Corruptible COVID

Corruptible COVID

A Poem by Melinda McQueen

Corruptible COVID

(An Ekphrastic Poem)


Born of corruptible seed,

None may truly know from whence it started

Though the vicinity be known.

Corruptible unto so many,

Yet still incorruptible.

It has grown up to be a monster

With an appetite which knows no fill.

A glutton in taking lives,

Sucking the very breath.

With spiked hands, it strangles life,

No thought given to its destruction.

Who does it think it is?

Having no remorse,

It enters like an unwelcomed thief,

Stealing countless lives.

But oh how they are indeed counted,

Especially by loved ones who now stare

At painfully empty chairs.

It does not discriminate.

It takes the weak

And renders the strong, helpless.

Its greed has proven unsatisfied,

Taking more and more precious lives.

It cares not who it enters,

Only that it finds a place to strive.

None more selfish

Than its spiraling substance.

Having no breath,

Yet it steals others’.

Having no heartbeat,

Yet it puts to end thousands.

Even so, the human race will persevere,

For we not only have heart,

We possess souls which have no end…

Unlike this so-called COVID,

Who shall be put to death.

Indeed, corruptible unto itself

Once and for all!


Melinda McQueen Rodgers

September 14, 2021

© 2021 Melinda McQueen

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Strong depiction, personifying covid as a monster . . . just in time to inspire my usual Halloween writing! Too bad we don't need any goblins at Halloween with such a menace as you've described in powerful details. Sorry I've not gotten to your other read req's . . . I can't get on this website 90% of the time (((HUGS)))

Posted 1 Week Ago

Melinda McQueen

1 Week Ago

I agree with your thoughts. Who needs goblins when there is always a monster on the loose? Thanks fo.. read more
I am not familiar with the Ekphrastic form in poetry Melinda, but like most people over the past 18months have seen the damage and suffering caused as a result of an unseen virus. It is cruel the way it works. It can attack anyone and yet the elderly and most vulnerable are at much higher risk of dying. Thankfully the vaccine is making quite a big difference, though this needs to be made available world wide. A very truthful and descriptive write.


Posted 1 Week Ago

Melinda McQueen

1 Week Ago

Yes, it is cruel. Hopefully, the vaccine will help. I'm still hoping it will just die out. Wishful t.. read more
Chris Shaw

1 Week Ago

I think it's going to be around for sometime, like the flu is sadly.

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Added on September 14, 2021
Last Updated on September 14, 2021


Melinda McQueen
Melinda McQueen


Hello, I'm Melinda from Texas. I am a published author. I'm in a chair with Cerebral Palsy and writing is my outlet. I have found deep pleasure in writing poetry. Writing helps me express my emotion.. more..