Night 1: The Black Order

Night 1: The Black Order

A Chapter by PokemonFan#1

The DMS teen's trip to California turns out to be more than they asked for.




     "Ugg! We shouldn't be up this early!" A tall caramel girl groaned loading her luggage into a white van. She has dark brown eyes and wavy black hair reaching past her shoulders a little. She wears tons of bracelets on her wrists and is currently wearing a black and gray striped shirt and dark blue skinny jeans.

     "Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...." A crunch bar colored girl said repeating to her friend. She has deep brown eyes and short, dark black hair sticking out a little afro like. She is wearing a black shirt with a "Tako" on it with the words "Hug's Please!" on it and short orange shorts that go above her knees. "Rachel, Rachel-"

     "WHAT!" The girl Rachel asked aggravated with her friend repeating her name. She has greenish eyes and light chocolate brown hair, an emo bang covering her right eye a little. She has on a watch and a real key around her neck like a necklace. She is wearing a black and green, long sleeved sweater shirt and dark blue pants and a black hat on her head.

     "Hi." The black girl said.

     "Okay Yasmine...." Rachel sighed.

   Another girl, with shoulder length brown hair and a long braid, came, just barely making it.

     "Hi guy's!" The girl said, getting out of her moms car, grabbing her small purple and black back pack that held stuff for the six hour long car ride to California. She has hazel eyes and is wearing a blue shirt that has the words, "Pray, Hope, Love" on the back and a wave like skirt with brown for the waves that are going down and from top to bottom, blue and white repeating till it reached to her knees. She has long black, high heeled boots on her feet. Her mom got out of the car, opening the trunk that held the girls luggage for clothes and put it down on one of the weak benches.

     "Bye Sarah, have fun on your trip to California!" Her mother said, hugging and kissing her cheek. She got back in her car saying that she had to get to work so she wouldn't be late and get fired.

     "Sarah, we almost thought you weren’t coming!" The girl Yasmine said squeeze hugging the girl Sarah.

     "W-why wouldn't I come?" Sarah said, gasping for air. Yasmine released Sarah from the death hug and a little boy, wearing all black and having black hair and blue eyes with dark purple and blue streaks came running up to Sarah, coming to hug her, till Yasmine stole it.

     "OH MY GOD YOUR SO CUTE RILEY!" Yasmine said snuggling the little boy, Riley in her hug, so close, it looked like he wasn't able to breath.

     "Yasmine, it’s my turn now." Sarah said eager to hug Riley.

     "No! I'm just goanna hug Riley for forever!" Yasmine said, but then released Riley.

     "Sarah!" Riley said hugging Sarah now.

     "RILEY!" Sarah said hugging Riley back. Then she mumbled, "You’re so cute..." Riley giggled and they separated.

Sarah loaded her things in the van and went back to Yasmine and Riley's side.




A silver buggy car passed by the school gate, a young girl, with brownish blond short hair that was cut a tinny bit over her shoulders and green eyes, crept up behind the three teens, Sarah, Riley, and Yasmine, crying out the words, "BEIGE ONE!" Yasmine and Sarah got Riley before he could respond, while they dodged each other’s hits. "It’s a battle between Pokémon Trainer Sarah and Pokémon Yazziemon!"

   The two laughed and quickly tried to go back to the battle. Sarah swung a punch, missing. Yasmine dodged, punching towards Sarah, Sarah dogging."

     "This is an epic battle." The young girl said talking into her hand like it was a microphone. She wears a gray shirt and light brown shorts that reach to her knees and white tennis shoes.

Sarah goes for a punch, but gets hit and losses.

     "Yeah! I win!" Yasmine cheered.




     "Okay everybody lets all load up into the car." Their teacher, Miss Khalsa, said.

     "Did Tallan bring his Pokémon game?" The girl that said, "BEIGE ONE!" asked. "If he does, we should go in the same van with him since it takes five or six hours to get to California."

     "I don't know...Sarah, Siana, and Riley, Follow me!" Yasmine said. "We'll just ask him if he did."

     "Guy's, I can't be in the same car with Mr. Pedanno!" A boy said coming up to them. He has a short, naturally strait, brown, boy hair style and green eyes. He has on a purple shirt with a long gray sweater jacket over, buttoned up, and dark blue skinny jeans; purple converse on his feet.

     "Oh Tallan!" The girl Siana said surprised.

     "You can come with us. Miss. Khalsa is driving." Yasmine said.

     "I'll go! Just as long as I don't go in the same van as Mr. “P.”". The boy Tallan said throwing his luggage into the van Miss. Khalsa was driving. "I just can't be with him for five hour."

     "It's six hours Tallan...." Sarah said.




     "Does everybody have their seat belts on?" Miss Khalsa asked the students that were driving with her.

     "Yes." The students said, some quickly getting buckled.

     "Okay, here we go!"


Students with Miss Khalsa:


Sarah Hollenbeck


Yasmine Lambert


Riley Long


Siana Burg


Tallan Smith


Rachel Wilder


Jaya Miller


Rylie Schleigh


Bethany/B-mel Cody





Students with Mr. Pedanno:


























Tallan did indeed bring his DS Pokémon game and ended up battling Sarah, Yasmine, and Riley. Siana has the game that can't battle with the other's DS's, so she was left out of the battle, but enjoyed watching them all battle each other.

     "Go Sarah! Beat Yasmine!" Siana cheered.

     "Hey, why are you against me?" Yasmine questioned.

     "Yes! I win!" Sarah suddenly shot out when Yasmine wasn't looking.

     "Nooooo!" Yasmine said dramatically.

     "Yes! Way to go Sarah!" Siana said giving Sarah a hi-five over the seat.

     "How could you be so cruel on Leo?!" Yasmine asked.

     "We'll, my Larvasta was at a higher level than Leo and that got me the win." Sarah said.

   Six hours passed by and they were close to the hotel they would be staying in.

     "We're almost at the hotel Sarah." Yasmine said waking Sarah up from her nap.

     "Uhh...Huh?" Sarah groaned, waking up. "Are we there yet?"

     "Almost." Tallan said.


(7:09) 6:09


The next morning came and only nine of the teen's got up early and left the hotel room they were staying in. Every DMS student received a hotel key so they would be able to go in and out as they pleased from doing whatever they're doing. The nine teen's leave the hotel, bringing their room key's with them, going out to look around.

     "What are we doing today?" Sarah asked.

     "I don't know. Miss. Khalsa didn't tell us." Yasmine said.

     "Hello..." A random man said. The man looked dirty and smelly.

     "Just ignore him and keep walking" Siana said, everyone waking past the man. When they passed him, they heard a machine type thing behind them. Rachel turned around, screaming and backing away, everyone asking what's up.

     "LOOK BEHIND YOU!" Rachel said, pointing.

   They all turn around, with Yasmine screaming, "OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?"

     "RUN!" The caramel colored girls screeched, everyone running away.

   The man had turned into a ball shaped monster with tank guns coming out of it. It chased after them, about to shoot, but then it suddenly froze and exploded.

     "What the hell just happened?" The caramel girl asked.

     "I really don't know Jaya, but I think that was an Akuma from D.Gray-Man..." Yasmine said breathing heavily.

     "I'm scared...JAYA HOLD ME!" Riley said hugging Jaya, the caramel girl, tightly.

     "You won't be seeing that Akuma ever again." A boy said coming out of the smoke. He has white hair and a star scar on his left eye. He is wearing a black, hooded trench coat. "Hi there! I'm Allen Walker and these two are Lavi, and Lenalee."

     "Hi?" The nine teens said.

     "Allen, I think they're the keys." The boy Lavi whispered.

     "I think so too." Allen whispered back. He turned to the scared teens and continued, "If you don't mind, would you please come back with us to HQ?"

     "Why should we go with you?" A girl with long wavy brown hair covering her whole back said. She has peach skin and dark brown eyes. She wears a pink top with a sweater over and black shorts. On her shoulder she has a Hello Kitty temporary tattoo and black boots on her feet.

     "Akuma's only go after someone who holds the key to finding the remaining Innocence." The girl Lenalee said.

     "Okay. We'll go." Yasmine suddenly said.

     "WHAT?!" Eight of the teen's yelled.

     "Great. Let’s go." Allen said with a smile. "By the way, HQ is called The Black Order."

© 2012 PokemonFan#1

Author's Note

Tako- Octopus in Japanese.

Next chapter information:

Allen, Lavi, and Lenalee take the nine teens back to their HQ, The Black Order, telling them they will be under protection and they will become an Exercist so it can be easy to find the remaining Inoccence.
On day one, they will be unlocking their Anti-Akuma weapon and learning how to use it. On day two, they will learn how to battle against an Acuma. Day three will be when they will be heading out on their first mission.
Nex time in D.Gray-Man, "Anti-Akuma weapons and the first mission!"

I hope you enjoyed this Chapter! Please rewiew. Thank you!

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lol!! my favorite line "I can not be in a car with Mr. 'P' for five hours!!"
"Its six hours Tallan." lol!

Posted 7 Years Ago

I liked your discriptions of us, esspesialy how we're all somehow related to candybars. oh and btw *the key is real I just don't know what it gose to because my sister nicked it from the art room :) Yay we're on the way to the Black Order! Yazzy agreed for all of us... ahaha

Posted 7 Years Ago

i hope you don't mind me giving you corrections for spell
"hi guy's" -> "hi guys"
"your so cute"-> "you're so cute"
"Its a battle between Pokemon Trainer Sarah and Pokemon Yazzimon"-> "It's a battle between Pokemon Trainer Sarah and Pokemon Yazzimon"
"-Sarah doging"->"- Sarah Dodging"
crule -> cruel
we'll-> well
acuma-> akuma
and others that you'll find if you go over it. Other that that, great job! I really enjoyed the fight scene with the DSes (?).
P.S. I DO have a game that can be played with others. Tallan has Pearl, I have Diamond. and I carpool with Yazzie. and akuma kill so they can level up mostly.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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