Bonds Tied (The Five, part 1)

Bonds Tied (The Five, part 1)

A Poem by Pocko

No one really knew who he was.

They couldn’t tell you more than his name.

No one had ever gotten close to him.

They couldn’t have known how he felt.

No one saw past the physical plane.

No one really knew who he was.

They didn’t know that he was in pain.

He felt the pain that came with longing.

He longed for some one’s company.

The company of some one called a friend.


He is the longing one.

He wants to find his place.

He is searching for his purpose.

He is longing for what he lacks.

He keeps the tears locked inside.

He wandered alone most of his life.

He is the horosha.

He is feared for he is unknown.

He is the bakemono.

He is now only a soul.


The young boy traveled from his village to the next;

Running from the demon in front of him.

Staying there for years before returning home.

He longed for friendly smiles and warm greetings.

Yet, upon arrival, he found that no one remembered his name.

He waited and waited for their memories to return.

Until he finally got tired of waiting.

He began wandering aimlessly and alone.

He met a stranger that winter.

His first friend since his return.


He is the athletic one.

He is the one that befriends all.

He is true to his faith.

He is a true crusader.

He would play the martyr.

He is a friend of the wanderer.

He is the jujigun.

He is the trusted one among his peers.

He is the hihogosha.

He is now only a soul.


As they talked, the wander begun to draw.

He drew a samurai with long red hair.

A samurai that was very familiar to the crusader.

The crusader and the samurai were old friends.

They had a mutual friend; a friend known as the drifter.

The drifter was intrigued by the wanderer’s talents.

He asked the wanderer to draw him a portrait of a beautiful woman.

The wanderer agreed to do the picture for a small sum.

To formalize their agreement, they shook hands.

The wanderer made a another bond with a forgotten friend.


He distracts people from the true him.

He searches for those who can see past the mask.

He is true only to his family and himself.

He drifts from one truth to the next.

He is the leader that leads no one.

He is the reoccurring one.

He is the nagaremono.

He is the hated one among his peers.

He is the shijin.

He is now only a soul.


A year and a half past, and there still stood the three.

They were friends.

They were brothers.

They were treated as three.

They acted as one.

Though, it wouldn’t always stay the three.

For there was a new person in the village.

She quickly became friends with the crusader.

And from the crusader to drifter to the wanderer,

She had soon gained the three as one of her friends.


She shows only one emotion to her peers.

She fears that she wouldn’t be able hold back the tears.

She appears not to fit in with the three.

Yet, she belongs more than anyone else.

She was the living one.

She is the restless one.

She is the ochitsukanai.

She is the revered one among her peers.

She is the senchimentaru.

She is now only a soul.


As the three made a new friend, another group of friends dissolved.

The group was friends with the crusader as well.

That group was ripped apart at the seams.

The few remnants broke apart to find another group.

One of such members came into the four.

That is when we reached five.

She became the sister to the restless one.

She and the drifter never learned not to fight.

She stayed friends with the crusader.

And became another bond for the wanderer.


She longs for the interest of others.

She is the one that never said what she truly meant.

She is the remnant of a broken friendship.

She is whom the group gets its strength.

She is the nobody.

She is the distant one.

She is the Uragiru no Hito.

She is the misunderstood one among her peers.

She is the itsuwari.

She now carries a burden.


They grew stronger; They grew together.

They picked each other up off of the ground.

They carried each other through this small world.

They thought that they would be together until the end.

They were one; They were five.

The others gave the wanderer a purpose.

The others were support for the crusader.

The others acted as an anchor for the drifter.

The others were people to whom the restless one was true.

The others loved the nobody.


The wanderer had found the friends for which he longed.

A group to whom he could trust his life.

People with whom he felt accepted.

Segregant brothers and sisters closer than his own.

A friendship that he would hold dear until the grave.

The months went by like weeks.

The weeks went by like days.

The days were only a blur.

Life was good; life was fun.

Their friendship lasted for years with years to come.


© 2010 Pocko

Author's Note

This poem is dedicated to the one who introduced me to the five. It is the prologue to their poem "Rising Tide." Which was the prologue of the original poem "The Five." This poem is based upon the bonds of five high school students trying to make it through life. The original idea of this story comes from the author of the final chapter of the story, the poet of "The Five."

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This is wonderful! The overall story of their pasts converging into the present and then hinting at the future was brilliant. I highly enjoyed how this poem borrowed parts the The Five style of stanzas.

the only bit that i found could be better, was the lack of rythm. a poem this long sort of depends on rythm to keep a reader's eyes flowing smoothly.

other then that, this had lovely imagery and great word choices! great work!

Posted 11 Years Ago
the original. Though my brother did a good job to emulate the style I used in the original

Posted 11 Years Ago

Very well written.
Interesting to choose a challenge such as living up to a previous work.
I liked this though.
The story is wonderfully explained.
Drawn out so we know all about "the five."
Well done.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wow... this is exceptionally beautiful! I am totally floored... I read it twice and I will add it to my library. You have such talent it almost hurts me! Dont get me wrong just out of resentment to my own incapability and shame for my own "poem-ish junk"

I mean... woow! The imagery is outstanding, the flow is flawless, rhymes are extra-ordinary (both in english and japanese) I want to watch anime for reason...

Anyway! Sorry I lost the track.. but thats about it... God bless you for sharing this, I am soo glad I had a chance to read it.

Have an awesome week full of nice surprises!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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