Turn This Tide

Turn This Tide

A Poem by Pillow Of Winds

am not much of a poet at all but i'll give it a shot...


Turn this tide


I thought I held the key but there’s doors I can’t unlock now

I thought I knew it all, that I deserved better, but I guess that I was wrong

I thought of every last excuse

I blamed it on a troubled youth

There’s nothing to forgive me and what I’ve done this time

I was looking for a jury but it’s me who’s committed the crimes

I ran from insecurity

I felt like a wave in a bitter sea

I know the only one to blame is me


I wanna get my friends to gather around and say if forgive you now

I wanna say I’m sorry for what I’ve done, they never believed what I’d become

There’s nothing left for me to say, there isn’t a reason for being this way

This isn’t the path I could foresee, could foresee

What the hell has happened to me? 


I know well that you should be in everything I do

You’ve given me so much but still I can’t find the time for you

If I were a good man

Would I be able to understand?

I was caught in the crossfire, bitterness and anger and hate

I wanna turn the page, start again am I too old is it too late?

A part of me inside

Just wants to run and hide

I don’t think that I can turn this tide


Behind these eyes a different world, here lies

Things are not the same, tides have turned, I have changed

I don’t want them to even know, they shouldn’t follow where I go

Would it all be different if they could see?

What the hell has happened to me? 

© 2010 Pillow Of Winds

Author's Note

Pillow Of Winds
These are quite old but feedback will be appreciated all the same :)

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Added on May 4, 2010
Last Updated on May 4, 2010


Pillow Of Winds
Pillow Of Winds

Stirling, United Kingdom

I'm a 17 year old student at Stirling High School and an aspiring writer. Basically i joined this site in search of review and hints from other writers to help me improve and this site seemed better t.. more..

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