped and held his loose arms tightly, “Your majesty! Was there ever a place under the title of 'Builth' nearby?”

The King rose his hand to his chin, “Why do you ask this? Is this shipment to 'Builth'?”

I- it was to here! But - but it's not here...”

My Kingdom has reigned this land for centuries. No other dominion has dared to take form within its space.”

Teiy slid his arm back, nearing his blade's hilt.

The King chuckled again, and continued his speech while reaching for his journal. “Your shipment must have been a prank of sorts...” Albain wrote some lines, and closed the bind abruptly. He looked into Teiy's eyes. “Your weapon quality also being an embarrassment to yourself, and whoever aided you.”


The King closed his journal to his belt.

An unanticipated silence...

Lyez bowed once more to the King, “Your majesty, seeing these goods have shown no worth in your eyes, may we depart this meeting?”

The King cringed in anxiety and contemplated the two, passionately. “Very well.”

Lyez wrapped his arm around Teiy, and led him to the jockey-box seats. They both rose up and took their spots. The beauty of the chamber slowly diminished, the King not moving from his position " staring uninterrupted " uncontrollably.

Albain spoke, keeping his vision aimed on their departing wagon. “Akidet...”

Yes, your majesty?” The devotee answered, drawing near.

They won't leave Royce... make sure of it. They will be brought to my personal quarters by nightfall. Watch where they go before then, and remember they are NOT to leave.”

Hm, as you command my King.”

As I command...”

© 2013 Piegoose

Author's Note

This is my first attempt at writing a full story.
Also the chapters are at a short length because I posted them first on DeviantArt, and people will never read your stories if they are too long there (which is why I moved here).

I'd appreciate any type of criticism as this is my first writing.

*By the way, I will very likely combine chapters to lessen the total number after I have completed the book (as with chapters of this length, the amount will very likely enter 3 digits).

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