If i've long got over it...

If i've long got over it...

A Poem by Harlequinn Diamond

A poem dedicated to my nanans passing. I wrote it from my mums point of view (her daughter).


If Ive long got over it,

Why are these memories so damn vivid?

Why do everytime I think of your smile,

I cry.

I die a little more inside.

If Ive long got over it,

Why does it hurt to remember?

Why does my heart rip when I hear your name,

I cry.

I die a little more inside.

If theres a heaven for you, and no more hell,

Why do I feel like it wasn’t the right time,

Just one more day, just one more day,

I want to scream, to think of all the things we dream

But I hold it all inside. Weeping now. Weeping then.

Every so often.

If ive long got over it,

Why do I die a little more inside?

© 2008 Harlequinn Diamond

Author's Note

Harlequinn Diamond
: ) Be kind...lol

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u probably already know this but one of my favorite songs talks about something like what your poem is saying and one of the verses is "thought i couldn't live without you, its gonna hurt when it heals too..." you will get over it if you haven't already and its gonna hurt a little. this might sound corny and you might hate my comment but i'm just telling you from my own experience and from talking to my friends who i think are some of the greatest people and artists in my life. hope this helps and i love the poem.

Posted 16 Years Ago

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Added on July 18, 2008


Harlequinn Diamond
Harlequinn Diamond

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Dear lord...i havent been on here for a while! haha evidence being...i was still 14:] lol Im now HAPPILY 15, possibly a full blown teenager officially...up with her hormones, down with school... AND O.. more..