Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods

A Poem by Melinda McQueen

Lost in the Woods


A little girl with blonde curls

chased a rabbit into the woods while at play.

She soon lost track of it,
so, too, did she lose her way.


Attempting to retrace her steps,

she went ‘round and ‘round,
but ended up in the same place.

Exhausted, she fell to the ground.


Never having been alone,
she felt a loneliness she’d never felt.

Her emotions strong,

And with tears her eyes welled.


Soon, night had fallen
and darkness settled around her.

Sounds invaded her young ears,
as on a huge rock she perched.


Mixing with unfamiliar sounds
was her frightened cry.

Though she knew her mommy and daddy
would look for her, fear was on the rise.


When finally, the morning sun

peeked through the trees,
the little girl awakened,
having fallen asleep.


Hearing the birds chirping
was a pleasant sound,
but hearing her name called,
Sally knew she’d been found.


Sometimes, like Sally, following other things,
we lose track, and suddenly, we feel lost.

Doing all we can to find the way,
going ‘round and ‘round, frightened of the cost.


Darkness fills our soul
and we wonder if we’ll ever have a way out.

We cry and cry for circumstances to change,
while doing everything to kill doubt.


Maybe we should be like Sally.

Though we cry and have fears,
we have the Rock to cling to, knowing the Son will come

and catch the sum of our tears.


Melinda McQueen Rodgers

October 14, 2021

© 2021 Melinda McQueen

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Added on October 14, 2021
Last Updated on October 14, 2021
Tags: lost and found, faith, Jesus


Melinda McQueen
Melinda McQueen


Hello, I'm Melinda from Texas. I am a published author. I'm in a chair with Cerebral Palsy and writing is my outlet. I have found deep pleasure in writing poetry. Writing helps me express my emotion.. more..