"Tell Me I'm Broken"

"Tell Me I'm Broken"

A Poem by PoeT4994


Tell me I’m broken like the sky on Independence day.
Tell me I’m not good enough for your low self-esteem.
Give me a bunch of bull crap reasons like you do the bill collectors when they call.
Make my ears ring with your name that I hate to love so much, like hugs from my ex’s.
I want to grasp all those things that hold me back, grasp them like the sun does the end of the day.
Make my heart level like a skyline clawing at the rim of a city.
Drop my hopes like they did something bad to you, tell me it hurts.
Like the cuts still do.
Like your wrists still bleed.
Like even though you are “engaged” on Facebook your heart still needs.
Make me want, to hold every way that this situation is wrong, comfort me, teddy bear, sing to me.
Ivy, sing to me.
Let eyeliner and Rob not be the only two things in your eye.
Please see, the pain.
Cut my legs like I want to, they are fiddles for you to dance on.
Take a razor to my “love” till all I have is a blank canvas to throw my heart to.
My mind, explodes like paint from a can, when I think of you.
You, skip your plans with him across my face like asteroid chips.
Make the universe in me collapse.
My blood melt from the inside, in.
Super-nova our relationship.
I’ll just watch, and cry.
Paint the shoreline in my eyes, and tilt me till all the beauty you’ve gave me runs from my ears.
Because apparently it belongs to someone else now.
I don’t know what happened since back then, but all I ask is for a friend, and a few newspaper clippings to etch your name with.
My books bleed for you now days.
The stars croon to the sound of the keyboarding whispering poems about you back and forth as my eyes dance across the screen.
Make a movie, for me and you, we will call it “Nothing Special.”
Because that’s all I am to you.
Is end credits and a storyline worth carpet floor budget.
Tear down the walls in my chest.
My heart doesn’t need to be safe anymore, there’s no point.
Take my eyes, lamp post them outside of your room.
See, they never stop glowing.
Not for you.
I want you to see all the things that beat on the drums in my chest when I think of you.
Like the clock work tick-ticking like gears in my ribs.
I function anymore on your name, because I thought you were the only one that still cared.
But I see, that things are more apparent to your love at this point.
So throw me in the trash.
Let my veins convulse till they rot.
I am not a butterfly, or a glow bug.
I die when you rip off a part of me.
So here I am.
Broken and bruised just for you.
Take me how I am, or walk away like we both know you will.
Tell me your sorry from the sorrow of your parting lips when you get a second from his mouth.
Ivy, make me cry all the reasons why I can’t stand.
I want rivers to flow, to wash away all these memories.
They’re starting to hurt like they should.
Like I don’t want.
Like you don’t know.
I am a dictionary to be recycled.
Read me, make from me what you will, but I am the same thing no matter how many times you open me.
I will still love, you.
So waste our time, make it worthless.
Just give me my bloody heart, and a few memories to skip like river stones when I get bored.

© 2010 PoeT4994

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Added on July 7, 2010
Last Updated on July 7, 2010