Nexus Fate - Chapter 18: Placid Place

Nexus Fate - Chapter 18: Placid Place

A Chapter by Piegoose

Everything is guided.

The pool surrounding them was calm. No ripples made display, creating a crisp image on the water. The cliffs around their small island did rise above to the hazardous, smoke-filled air. Even in this painful state, the clean air still refreshed Teiy. Chaim and Tal'Von looked down confusedly at Teiy, after making his short remark. Teiy took a deep breath, while laid against the tree trunk, and closed his eyes.

Teiy sat at ease, “Nevermind...”

Chaim scratched his frail arm and turned back to Tal'Von, “There's an opening up there. Don't you think there might actually be a chance some livid eaters got into here? It's dangerous from here on out.”

Tal'Von sighed, “There's no barriers blocking this cavern from the areas with man-made tile, yet we've made it this far without a hitch. I'd say we've tested that theory long enough.”

Chaim raised his finger, “We haven't tested that theory for long while this deep. There has to be some of them in here. They love the dark. One walks by and see's this right before the sun pops out? If we continue on this trail, we'll need fire.”

Tal'Von put his hand to his chin, “You know what, there may actually be a side-benefit to following through with your idea...”

Vensan peered over, surprised.

Tal'Von continued, “I actually had planned to go somewhere else while you all made your venture to the prison cells, but, if we split up here, we could have two different places of infiltration.”

Chaim nodded, “So, we would climb out the opening and head for the cells, while you make your own endeavor?”

Tal'Von nodded in return, “That's right.”

Vensan sighed, “If there were eaters in here, I'm sure they'd appreciate the lone meal you'd be sending them.”

Chaim swallowed, “Well... we can try to make a fire using the plants here. If we can get a small one going, we can light something for him to carry.”

Tal'Von removed the section of the ancient rug from his satchel, “I could've wrapped this around a stick, but it's all soaked now. But we've found this odd place, so I'll need you guys to get me something that will be lit long enough that I can get out of here safely. I'll be rushing from this point onwards, seeing as I'll have no one to look out for.”

Vensan crossed his arms, “It's up to you head captain, but I'm certainly not going that way.”

Tal'Von turned away, “Some of our supplies are still at the bottom of this water-bed. We have things to do, guys, and we need to get it done really soon.”

Teiy opened his eyes and got to his feet.

Tal'Von looked over, “I'll get back in the water and lug out what I can carry up. Vensan -”

Vensan met Von Baron's eyes, “What?”

“You should make your way up this tree and check the surroundings so we know what we're dealing with here. If we aren't as close to Royce as we'd hope, we'll have to keep on this path somehow. However, Chaim, are you sure you'd be able to climb this?”

Chaim rubbed his good hand against his chest, “Don't worry about that. I've got some strength in this arm, even with the state my other arm is in.”

Tal'Von paced in place, “While Vensan is checking the surface, you two kindle a fire. I need to start getting those supplies, so let's get moving!”

Tal'Von raced away and Vensan jolted in concern, “What if those things are still walking around up there? There might be some light popping through the hole, but there is far to little to know how it is out there!”

Chaim looked up, “We have to be high up for the sun to be hitting here at all. I believe we must be near Royce because of that. The sun shouldn't be marking itself anywhere on the wall of the cliff, only the top. I don't think you should worry over that though. Just look around on-top of the tree, and if one of them were to jump for you, you could easily fall down a branch at a time. If it missed you, we'd be down here to deal with it.”

Teiy pat his forehead and flinched, “Can those things die?”

Chaim nodded, “Indeed, but they don't go down easily.”

Vensan clapped his hands, “Get to the fire then! I'll start up the tree!”

Chaim nodded and approached Teiy, “Alright, let's get something burning here.”

Teiy looked around the grass, noticing some bark and twigs scattered about. “I don't think the remnants of this one tree will give us what we need to start a fire.”

Chaim fell to his knees and scavenged some branches, “Come on, we can still try.”

Catasca has the flint and steel, but my sword is made of steel. That has to benefit us somewhere.

Chaim nudged Teiy's side, “Come on, why don't you clear us a spot and dig a small hole.”

Teiy sighed, “Alright.”

Teiy got down and ripped out some grass. He dug beneath the soil and molded out a shallow hole. He placed his hands beside the hole and peered at its center in silence. Teiy jumped to his feet and jogged to the large stones beside the edge of the water.

Chaim looked over, “Huh? Oh, of course! Look for some good ones, Teiy!”

Teiy kneeled beside the large stones and examined the piles of smaller rocks beside them. He skimmed through the sedimentary rocks and stumbled upon one with smooth, jutting edges. He lifted his blade and struck the sword's, steel base against the stone. Sparks flew about, Teiy following through with another strike.

Teiy smiled, “I, actually, found some flint!

Chaim crawled over to Teiy's hole and laid out some branches, “What luck it was that we found this place, even if it created the reason to why we even need a fire. But come over here and get to it! We don't have all the time in the world for this.”

Teiy ran over and skid down to the hole, “Alright!”

Teiy focused heavily on the prized flint and hit his sword's grip against it again. Sparks tossed around freely, dying out around the dry branches in the hole. Teiy lowered himself a bit, the flint just above the twigs, and continued with another smack. The sparks flickered about once again. The pulsing of light on Teiy's image remained constant. Chaim stood up and stretched, watching Teiy at work. Chaim then stared up to Vensan, who was still making his way up the ancient tree.

Teiy kneeled even closer, “It's getting there, Chaim.”

Chaim veered back against the tree and slid to the ground, “That's good. Hopefully we'll be ready by the time Victor returns.”

Teiy scratched his head, “'Victor'?”

Chaim shuffled about, “Yeah. You know, that guy who was on the verge of killing me.”

Teiy waved his hair, “Oh, you mean Tal'Von. His name isn't really 'Victor'. Haven't you heard me calling him otherwise?”

“I thought what you said must be some nickname, but keep that flint hot.”

“Oh yeah, but we all don't know each other enough to give nicknames. I do shorten Tal'Von's name on occasion, though.”

“You 'don't know each other enough'?”

“We haven't spoke much of our situation have we? We're all being chased right now, not only by those eaters before. We're heading up there to save my friend from Royce, which you know. However, we're only with each other because of this situation we've gotten stuck in.”

“It all sounds somewhat familiar to my past. So what did you do to get the King onto you?”

“Only if I knew that... There we have it!”

The dry weeds within the hole began to roll away visible smoke. Teiy leaned down and blew lightly under the triangularly placed twigs. Each blow directed a glow of red, 'til the flames were finally present.

Teiy sat up and scanned the ground, “Let's get a few more dry weeds to help build the flame.”

Chaim looked back up the tree, Vensan not in clear sight, “Vensan! How is it?

A light echo replied, “Hold it!”

Chaim sighed, “Teiy, just keep at it. You should be fine with the rest on your own. I'm going to head over to Tal'Von and move some supplies over here.”

Teiy nodded and placed more flammable shrubs in the hole. The fire was far enough developed to be self-sustaining. Teiy stood to his feet once again and picked out some larger sticks, that he found around his place on the island. He tossed the sticks beside the hole, then turned away and approached the edge of the water. The water was a perfect reflection, with only light ripples in far off sections. Teiy placed one knee to the dirt and tapped his finger against the surface of the basin. Lifting his finger back up, a small drip fell back down within the pool, distorting his image.

No matter where the water goes at one moment, one day it will all return to the lowest of cracks. Constantly moving downwards, lacking any ability to escape. I've made my escape from Royce, yet even this soon I've fallen back into its trap. I won't leave Lyez there to die, and I know there's no way I'd let myself do anything otherwise. But will this relationship, of water and gravity, be parallel with my own being and Royce? After all, it is the kingdom of this land. As gravity pulls all to the lowest end, the King pulls all the strings he wished from the highest end. We will see how this all carries me... or if I -

The tree rustled, and Vensan cried out, “They're out there! Head captain!

Teiy looked above from the river basin, a shadow blocking the angled sight of light. And the shadow fell to the ground, bending its sidewards knees back from they're impact. Teiy got to his feet and glared at the livid beast. They both stared in their place, not taking even the shortest glance otherwise. But was the beast looking at Teiy? There were no eyes to be seen, only its depressed physique.

Teiy waved his sword to the side, flicking off situated water and mud. “Vensan... you knocked this thing down here! It's just siting there!

The tree rustled, yet no reply followed. But the beast followed, waving its head side to side.

Teiy turned himself parallel to the livid eater, “Why is it wobbling its head? Vensan!

The beast placed one foot forwards.

“I see now, so you things do have a brain. You're not some dumb, and dull, monster! You're able to think and, for one reason or another, something doesn't look too tasty about me, huh?”

The beast leaped closer, raising its legs far beyond its torso, and landed frozen.

Teiy began to shake with fear, “What is it? Are you this sick that you like to toy with your prey? Chaim!

The tree rustled again and Vensan shouted, “S**t!

Teiy tried to glance back up to the tree, but slipped into the water. “Vensan! Help me, please!

The beast made several steps more as Teiy struggled back to his feet.

My sword cracked the last time I tried hitting those things. That's taken right out of my options. And my damned shield sunk under the basin! “Tal'Von! Someone -”

The livid eater broke to a sprint, swerving its arm back. Teiy lifted his blade and parried the eater's claw, losing his place on the slippery stones beneath the pool's surface. Teiy fell back in a splash, only revealing his face above the water's surface. The livid eater curled inwards, its own face just overhead of Teiy's. Teiy cringed in agony as an indention on the beast's face appeared. Directly at its center, the indentation began to grow, molding away the beast's own face into an inward bowl.

Teiy gasped, “Now! Now! Help me!

The beast lowered its curled-in head, nearing Teiy's. Teiy slid back, shuffling his feet and pushing against nearby rocks. He pushed himself further and his torso began to sink. Teiy took hold of the underwater cliff-edge, pulling himself back to the surface. His eyes blinded by the dirt-filled water, before ascending. Teiy squinted in confusion, to see the livid eater staying at the edge of the water, keeping its altered face.

A smile of relief extended on Teiy, “They can't go in water! I can't believe it -”

The livid eater lunged above the water, moving just above Teiy. Teiy held his breath, his eyes tearing up in torment. In full throttle, Teiy rolled to the side, kicking himself away. The beast landed in the water beside him and turned in haste. Teiy got up and heaved himself against the water, towards the hard ground. He reached the dirt and bolted to the growing, fire pit. The flame was still minimal, but Teiy lifted it up nonetheless. The eater, just behind his trail, stopped and shuffled to the side. Teiy kept the fire in between them, trying to catch up with the eater's, abrupt movements. A clash of metal could be heard somewhere on the island, and Teiy screamed as loud as he could. The beast thrust forward for a moment, and Teiy dropped the flaming weeds to the ground in fear. The eater dashed straight in, Teiy slashing his blade against its head. The force knocked the eater to the side, but no opening was seen on its skin.

Teiy heard from behind him, “Who screamed?

Teiy cried while making an escape, “The eaters!

Chaim appeared from atop a pile of stones and jumped down beyond Teiy. Teiy stopped his escape, his feet sliding to the side, and turned to see Chaim's blade penetrating the beast. Chaim struggled to keep his blade inside, the beast shaking away. Teiy hollered, running towards them, and smacked his hand against the eater's face. His fist sunk within its head.

Chaim pulled out his blade, and slashed the eater's head. “Get back!”

Teiy receded, Chaim again stabbing through the chest of the beast.

Teiy balanced himself and darted around the two, towards the flaming tinder. He turned back and held the fire within his palm. After a short breather, Teiy charged the creature and shoved the fire against its back. Its skin shriveled and the eater wavered furiously about. Teiy held the fire firmly against it, as Chaim held his blade firmly within its stomach. The thing slowly lowered to the ground, Teiy moving the flame against its head. Chaim kept his blade tightly within the, now, lying creature. It laid on the soil, again unmoving. Leaving the fire on its head, Teiy stood up heaving. Teiy stared within the flame, his chest pulsing inwards and outwards.

Teiy snapped his vision towards the tree, “Chaim! I heard Vensan cry out earlier!”

Chaim tore out his sword from the beast's innards, “Keep that fire on its head 'til its all ash!”

Teiy lowered himself against the beast's head, while noticing Vensan's armour beside the tree's base. “Are you sure you can climb up, Chaim?”

Chaim stopped beside the tree and put his fingers slowly against his blade. He flinched and drew back, “Damn! It's still lively. Vensan, are you alive up there?

Both of them paused for a moment, awaiting a reply.

“I can see Royce!

© 2014 Piegoose

Author's Note

This is my first attempt at writing a full story.
Also the chapters are at a short length because I posted them first on DeviantArt, and people will never read your stories if they are too long there (which is why I moved here).

I'd appreciate any type of criticism as this is my first writing.

*By the way, I will very likely combine chapters to lessen the total number after I have completed the book (as with chapters of this length, the amount will very likely enter 3 digits).

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