Blindside Me (X3)

Blindside Me (X3)

A Poem by Harlequinn Diamond

3 seperate passages to my nanan.


It’ll only blindside me on another random day.

It’ll only start hurting on some other boring week.

It’ll only smack me head on when I’m not expecting it.

It’ll only come to sense when I realise your gone.


Forever is such a long time, how can we use it.

She’s gone forever. She’ll never come back.

Forever is such a long word. How can we overuse it.

She’s gone forever. I smile at that. Forever is a long time.

But forever will end. I’ll see her again. I smile.

Forever is such a long sentence. Let’s not get over drastic.


Blindside me dearest death,

Some random day perhaps?

Hurt me dear pain,

On a week of nothing left.

Smack me head on dear car crash,

Alike to, I wont expect it.

Come to me dear realisation,

When I remember you’re gone.

© 2008 Harlequinn Diamond

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Author's Note

Harlequinn Diamond
: ) be kind.. lol

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Added on July 18, 2008


Harlequinn Diamond
Harlequinn Diamond

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Dear lord...i havent been on here for a while! haha evidence being...i was still 14:] lol Im now HAPPILY 15, possibly a full blown teenager officially...up with her hormones, down with school... AND O.. more..