Blue Gill

Blue Gill

A Story by Hannavas R.

A fish called Blue Gill has a very interesting problem but an even more interesting solution.


Blue Gill

Once upon a time there were an orange and white fish that swam idly around a see through glass bowl. Small blue pebbles filled the bottom of the bowl, but some live grasses grew in the small bowl.

A little girl, much bigger than I often calls me Blue Gill as she feeds me and stares awkwardly at me for a few minutes before running off to do what ever she does.

I stayed there looking at the little girl for a few more seconds before I turned around and instantly jumped back, the breath knocked from my gills, “Marzia! You scared me!” I said to the big orange and white cat sitting before me.

The cat gave a grin and licked her thin lips, “Hey Blue Gill, been a while,” she said as put her hand on the bowl and slowly waved her tail.

I swam closer to her, looking in to her big, yellow eyes, “Marzia?”

“What is it,” she replied licking her paw.

“Will you get the girl to feed me?” I asked wearily.

“Have you forgotten her name already Blue Gill?”

I looked down to the blue rocks feeling shameful, “Y-yes.”

“Emily deserves better than you Blue Gill, but sure why not, and then I can have you for desert right?” Marzia asked quickly.

“S-... no,” I stared almost angry at Marzia for asking such a question and turned around and swam into the grass as Marzia picked up my package of food and walked slowly over to Emily.

Emily looked down to see the cat passing between and rubbing up against her legs. Emily knelt down pet the cat as she gave a confused look at the fish food in her mouth. The little girl took it from her and walked back over to me.

She looked through my grassy home with her big blue eyes and opened the bag and got a little pinch off food and gave some to me.

I swam up and got some bites as Emily returned the bag to the shelf below my bowl and continued to watch me eat my food.

Emily smiled as she saw me eating, “You really were hungry weren't you Blue Gill?”

I continued eating.

I smiled to myself and gave a relieved sigh. All in the wonderful day of being a fish.

© 2013 Hannavas R.

Author's Note

Hannavas R.
This is my first Children's story and yes it is very short. The moral of the story is: not all cats eat fish. I love Reviews thanks.

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Added on November 24, 2013
Last Updated on November 24, 2013
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Hannavas R.
Hannavas R.

I am a 16 year old fantasy and romance reader and mostly short story writer, though I also write gay and lesbian, autobiographies, poems, novels, teen and young adult, and strictly adult. I'm silly.. more..