"Sea Lions Swim In Cursive"

"Sea Lions Swim In Cursive"

A Poem by PoeT4994


As Saul Williams would say, let’s watch as “sea lions swim in cursive” on our tongues.
Bees plant sweetness in our lips.
So when we kiss, it’s like nature birthing in the glow of our love.
Dear mermaid,
swim in my heart till it pumps you out a love song.
Scratch that last line.
Dear dove,
flap in my wrists so they drift high enough to pick your birth stone out of the stars.
To pick your pupils from the moon.
And your skin from the ocean breeze.
Breath me into you, so we both can turn upside down and end up somewhere we aren’t supposed to be, but want to be.
Make my skin fidget.
Lick the tips of my inky fingers, and I will paint your body like symphonies.
And make music when we touch.
I will conduct snails to move across you with arrow tips from that baby that does all the lovey dovey crap, what’s his name?
Something like that.
Anyways, back to the snails...so that you don’t stop loving me for a long time to come.
Whisper into my ear.
Make me feel like candles melting from the heart, out.
Pour me back into myself, let me feel like a pheonix for a while.
Throw me into the background of the sky and watch me mold your face.
Pull me back out.
Sprinkle a galaxy or two my way.
Drift away.
Into me.
Into you.
Into everything that is “love”.
Tell me I don’t make sense.
I dare you.
All I can say, make me beautiful.
Shape me into something like...like...like a maestro.
Pick the ocean up and lay it into yourself.
Rest me on your tongue with a stick and a few pieces of wax.
Give me about a week.
And I'll have sea lions swimming in cursive around the halo of your tongue.
Watch as they drift to and fro from tongue to heart, and back once more.
Watch, as I clap, and it all disappears.
And you wake up.
Holding your favorite animal shaped pen, your sea lion.
Spelling love in cursive on a notepad.
Fold it up.
Slip it into your pocket.
Go to sleep.
This time, I'll show you how doves fly in sanskrit on your skin.

© 2010 PoeT4994

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You show lots of imagery in the lines...some seem a bit long and fall down the horizon...but I got to the end of this one...a different read...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 7, 2010
Last Updated on July 7, 2010