"A Pitiful Pledge"

"A Pitiful Pledge"

A Poem by PoeT4994

I originally had the pledge rewrites in a poem from a long time ago. I figured I'd rewrite it.

I pledge ignorance,
to the flag,
of the United Snakes of America.
To the republic, for which it falls,
one nation,
under greed, with liberty and justice for all...
who aren’t gay, black, or latino.
Everyday I recite these words.
Because I refuse to pledge my allegance to a country who gives better health care to Guantanamo Bay prisoners than it’s own people.
The very same terrorists who brought down our buildings, who want all of us dead.
But, I guess we do owe them a little something, seeing as though, thanks to them, for a split second everyone froze, and actually loved each other.
This nation talks to it’s TV, computer, and video games more than the people that live with them.
That’s why we have the Wii.
That’s why we want games, TV, and computers to be so interactive now.
Because that way we can get genuine attention and not have to give a s**t about anyone else.
We can’t wait to pay $500 dollars for a touch screen phone, but oh, no, it’s far too much of a hassle to touch your girlfriend or boyfriend.
And honestly, it’s sickening.
Change is hard to come by when everyone is so senseless.
So don’t blame Obama for the s**t that you do.
And stop telling your kids it’s the presidents fault for all the times you fucked up with your money.
No matter how big a dumbass Bush is.
I pledge retardance,
to the flag,
of the United Snakes of America.
To the tyrany,
for which it stands,
one nation,
under fear,
with liberty and justice for all who aren’t poor, dying, or young.
Big names, upper classmen, the people in authoritative positions, care so much for money it’s as if they make love to it.
But when they buy their girlfriend’s fake tits, fake cheeks, a fake a*s, get them lypo and rhinoplasty, they really are just f*****g their money.
And let’s hope they give head, so that, for once, this country will put it’s money where it’s mouth is.
And we run our people like renewable resources, I mean, once they kill all of us off with ciggerettes, over the counter drugs, and car accidents caused by the cell phones they tell us we need, they can always just use the Mexicans.
Wait, if I remember, the founders of this nation...didn’t they come over from another country?
And populate?
And have sex with the natives?
And spread diseases?
And take all the work?
Wait...so, if you...and then...oh, yea...
f*****g hypocracy.
Those are the words I was looking for.
So I’ll tell you, as you let the designer labels brand your skin like cattle, I’ll sit and watch.
Let you pray to the God you don’t actually believe in.
In God we trust??
How about you look at the background?
The broken picture frame stamped with a number that tells you how much your family portrait is worth.
And tell me that those smiles aren’t fake.
This is a call, to revolution.
Announce it loud and clear.
I want them to hear it over the cries of the lives they are ruining as we recite...
I pledge allegations,
to the communist banner,
of the immorally United Snakes of America.
To the selfishness,
for which it stands,
one nation,
under the political white male,
with tears and depression for all.

© 2010 PoeT4994

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POWERFUL!!! hit like a german tank bro!

pledge ignorance,
to the flag,
of the United Snakes of America.
To the republic, for which it falls,
one nation,
under greed, with liberty and justice for all...

extremely clever, makes me think... no one does it like you.


Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on August 17, 2010
Last Updated on August 17, 2010