Humble house and the Dirty rat

Humble house and the Dirty rat

A Poem by Ethan Castner

An open house and a happy rat.

Lookie here you dirty rat
my oh my how you are fat
Nibble gnaw bite and chew
slowly you devour food
looking up with your beedy black eyes
times a'tickin for your demise
but the times not now
not even near
so please dirty rat do not fear
have my food
have a little more
i gladly open my humble door
i pick you up and wash you with suds
slowly we become best buds
your not caged you are free
go wherever that you wish to be
but remember now
and remember well
i may be kind i may be well
for if you bite me you shall see
that there are two different sides to me
there will be no food
there will be no buds
i will never wash you with soapy suds
i will throw you outside
in the cold wet mud
metal traps aren't very fun
sprinkle softly deadly powder
very little food shall you devour
so off to bed
here's some cheese
you can sleep right next to me
your furs all soft
and your belly is full
a little shoe box full of wool
as your eyes close ever so gently
i hear a sound
and i go check to see
what the outside has sent for me
so i open up my humble door
come inside i do implore
eat,wash and up to bed
and i come to friend is dead

© 2010 Ethan Castner

Author's Note

Ethan Castner
something that came to me, tell me what you honestly think!! i know its sad. **this didn't happen to me just a little tale**

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Added on September 30, 2010
Last Updated on October 1, 2010
Tags: poetry, tale, sad, kind


Ethan Castner
Ethan Castner

Gig Harbor, WA

Hello there, My name is Ethan Castner and i like to write.....well i try to write that is. I think im pretty funny, i can tell stories for hours on end. I know my writing skills are horrible, but that.. more..