Nexus Fate - Chapter 16: Flock Jaw

Nexus Fate - Chapter 16: Flock Jaw

A Chapter by Piegoose

Everything is guided.


Teiy! Get your horse, quickly!

Teiy noted Tal'Von's words and ran over to his shaken steed. Teiy took hold of his horse, lugging it towards the passageway. Passing Lyez's crushed stallion, Teiy placed a hand on his chest-plate.

I'm sorry Lyez, but at least we're headed for you now...

Teiy halted...

The chest! It's still there! Should I keep going? I can't carry that on my own! Could I trust them about it? I don't even know what Chaim's like... Damnit!

Catasca hurried up the rocks, going just enough ahead of Ethel to help haul him up each stone. Ethel planted his feet on some muddy stones, going forward to follow his sister higher. The slippery stones lost traction and Ethel fell back, missing Catasca's reach. Catasca lunged for his hand, dropping the dying torch aside. Tal'Von leaped down the boulders in attempt to catch it, but it was too late. The torch had fallen into a deep gap between the rubble.

Tal'Von ran down further, “Teiy, come on!”

Teiy nodded and made his way over, Tal helping him get his horse over. When the horse made it atop the hanging stone-slab, Teiy gripped the reigns and charged, on foot, for the doorway. Most everything inside was shadow, but his vision slowly accommodated to the darkness. The others couldn't be seen, and Teiy kept a hold of his stallion. A footstep could be heard ahead, and Teiy chased over to it. Odd silence returned, and Teiy stopped dead.

Teiy called out, “Hey! Where are you guys?

The stranger's voice arose to the right, “Boy, over he-”

Teiy quivered, “Chaim? Are those things in here, Tal!

A hand patted Teiy on the shoulder, and Teiy shrieked quietly.

Teiy turned, seeing the edges of a face in the shadow. “Where the hell is everyone?

Tal'Von whispered nearby, “Would you shut it Teiy? There's none of those things in here!”

Teiy walked towards the silhouette in-front of him and tapped it on the arm, “How can you be sure?”

The silhouette receded, its place in sight lost.

Teiy swallowed, “Hey!”

Tal sighed, “This place has been sealed up far before the start of any of our lifetimes.”

Ethel cried out, “Catasca, is that you!”

Teiy became irritated, “Why are we wasting our time then? Let's get together and go alread-”

Tal'Von hushed him, “Why would a boulder fall so much further out then the others? In such a convenient spot? Use your brain, Teiy!”


Teiy scratched his head, “You think that the guards tossed it over?”

Almost too likely.”

That would mean they know we're here. There's no way they could've seen our small fire right besides the cliff!”

We don't know that Teiy!”

Then they'll find the wagon, and-

Catasca coughed, “We do know there was a camp-fire burning here long before we reached it. Why would they toss a boulder over now? Why wouldn't they just toss a boulder over every fire they saw along the cliff-side?”

Tal exhaled, “That's true, but this all still doesn’t add up...”

Teiy sighed in relief, “Where are you Chaim?”

No reply was heard.

Tal'Von shivered, “Listen Chaim, this may seem like your chance to get away, but it's not! We'd be able to see you if you made your way out the opening! I hope you kno-”

The cave jolted.

Teiy's horse raised its arms with a yelp. Teiy held his throat, “What was tha-”

The stone-slab of the cave released purple smoke, and the cables tightened into the shadow. The illumination of the moonlit night ceased in a blink.


Teiy rubbed his pony, “Are we locked inside?”

Shuffling arouse in the dark.

Tal'Von spoke, “Where are you Teiy?”

Teiy stomped his feet, “Over here.”

The stomps of Teiy's feet sounded strange. There seemed to be some type of cotton, or other material, laid beneath them. The tone of rubbing metal began out of nowhere. It was near-impossible to see at any direction, as the cave was filled with a great, shadowy haze. The natural darkness didn't side well with this occurrence.

Teiy's horse scampered off, “Hey!

Tal'Von coughed, “Oh, that was your horse.”

The metal continued to grind...

Tal'Von took hold of Teiy's shoulder, “That's you right?”

Teiy nudged the hand, “Yeah...”

Tal'Von Baron's silhouette was visible, and the ground around Teiy started to become visible as-well. A glimmer of light paced somewhere in the cave. Its faint reflections, on the surrounding materials, made its position confusing as it continually pulsed. Teiy could see Tal'Von lift his hand to his mouth.


Catasca snapped back, “I'm getting a fire going!”

Teiy took a step towards her voice, but Tal'Von pulled him back.


Heaving started from behind Tal, and he made his way towards it, Teiy at-hand. The shape of a figure, laying beside a wall, formed.

Tal'Von kneeled before the figure, “Vensan, that's you right?”

The heaving grew, and the figure sat up. After a cleared throat, “Yes...”

The cave suddenly raised its brilliance, and Teiy could see the color of his hand once again. At a turn, Catasca's face could be witnessed besides a small flame.

Teiy shook off Tal's grip and made his way over, “How did you start a fire?

Catasca blew into the flame, “I took the tinderbox with me, but this isn't going to last long how it is.”

Teiy rubbed his neck, “There has to be some kind of light-source in here. I mean, this is a passage meant for escaping some kind-of siege, right?”

Tal'Von approached color perception, Vensan at his shoulder. “That would've been a clear use.”

Tal'Von dropped Vensan near the flame and sat down with him. Teiy bent over to Vensan and witnessed the blood coating his face and armour. Vensan didn't make a move, simply staring off into the low flame. Catasca held an arm around Ethel, both of them watching the flame in deep thought as-well. Tal'Von shuffled out of the light, and disappeared into the darkness around them. Teiy's night-vision worsened from when he had entered. The fire had blinded everything beyond them.

Teiy leaned to Catasca, “Have you seen Chaim?”

Catasca shook her head, and turned around to face the shadow. “Chaim, why don't you come over to us?”

Silence followed.

Catasca sighed, “Where did Tal go?”

Teiy paused and raised his finger to her. Faint echoes could be heard throughout the passage. The smoke-filled air tickled Teiy's nose, and he sneezed. He stopped silent again.

Tal'Von must've went out to search for Chaim. Chaim couldn't have gone too far. I wonder if Tal was afraid of Chaim making a move on us, all bunched up by the fire. Tal's absence would mean that if Chaim did attack, for some reason, we all wouldn't be there in-place. I doubt Chaim could do anything in his present position, though. His arm is a fact of that.

Vensan raised his head and closed his eyes. His neck was covered in blood... Teiy searched for some sort-of rag, but there was none on him. They all sat and waited. There was no official reason for their waiting, yet all of them very likely created suitable logic within their minds. Teiy kept his ear out, waiting for the sound of a struggle between Tal and Chaim, but nothing was heard yet. The low echoes continued, yet there was no way to decipher what was making each sound. The fire wafted about and started to finally die down. Catasca blew at it frantically, in hopes of getting it going again, but there wasn't enough wood.

The strange surface, upon entering, came to mind. Was it some type of carpet? It was hard to notice anything beyond the aura of the flame, but below the fire was man-made tile. The tile looked worn-down by time. Royce, being as powerful as it is, must've never had a chance to use this escape-route. It was probably made to assure the security of the nobles. However, now it served as a backdoor to the whole place.

Teiy wondered if their pursuers would uncover the wagon. An empty wagon, laid right beside the entrance, would bring about obvious conclusions to any who possess the knowledge of the passage.

Tal'Von said he's the weakest of the bunch... I wonder how skilled all of the top are. Heck, I don't even know how skilled he really is himself. The only thing I do know is all the talk about me not comparing to him in the slightest.

But the wagon was a sitting duck, waiting to be found. At that moment, darkness covered the sky outside. The faster they made it to Royce, and the faster made it back out, the better chance that the wagon wouldn't be caught in its place. And there was only one horse now... how would one horse be able to carry all of the shipment with six people? Not to mention after that tiresome escape...

Teiy got to his feet, “I'm threw with this pointless waiting! I'm going to save my friend!”

Teiy moved away, but an opposite force halted him. Teiy looked behind, noticing Vensan holding onto his leg. Teiy never expected such an action by Vensan, and didn't understand what motive must've been behind him doing it.

Maybe he doesn't hate me as much as he seems to... no, maybe he's scared?

Teiy kneeled down, “What is i-”

A roar rose deeper in the passageway. Teiy rushed to the tinderbox and took a single burning stick. He broke Vensan's grip and made his way to the commotion. Teiy could hear footsteps following him, and the light of the tinderbox continued to illuminate nearby. The burning twig in his hand burned out quiet fast, and he chucked it aside.

Teiy called out, “Tal! Chaim! Is that you guys?

Chaim finally spoke, “Just stop! Stop! Stop it!

Teiy tripped over the bodies, and rolled back to his feet. “Guys, break it up!”

Catasca ran up and pulled Tal'Von away.

Tal'Von cooled himself, “Why weren't you answering us?

The tinderbox's light overcame the stranger, and he responded, “I... I was just afraid.”

Vensan heaved and held his lips. He approached Chaim, and kicked him over the nose.

Teiy backed off, startled, “What? Vensan!”

Vensan held his chin, “That a*****e couldn't even come up with... an excuse...”

Chaim grew infuriated, “Of course you're both of Royce! This kind-of an act should be expected! Such foul human beings...”

Vensan went for another kick, but Tal blocked his leg.

Chaim looked up to Teiy, “I wasn't afraid of the dark! I'm not a child!

Tal'Von listened...

Chaim stared, enraged, “I don't trust people like you! I won't ever receive a 'reward'. You're just going to get rid of me when it fits your needs!”

Teiy held out his hand to the stranger, “That won't happen. I swear it won't!”

Chaim rose to Teiy, “Thanks kid, but I doubt you'd be able to match these fellas.”

Chaim's head fell back down to Tal'Von Baron, and Teiy sighed.

Catasca lifted the light onwards, “Let's get moving.”

Teiy placed a few fingers up to his mouth, and whistled. The beating of hooves caught on and, in due time, his horse returned. Teiy held onto the reigns, and followed the others. Catasca still blew into the almost finished flame of the tinderbox. Tal'Von waved his hand with her, trying to get something going.

Catasca continued reviving the flame, “It won't last much longer... and the light's not doing us much help how it is now.”

Teiy shook, “W- we... even if there isn't any of those things in here! We " we can't be sure!”

Tal'Von stopped and bent to the ground, “Shine the light here, Catasca.”

Catasca bent down and Ethel watched closely, “What is it?”

Vensan leaned over for a look, sticking close to Chaim.

Teiy rubbed his forehead, staring along with them. The flame brightened just enough to lay witness the lengthy rug below. It covered all that the light's radius could fill, colored green with etchings of gold. “So there was a rug...”

Chaim snorted, “Doesn't look too shabby.”

Tal'Von grabbed the fire and placed it against the rug. “Come on~”

The fire slowly moved to the rug, but the movement was too late. The tinderbox died out, leaving a miniscule inferno at the corner of the carpet. Tal'Von pulled out a knife, and stabbed it through the carpet. It was harder to witness his actions in the dark, but the sounds of cutting made the operation clear.

Chaim neared Teiy, “You know, I'm used to seeing in the dark. We don't need a fire.”

Teiy stood motionless, looking among the predators behind the black wall around him. “We need something!

Tal'Von made the last tear, and shoved the carpet-piece in a satchel pocket. “I've come up with an idea, and some of you aren't going anywhere... Catasca, Ethel, that's you two.”

Catasca retorted, “What's the reason for that?”

Tal'Von sheathed his knife, “It'd be a good idea for someone to stay here by the entrance. Vensan, you should probably stay t-”

Vensan made a sodden choke, “Save your breath!

Tal turned to Chaim, “I'm not leaving you alone with these two. Your coming with us.”

Chaim scratched his frail arm, “Fine. What are we doing anyways? 'Save my friend'?”

Teiy nodded, “There's someone I know locked up in Royce, and we're going to get him out.”

Vensan muttered, “I'm not doing this for your traitor of a friend...”

Venson surely isn't any kinder than before...

Tal'Von Baron announced, “This venture to Royce should take a little over an hour, from what I know of the passage. It'll probably take another hour or two before we're finished in Royce, depending on our situation within it. If we fail to return, Catasca, there should be a mechanism to open the door somewhere here...” Tal'Von looked around as if he could see in detail. “It should be right up to the door. You can keep the tinderbox and try lighting up the carpet to see. You'll point out its position in time.”

Catasca nodded, “Alright.”

Tal turned to Teiy, “Keep your horse here.”

Teiy nodded and lent over the creature to Catasca, “It's pretty well-tamed, you shouldn't be too afraid of him. Just don't do anything too forceful.”

Catasca rubbed the creatures hair, “Teiy -”

Teiy looked towards the direction of the voice, “Yeah?” A large item pushed against his chest, clanging against his armour. “What is this?”

Catasca responded behind the shadow, “Take your shield for now. I won't be needing it back here.”

Teiy felt the edges of his shield, found the top, and positioned it against his back. “Thank you.”

Ethel approached before Chaim and looked down to his shoes. Ethel nudged down slightly, then rose high, raising his fist. “You can trust us! We've beaten a load of eaters who were chasing us for days!

Teiy slid his sword through the crevice in his shield, “'Days'?”

Chaim giggled, “I've got a story to tell you when we get back!”

Teiy patted Ethel's shoulder, “See you soon.”

Tal'Von treaded the first step of the murky path before them, “Let's get this finished.”

Teiy looked about frantically, “Let's get a fire started!”

Chaim snickered-

© 2013 Piegoose

Author's Note

This is my first attempt at writing a full story.
Also the chapters are at a short length because I posted them first on DeviantArt, and people will never read your stories if they are too long there (which is why I moved here).

I'd appreciate any type of criticism as this is my first writing.

*By the way, I will very likely combine chapters to lessen the total number after I have completed the book (as with chapters of this length, the amount will very likely enter 3 digits).

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