Chap 1

Chap 1

A Chapter by PokemonFan#1

A lot of things happen here and there and out of no where the Prince of Ouran Academy's Host Club hire three new transfer students.


     “Are you serious mum? You want me to go to a rich kid’s school?” Minho exclaimed over the phone.

     “It wasn't my idea Kaj; it was your father’s”

     Minho heard talking in the background.

     “Are you talking to Minho on the phone?” A gruff, male voice asked in Korean. 

     “Yes, I am.” His mother replied, her Swedish accent visible when she tried to talk in Korean.

     “Okay then. Continue you’re chat.” His father finished and then her mother started talking in the phone again. 

     “I’m sure you heard that Kaj.” She said, switching to Swedish.

     “Yes I did. So I have no choice in the matter?”

     “None.” His mother replied.

     Minho sighed, “Okay, I’ll go.”

     Minho hung up and sat down, thinking about how his first day at school might be.


Satoshi looked at the school before her as she loaded out of the car with her older sisters Celty and Brooke beside her. Celty and Brooke gazed at it as well.

     “Just as I remembered it.” Brooke finally said from the pause.

     “Yup. Snobby, rich, and spoiled.” Celty continued then looked down at the youngest, patting her back. “You’ll manage.”

     “I don’t wanna come here,” Satoshi whined, almost like a five year old, "I wanna go home and study my Swedish culture……”

     “Hey, we didn’t fly all the way here from America just to hear you whine." Brooke said jabbing Satoshi in the nose. “This’ll be good for you.”

     “I was fine the way I was.” Satoshi said.

     “Breaking someone’s arm at the age of five is not good.” Brooke said.

     “Taking out a whole biker gang at ten isn’t so good either.” Celty added. “We want you to make some friends.”

     “Or find a boyfriend god damn it!” Brook said. “Maybe he’ll suite you!”

     That only gave her a hard punch in the shoulder.

     “Let’s get this over with.” Satoshi said and made her way inside.


Arriving to Japan Minho came to Ouran Academy and walked through the gate of the school.

     A bunch of snobby, rich brats. Mom couldn’t have picked a better school. Minho thought sarcastically. He sighed and then turned up the volume of his music to his headphones just as he heard the phrase: “I wanna go home and study my Swedish culture……”

     Maybe it won’t be so bad here after all. He started to think before a girl walked passed him. He sighed. Never mind.


He walked through the doors of the academy and got lost as quickly as he stepped in.

     Okay, where am I now? He wondered as the bell rang for lunch. He had been wandering around the school for about 4 periods and was ready to stop walking.

     He finally made it to the cafeteria, and ordered a custom made set that consisted of Swedish foods. He went and sat down in the corner of the cafeteria, and ate his food.

     “Did you know? We had a transfer student, but he-or-she didn’t show up at all!” A girl said to her neighbor.

     “I wonder if he-or-she got lost?”

     “No way! This school’s tiny!"

     Yeah right. Minho thought to himself then continued eating his food.


After he had finished, he went over to a random guy that had blond hair and sapphire eyes.

     “You know where 2-B is?” Minho asked.

     “Yeah- why, are you a foreign student?”

     “Yeah, why? Anyways, that wasn’t my question.” Minho replied, bluntly.

     “Right. Go out of the room, and turn on your first left. It should be on your right.”

     “Thanks.” Minho said, as he walked off.

     “Hey, Kyouya, who’s the transfer student?”

     “Minho Lee or Kaj Berg. Half Swedish and half Korean. He’s the heir to the Swedish group, From Far Off. Or at least that’s the translation that they go by. Understand, Tamaki?”

     “Ohh, I see.” Tamaki said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.


Minho followed the blonde guy’s instructions, and ended up in front of the 3rd music room.

What kind of joke is this, you directionally-challenged-person?


Satoshi walked down the halls in between her sisters who had their hands either on their hips or tucked into their pockets. They arrived to the Headmaster’s office, Satoshi looking nervous.

     “You’ll be fine.” Brooke reassured, patting her back.

     “Yeah, you’re already feared by the whole school because of that metal bat of yours.” Celty added. 

     Satoshi turned around only see the students quickly scurry away from her view. She sighed and soon let herself inside.


     “Can’t believe you broke his arm…” Brooke said running her hand through her hair.

     “I said I was sorry!” Satoshi defended.

     “Well at least you scared him s**t-less enough to allow you to get in.” Celty said.

     The three were outside the school again, Celty and Brook getting in a black car.

     “Take me with you.” Satoshi said.

     “Can’t little sis.” Brooke said. “I have a tournament tomorrow.”

     “And I have a race.” Celty said.

     Seeing the sad expression on their youngest sister’s face made them feel suddenly bad. Celty took out a present and presented it to Satoshi who gladly took it.

     “Call us.” Brooke said and blew a kiss. The car drove off and Satoshi waved them off. She opened the present finding an iPad. The background picture was a picture of Celty, Brooke, and herself. She smiled as she realized all her favorite apps and such were already downloaded onto it. She walked off and began to read her favorite book, letting her feet take her elsewhere.


As she reached the fourth chapter, she ran into a boy.

     “Watch it!” He said.

     “You watch it!” Satoshi said, slowly reaching for her bat but the boy got himself ready. “Who are you anyway?” 

     “Minho.” The boy said. Looking at him, he was quite attractive. The two found themselves in front of the abandoned music room.

     “Ladies first.” Minho said. Glaring, Satoshi took the handles and threw them open only to be welcomed by flying red rose petals.

     “Welcome to the Ouran Host Cl-” They began.

     “OW, IT GOT IN MY EYE!!” Satoshi screamed, Minho hysterically laughing. Satoshi grabbed for her bat and began to swing it around wildly.

     Minho ducked, and pushed the girl into the music room, so it hit one of the guys in there. 

     “Ow!” Tamaki cried after getting smacked in the head with the metal bat.

     “You deserved it!” Minho replied, then caught sight of Haruhi and walked up to him, cocking his head. “You’re a girl, aren’t you?”

     “N-no he’s not!” Tamaki said quickly. 

     “Sure he isn’t… Show me your student ID then. After that, I’ll believe you.” But before Haruhi could pull out his school ID the doors were opened a crack, a dark haired male with a red tip on his bangs peeking in. He noticed the situation seemed to be the wrong moment to have walked in.

     “Oh, I’m sorry… I thought this was an empty room.” He said with a pink hue appearing on his cheeks.

     “Another customer- oh it’s a boy. Who might you be?” Tamaki asked while distracting Minho.

     “He’s Satoshi Nightray, a transfer student from America. Recently he lost both parents in a fire and received quite a bit of wealth including inheriting his family’s business creating video games.” Kyoya enlightened.

     “W-why- how do you know so much about me?” The boy asked, taken by surprise at how much the boy with glasses knew.

     Minho glanced to the boy Satoshi who was new here. At first glance he could tell something seemed to be off about him. It was obvious to him Haruhi is in fact a girl even if he couldn’t check for identification so he walked up to this Satoshi character to interrogate instead. He would deal with Haruhi later.

     “I don’t know what it is, but you have a feminine face… by any chance, might you be female?” He asked straight to the point.

     “Huh!?” Satoshi exclaimed. “Excuse me!? I’m obviously a boy!”

     “Hmm… I’ll keep you on your word, but I’ll have a close eye on you in case you’re lying to me.” Minho said shoving his hands into his jacket pockets.

     That’s not creepy at all. Satoshi thought sarcastically. “So, uh, I guess I’ll leave you alone then?”

     “Wait! Don’t leave!” Tamaki said dramatically, stopping the door from closing and pulled the boy into the room. “You simply MUST join the Host Club.”

     “H-Host Club? Uhm… n-no thanks…”

     “You’d make a wonderful Host. Please reconsider.”

     “I’m really not-”

     “You could join the Black Magic Club.” Nekozawa said surprising everyone (well the new students that is) in the room.

     “I- uh- I’m joining the Host Club.” Satoshi said in a panic.

     “Watch this, it’s really funny~” The Hitachiin twins said coming up from behind Nekozawa who was unaware of the twins to shine a flashlight into his face. He ran out of the room screaming: “MURDERERS!!!”

     Both Satoshi’s giggled quietly and then suddenly the male Satoshi was taken by both arms from Hikaru and Kaoru and dragged over to Tamaki.

     “What’s going on?” He asked.

     “Starting today all three of you will be Host’s; Hostess for the lady.” Tamaki announced.

     “What!?” The girl Satoshi squeaked.

     “I don’t remember saying I’d ever join.” Minho said.

     “Me either!” Girl Satoshi added.

     You…” Minho turns to the male Satoshi with anger in his tone. “This is your fault! You just had to waltz on in here!”

     “What? How am I-?” Satoshi asked, his eyes beginning to water. The female Satoshi pulled Minho away from the other Satoshi saying: “Lay off you jerk! He obviously didn’t know where he was going and you can’t blame him for that!”

   Minho glared daggers at her. She glared daggers back.


Satoshi was given an ice pack; looking around she had hit many things (manly Tamaki) and was fishing through her wallet to pay the expenses. She wrote out a check to Kyoya and glared daggers at him.

     “There, happy?” Satoshi asked.

     “Quite.” Kyoya replied, counting the money. Satoshi merely rolled her eyes but spotted the other person named Satoshi. She didn't like him, not one bit. To happy, innocent, and naïve making her want to destroy it. As she thought murderous thoughts, Minho suddenly came in.

     “What’re you glaring about?” Minho asked. Out of shock, Satoshi instinctively went for the punch but Minho easily dodged. He took out a bar of chocolate and waved it in front of her nose. “Hungry?”

     Satoshi’s stomach growled in reply. He tossed her the bar and she savagely ate it away.

     “No need to be so violent.” Minho suddenly said.

     “I need to be, ya’ never know when a creep comes in.” Satoshi replied finishing the food. The two were soon interrupted by a little blond haired boy who held a pink bunny in his arms.

     “Hi!!” he squealed.

     “Hey.” The two said.

     “Want some cake?” The little boy asked. “I'm Honey by the way.”

     “Hi.” The two replied. As they began digging into the cake, Satoshi saw some of the whipping cream on his cheek. She took a napkin and wiped it off saying: “Don’t eat your food like its running away.”

     “Okay!” Honey said then pointed to the tall figure behind him. “This is Mori!”

     “Yo.” Mori replied.

     “Sit, sit, no need to look so tense all the time.” Minho said, Mori obeying. “Eat some.” Mori began eating it like an obedient robot, the two constantly looking over the two like children and parent. They didn’t notice the growing crowd of fan girls pile in and watch. Satoshi noticed when screaming occurred making her grab her bat and get ready to swing.

     Minho stopped her by grabbing her forearm and looking her straight in the eye. She had never been so close to a boy, her face darkened heavily as she could see herself and him alone in a white universe with pink flower petals, the fans ogling at the scene. Kyoya gleefully took the money while Tamaki saw the new couple slowly form. But it died when Satoshi snapped back and began aiming her swings, kicks, and punches at Minho.

     “DAMN DESU!!” she screamed, scaring everyone off.

     “They need work…” Haruhi said.

     “Y-Yeah....lots of it.” The male Satoshi said, scratching the back of his head.

     Minho backed off and sat down in the first chair he found.

     That one kid, the Satoshi one, the one that said he was a guy, he’s a girl… Trying to fool me won’t work. Anyways, do I feel like joining a Host Club? Not really, but I guess I can give it a shot. After he thought all of that, he was going to fall asleep when he smelled a chocolate cookie next to him and bit where the smell was coming from, successfully eating a bite of the cookie. He saw that the bearer of the cookie was the he-she from before, Haruhi.

     “You didn’t show me your ID. Show. It. Now.” Minho said, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

     “Okay.” Haruhi replied and showed him the ID.

     “So, you’re a female student, huh? Then why are you in a Host Club?”

     “Well… I broke a vase and so…” Haruhi replied, trailing off.

     Tamaki saw Minho was close to his precious Haruhi, quickly shuffling to get in the way.

     Satoshi had finally burned out after her wild fiasco, seeing Tamaki trying to take his so called Haruhi away. Satoshi hid her bat in its case and sat down, Honey suddenly hopping in and placing himself on her lap who gladly hugged him around the waist. His pink rabbit blushed while Mori joined them and set his large hand on Satoshi’s head. Kyoya suddenly came in, his glasses gleaming.

     “Would you like join us?” Kyoya asked.

     “I’m not a dude.” Satoshi replied.

     “But we need a body guard - besides, Honey and Mori seem to have taken a liking to you and Minho, almost like a… mom and dad.”

     Satoshi glared but thinking it over, her sisters wanted her to have friends who weren’t scared of her.

     “Okay, I’ll be the body guard… I guess.” She said.

     “YAY! Sato-chan’s joining us!!” Honey cheered happily.

     “Yay.” Mori said plainly.

     “I get paid right?” Satoshi suddenly asked, Kyoya suddenly freezing.

     “Of course!” The Hitachin twins said.

     “Perfect, I wanted some cash anyway.” Satoshi said.

     “As a note: if any of you try to weasel your way out of this Host Club, we’ll be charging you extra Yen.” Kyoya said looming over the male Satoshi who was lost in his thoughts. He flinched and froze in place. “Got it?”

     “O-of course…” He said.

     “I never said I- oh well.” Minho said, sighing in defeat. He looked around for a comfortable sleeping spot, and found a windowsill big enough for him to relax on. He got up from his chair and sat down on the sill covering his eyes with his beanie and pressing play on his iPod. Minho then fell asleep.

     “He looks just like a cat.” Kaoru said looking at Minho’s sleeping form.

     “He does.” Hikaru agreed. “Do you think he acts like one too?”

     “There’s only one way to find out.” Kaoru replied.

     The twins then walked off to a back room to grab some, supplies.


Satoshi took a cat tail that just happened to be sticking through the window and picked it. She tickled his nose, Minho reacting by swatting the cat tail and turning over. The Hitachin twins followed, Minho swatting at the air now and trying to sleep. He suddenly lunged, landing on Satoshi. The two were in breathing distance. All the girls crowded around them, awing and ogling at the so called ‘couple’. 

     “Yay, mom and dad are hitched!!” Honey squealed. 

     Hitched = married = together forever… Satoshi’s face darkened once more, grabbing for her bat and began to swing again. Everyone ducked for cover to avoid getting hit, Minho stopping the bat and glared down at Satoshi saying: “Stop…” 

     Satoshi froze, stunned. She trembled for the first time. 

     “Sleep.” Minho ordered, Satoshi going off to sit on the sofa.

     “Thank God for him.” Male Satoshi said, Haruhi agreeing.

     Minho went to go sit down next to Satoshi when a loud blaring sound came on.

     “What is that?!” Haruhi asked, covering her ears.

     “Sorry, it’s my alarm. Guess I better get going then.” Minho said simply, and walked towards the door when he was stopped by female Satoshi.

     “What do you want, bat-woman?”


     “It stops you from growing.” Minho replied, smirking.

     Satoshi blushed slightly, then went and got a chair. 

     “Nice try, but no.”

     She went and got Haruhi, putting her on her shoulders. 

     “There!” Satoshi exclaimed, happily.

     Minho simply went and got a chair and stood on it, towering over them.

     “You were saying?”


In the end they did end up going to the Coffee Shop and Minho then proceeded to teach Satoshi some Swedish culture and how to say fire.

     “It not Ah-ld, it’s Eld! Get your tongue to roll more!”

     “Ah-ld!” Satoshi exclaimed, furious.


     They were getting ready to leave when Minho turned to Satoshi and asked, "Fire in Swedish?" 


     “Wrong! Well, see you later, shrimp!” Minho said, walking out the door.


Satoshi got home, fuming. Who does he think he is, anyway? She thought angrily.

     Her sister, Celty, opened the door.

     “Oh, hey, Satoshi. We’re hosting a student in the room next to yours for the rest of the 3 years until told otherwise by his parents.”

     Wait, his?! 

     Satoshi then ran up to the room next to hers and opened the door. 

     “Why are you here, Minho?”

     “The rent’s cheap, what else can I say?” Minho replied, smiling.

© 2014 PokemonFan#1

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