A Chapter by Natalie Elle Tyler

An old man named Stephen starts telling a story to his grandkids of how he met Sarah. (Foreshadow)


I sat down in a blue chair next to Sarah, who quickly grabbed my hand.

Sarah is the most beautiful young lady I’ve ever layed eyes on. With the light golden touches in her light brown hair, to the gleaming light in her eyes, she never looked more beautiful. Even if today her hair was now white, she still looked amazing.

I looked around the visitor section, spotting the nurse’s door, realizing we were still waiting for our grandchildren to visit after six months.

They were adorable. Little Timmy the height of like… 2 inches even though I think he’s five. And of course Lilly, wow, what an intelligent girl she was. I swear by next year, she’ll know how to multiply. If I just remember how old she is…

 “Grandpa,” Timmy yelled running across the room.

Timmy is a teddy bear. He was so sweet, kind, nice, and warm hearted, just like one. But since he was short, Timmy for right Snow is just my teddy bear.

“Timmy,” I calmly said, standing up to give him a hug.

Timmy tried helping me frigidly as I stood, holding crunches in my hands, having a hard time.

We were at the Retirement Home Hospital in downtown Michigan. …Or as others call it, the RHH. I like using the full name of it or otherwise I’d forget about the whole entire name. The building was pretty much in the middle of San Francisco, but still surrounded by bundles of trees.

“How are you doing Lilly?” The white haired old lady, Sarah asked, focusing on Timmy’s older sister.

Lilly was Timmy’s older sister. She had the same blue eyes as Timmy, although compared to him, much longer hair, straighter too. She was intelligent, gorgeous, and totally had Sarah’s eyes.

“Good! I’m starting school next week. I’m a little bit nervous…” Lilly said quickly in a whisper and stood regularly back up as if nothing happened.

I smirked and laughed both quietly, hoping not to ruin my voice more from how bad it was already.

“Your Grandpa Peterson knows all about that,” Sarah said kindly, looking at me.

I watched Lilly’s eyes go from Sarah’s to mine.

I sighed deeply and nodded, “I moved to another state in the middle of my high school year, and I had to start all over,”

“You had to start all over?” Timmy asked, like it was the most shocking thing.

“Yeah, but it was worth it! I met your grandma there,” I said, watching Sarah blush.

Lilly smiled at the sight of watching me and Sarah kiss tenderly and gently with each other.

Even as an old lady, Sarah was so attractive.

“Can you tell us a story of how you met her?” Lilly asked, talking to me.

“Ok, but just letting you know, this didn’t really happen. I’m just going to make it more suspenseful for you guys. Is that okay?” I asked, trying to reason with the kids.

Lilly and Timmy nodded, waiting for the story to start.

“I’ve been on the run since I turned sixteen,” I started.

“You’ve been on the run… from what?” Timmy asked, having the cutest little face.

“Timmy,” Lilly said, “Be quiet! He’ll explain!”

I started once again, “Where was I…? Oh yes,”

To Be Continued…

© 2012 Natalie Elle Tyler

Author's Note

Natalie Elle Tyler
Chapter 1 coming soon!

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Sorry if this chapter was boring you guys. In fact, u don't have to read this. If u do, it means alot, but still u don't have to. I hope it gets more entertaining as it moves forward. Thanks for reading! I'd b glad to read a book of urs back.
Happy writing!:)


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