Into The Light

Into The Light

A Poem by Poetic Solace

These words are the ones I've always wanted to say to him... So, now, I will. ~Dedicated to Alex~ This one's for you, hun.


"You stayed, you didn't have to... But, you did anyway... And that, has made all the difference in the world..."


You opened my eyes
You gave me this little piece of hope
This light that I was to hold and call my own

That hope grew into something bigger
Something more
And I feared what would happen
If it didn't shine anymore

I didn't want to break
I didn't want to be broken
I wanted to be fixed
With all of my fears being taken

It didn't matter where I was
It didn't matter where I went
You walked with me
And into the light, I was sent

No more crying
Lesser fears
Happy smiles
Joyful tears

Those words broke through
And went straight to my heart
And I knew you weren't lying
I believed those words

I wanted to cry
Because it was all so contradictiory
Someone was staying
Someone would be with me

You spoke the words that no one else could
Those words struck a chord inside me
One that no one else dared to touch
Because I had been broken

Those words that you said
Those three words
Forever changed my life

"I love you."

I love you too...


© 2009 Poetic Solace

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Poetic Solace

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