To the Woman in the Mirror

To the Woman in the Mirror

A Poem by Melinda McQueen

To the Woman in the Mirror


Peering at the woman

who appeared to have it all together,

she looked fair enough, she supposed.

But something in those eyes of hers

held a secret none knew.

Through the mirror, she saw eyes staring back.

She knew the woman’s thoughts

were without lack.

Looking at the woman before her,

she began to weep,

for she felt all alone.

Her so-called secret was hers to keep.

Her words, all here own,

Begged to flow like a kept river--

Begged to be set free…

to be a giver.

She wondered how many saw her

for who she truly was inside.

Then the still, small voice she heard,

“Don’t you cry, I’m here by and by.”

So, she began to write

to the woman in the mirror frame…

her heart’s chaotic, mysterious,

relentless, beautiful refrain.


Melinda McQueen Rodgers

April 16, 2021

© 2021 Melinda McQueen

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At the end of your wistful poem I felt like cheering! Previously, you looked at self and wondered or felt why the unique YOU and your precious feelings and thoughts should somehow reflect who you were and are to other people and, that is deeply sad. Tis said that the mirror lies.. the mind can and does too.. either to elaborate or to distort, depends on a person's character however.. if you think of it. Certainly by the finish, you'd already started another route. That shows amazing mental strength and defiance.
Thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring poem. Take care, and, please, keep safe as rainbows glorious!

Posted 3 Months Ago

Melinda McQueen

3 Months Ago

Thanks for your review. Your words meant a lot to me. Thanks for the thoughtful refection. I appre.. read more
This could be me too
I can totally relate
Beautiful poem
Bravo 👏

Posted 3 Months Ago

Melinda McQueen

3 Months Ago

Thanks for your review. I appreciate you.

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Melinda McQueen
Melinda McQueen


Hello, I'm Melinda from Texas. I am a published author. I'm in a chair with Cerebral Palsy and writing is my outlet. I have found deep pleasure in writing poetry. Writing helps me express my emotion.. more..


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