"Slightly Diction-ed As Love"

"Slightly Diction-ed As Love"

A Poem by PoeT4994

Random poem I wrote, and yes it's about somebody.

I met her on the corner of “I need this.”  and “Not soon enough.”
She had a smile like gasoline,
the flame of my heart danced.
It sank, and she sang, sang like bottle rockets being hurled at gunshot.
She took the dirty gutter puddle of my eyes and flashed an ocean till you could hear her face through conch shells.
I heard her ring out like bells, the symphony of simply me played oh so tender like water going “Splash.”
Jessica, Andrea Gibson once said God feels pain, well I do too, that’s why you can hear angels cry when our skin might clash.
Because it makes me afraid, of losing a lot of bits of flawed perfection.
Diamond section glimmering like river stone explosions, and chalk outlines in your eyes lie when they say that you see your heart as dead.
Because I’m here.
The asteroids in your mind, are just there, you can shake them loose.
Rattle ‘em around.
At the end of the day, I still like to watch the shooting stars break against the back of your eyes.
And the scriptures bleed into the back of your high rise lips that make me reach for happy.
And make me jump for ecstatic, but I only have to lean for you.
And that’s all I want.
Is you.
Chest beating like certain kinds of puffer fish.
Inhale these words.
Let them fly your mind into the twin towers I’ve carved into my skin.
Hear the people inside scream love notes.
And dating shows.
And broken homes where love finds no rest in the tired dawn of one too many midnights.
And I know, it’s frightening, to know that the jellyfish in our palms might hurt us one day.
But till then, we’ll keep swinging hammers at it so we can feel the pounding of a heart beat breaking beats that beat bright like certain Friday night lights thrown into alley ways.
And back alley smoke stack haze burning like certain kinds of passion feels our lungs.
So we live a little higher than this.
Until you kiss that last wake me up dream pinch  out of my system.
And I find, it was all a dream.
And you are laying next to me.
Arm in arm, hands roaming in Heaven clouds above each other.
Window panes and windowed pains caressing our skin like sun spots, we breath.
And kiss.
And crumble like toothpick bomb drop, fall into each other’s catch.
And embrace, like tomorrow had no next day.
And we will rise like suns in the corner of my bedroom till we eclipse shadow sparks.
And love friction.
Listen, slightly diction-ed, as love.

© 2010 PoeT4994

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Added on August 3, 2010
Last Updated on August 3, 2010