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A Poem by Phillip J Clayton

Dedicated to a friend of mine, someone I consider a brother. Life does not play by the same rules as we do. We feel helpless when those close to us end up in bad situations, no matter the reason.

Life is crude,
dark and filled with sludge.

It's in the cold mornings we seek warmth,
the hot days we seek the cold.

It's when they go,
we plea for them to stay,
it's when they never leave,
we care not if they go.

We always need more time,
more time to make it right.
More time...the ultimate treasure.

A mother weeps,
her pain unmatched by any.
A father heavy with sadness,
he holds his tears,
he must be strong,
his weeping is for him alone.

Death ends with the body,
but the soul dies first.
That moment when you are alone,
forsaken by reality, when logic fades...

My dear friend, my brother...
If only I had more time,
if only I stayed a little longer.
If only I showed you the way.

Your solitary was not your fault,
your actions...
induced by the neglect around you.
A default result of loneliness.

I have searched for a solution,
I have found nothing.

All you needed was five minutes...
five minutes to be heard,
five minutes to make them understand.

Five minutes more I wish I had to give you...

You were loved, you are loved,
you just don't know it.
You were treasured, no one showed it.

My dear friend, my brother.
I hope for you to find peace.
Find forgiveness for yourself,
as I hope they will forgive you.

My dear friend, my brother...
I am sorry.

© 2015 Phillip J Clayton

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Added on August 31, 2015
Last Updated on August 31, 2015
Tags: Sadness, loneliness, Solitary, friend, crime, death, right, wrong, life, depression, forgiveness, sociopathic, psychopathic, help, neglect, poem, experimental, love, anger, special


Phillip J Clayton
Phillip J Clayton


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