A Poem by Jillian Alexis




“You’ll never get him”,

I told my young Sis;

‘Bout the Boy next door,

who had just moved in.


“We’ll see about that,

you pile of Dog Dung”;

I knew at that moment,

the War had begun.


I just shook my head,

as I looked at this Girl;

“You might shake his hand,

but I’ll shake his World”.


“Bring it on, my dear Sister,

but he’ll run and hide;

When he sees you up close,

‘less he loves Cellulite”.


“Oh no you did not,

you mean mouthed, ‘lil S**t;

At least you can tell,

my Face from my Butt”!


“Oh how that hurts,

you Scumbag, you Twit”;

“Now here is a Razor,

shave that hair on your’ Chin.


You better get started,

there's no time to waste;

 Bigfoot might spot you,

and desire to Mate".


“Let’s settle this Feud,

once and for all;

We’ll give him our number,

and see who he calls”.


“Wake up, you dumb Blonde,

we don’t have a phone”;

“Then we’ll go to his house,

to just say, “Hello”.


“What a Brainstorm that is,

and I thought you were Slow;

Now, I’ll meet him first,

and see how it goes".


He was on his front Porch,

with a really cute Guy;

“Now we don’t have to share,

won’t my Sis be surprised?


Then I looked back once more,

and these two guys were kissing;

“I won’t tell my Sister,

oh she’s gonna kill me”!


At the front door she stood,

this,” Hideous Beast”;

“He can’t wait to meet you”,

I lied through my teeth.


“I showed him your’ picture,

he said you were HOT;

Now get going, dear Sister,

it’s you that he wants.”


I pretended to cry,

“And I sooo wanted him”;

As she ran out the door,

I just stood there and grinned.


© 2008 Jillian Alexis

Author's Note

Jillian Alexis
This is just something silly I came up with. I hope it gives you a laugh or two.

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Hahahaha! Loved the humor! This was a great read!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Chuckled thru this one, did the male version only my bro was a lot nastier, ya made me think of those days. Thanks for sharin............Blessings, Carl

Posted 14 Years Ago

LOL...Oh I love this, I can so see me doing this to one of my sisters in my earlier years. Being the youngest of 4 girls in my family...I was on the receiving end of many jokes, cruel pranks...so yeah...I would have jumped on this one big time. I love your since of humor...you brought this poem to life with your wit...Excellent!

Posted 14 Years Ago

lol, how cute! I don't have a sister.. and my brothers are straight... so I've never had the experience of fighting over a guy with a sibling, lol. I loved the banter back and forth... I enjoyed this, had me laughing for sure!

Posted 14 Years Ago

I loved it!!! It made me laugh and out loud! I can actually picture this happening! I love writing humor. If you get a chance, check out my story COASTERS. It's about a guy with some serious issues.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Thanks for the laugh.

It reminds me of the joke about these two merchants with shops next to each other. They hated each other so much, and they were always doing something to cause the other pain.

One day, one of the men was visited by an angel who told him, "I will grant you one wish, but whatever you wish for, I'll give the merchant next door twice what you get."

The man thought long and hard, and finally made his decision. "I wish you to cut off one of my legs."

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on June 29, 2008


Jillian Alexis
Jillian Alexis

Mattoon, IL

Hello. My name is Jillian Alexis, and I want to thank everyone for visiting my page, reading my work, and leaving comments. Writing is not only something I do, it is actually who I am. I give GOD all .. more..


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