Night 2: Anti-Akuma weapons and the first mission!

Night 2: Anti-Akuma weapons and the first mission!

A Chapter by PokemonFan#1

In authers note in last chapter.


The Black Order: Outside cliff


The twelve teen's walk up to a large mountain.

     "You're not goanna make us climb this monster mountain, are you?" Jaya asked.

     "It’s the only way up..." Lenalee said.

     "I don't mind carrying you." Lavi said bending down for Jaya to climb onto his back.

     "Thank you!" Jaya said.

     "But-" Riley said reaching out for Jaya.

     "Let’s all head up now." Allen said. Eleven of the teens climbed, Jaya being the only one getting piggybacked, up.


The Black Order: Outside Gate Keeper


Struggling to get up the rest of the way, but making it, they breath very heavily and out of breath, except for Jaya.

     "Thank you for carrying me Lavi!" Jaya said embracing Lavi in a hug.

     "O-oh! Y-you’re welcome." Lavi stuttered, hugging Jaya back.

     He's stealing my Jaya! Riley thought to himself, gritting his teeth.

   Sarah, Yasmine, and a girl with red hair reaching past her shoulders a bit and light river blue eyes, were the last ones to make it up.

     "We....we made it....Rylie and Sarah....." Yasmine said out of breath.

     "Why....did that Lavi guy....give Jaya a ride up!" The girl Rylie said collapsing onto the ground. She wears a white shirt with a cupcake on it and long skinny jeans; fluffy and fuzzy cozy purple slippers on her feet.

     "INTRUDERS!" A voice cried out.

     "Don't worry gate keeper, these are the new Excersists that will be helping us with finding the Innocence." Lenalee confirmed.

     "So would you please open the gate?" Allen said politely.

     "Now." Lavi said, sounding demanding.

     "Y-yes, of course." The gate keeper said, the gate's to The Black Order opening.

     "Follow us; we'll take you to my brother, Komui." Lenalee said leading the way.


The Black Order: Inside HQ


     "So who's this Komui we're seeing?" Tallan asked.

     "Oh, he's the head chief here." Lavi said. "But he does go out of control some times."

     "What do you mean by, 'out of control'?" Sarah asked.

     "He-" Allen began until they were interrupted by a large mechanical machine, causing the wall to crumble.

     "How do you like Sir Komlin the fifth?" A man with a white lab coat and a hat said. He has short, dark, purple hair that curls at the end and dark eyes. He wears spectacles over his eyes.

     "Komui! What do you think you're doing making anther killer robot!" Lavi asked.

     "HOW DARE YOU INSULT HIM?" The man Komui said hugging the robots leg. "He's only a baby!"

     "Give me a break...." Lenalee said.

     "It that thing wearing a hat?" Rachel asked.

     "What does this one do?" Allen asked, letting out a sigh.

     "I'm glad you asked that!" Komui said. "Let’s start with those two for a demonstration!" Komui pointed towards Sarah and Tallan, causing them to flinch.

     "ARE YOU CRAZY?!" Lavi said.

     "Get them Sir Komlin!" Komui ordered, two hands coming out of the robot.

     "RUN!" Allen said, everyone running away, but then Tallan got grabbed by the leg.

     "TALLAN!" Everyone screamed. Sarah was the only brave one to go after Tallan.

     "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING SARAH?!" Yasmine yelled.

     "Saving Tallan!" Sarah said. Her right arm suddenly began to change, shocking everyone, even Komui, staring in awe. "What's happening?"

     "It’s her anti-Akuma weapon. It’s just like bean sprouts, but different." Lavi said.

     Bean sprout?! Allen thought.

   Then an uncontrollable force came over Sarah, her arm now looking like a sword. She ran towards the robot, but then felt something poke into her neck, causing her to get caught by the second hand by the wrist.

     "That ought to keep her from destroying my son." Komui said.


     "Uhh....I can't move guy's...." Sarah said. The doors on the robot opened up, Sarah and Tallan going in.

     "AH!" Everyone yelled.

     "What’s goanna happen when they come out?!" Lavi asked.

Everyone heard a ding, Komui saying, "Oh! It’s done!"

     "Uhh....what just happened?" Sarah asked a little dazed. Sarah and Tallan now wore the same black uniform the other three wore, but Sarah wearing a short skirt and a, not so long, jacket.

     "That....that's all it does?" Allen asked, everyone completely shocked.

     "Now who's next?" Komui asked.

     "Might as well get it over with." The peach girl said.

     "Are you crazy Bethany?!" Yasmine said. "There's no way I'm going in there!"

     "Okay! You two are next! Get them Sir Komlin!" Komui said, pointing at Bethany and Yasmine, repeating the process.

   After everyone got the uniforms, Allen, Lavi, and Lenalee gave them a tour around the Black Order and then showing them to their rooms.

     "What a day...." Sarah said and then stared at her arm. "What happened to my arm back there?"

     "Hello. I didn't properly introduce myself back there." Komui said bursting through the door's to Sarah's room. "I'm Komui Lee; I am the head director of the Black Order’s Science division."

     "Y-you’re not goanna try to do anything to me again, are you?" Sarah asked.

     "Well that’s what I'm here for." Komui said taking Sarah's wrist. "I need to examine your right arm right away."

     "O-okay." Sarah said.


The Black Order: Komui's lab


They came into a white room with doctor equipment everywhere and an examination table in the middle.

     "Please place your arm on the table." Komui asked.

     "Uh, okay. What are you going to do?" Sarah asked, Komui looking through his tools. He pulled out a needle and placed a helmet over his head.

Sarah flinched and froze in place the needle to intimidating to move.

     "W-w-w-what are you goanna do with that needle?!" Sarah stuttered.

     "I need that arm to go into its anti-Akuma weapon form so I can examine it and this will help it process properly." Komui said.

     "It’s happening again #65...." A man said hearing Sarah's screaming, to a ghost type figure with the number 65 on the forehead.

     "Poor soul..." #65 said.

     "Uhh...." Sarah groaned.

     "Now let’s check out this weapon you have." Komui said closing in on Sarah's arm. "You've got the parasitic type."

     "Parasitic? What's that?" Sarah asked.

     "Parasitic is an anti-Akuma weapon that is embedded into the Exorcist's body, able to change its shape by your emotion." Komui explained. "It is a rare type of Innocence indeed. It is very unusual for someone like you to just suddenly have it. We'll need to take you to Hevlaska."

     "Who's that?" Sarah asked.

     "You'll see." Komui said.


The Black Order: Hevlaska


     "So where's this, Hevlaska?" Sarah asked.

     "Right here." A woman's voice said.

Sarah turned around saying, "That's her?" Hevlaska looks to almost resemble a snake and has clear tentacles.

     "Hello Sarah." Hevlaska said.

     How does she know my name? Sarah thought.

Hevlaska's tentacles moved towards Sarah, lifting her up and inspecting her right arm.

     "Arg....W-what's she doing?" Sarah asked, the smaller parts of the tentacles going into Sarah's right hand, bringing her pain.

     "10%...43%...69%...85%..." Hevlaska said. "Her innocence is 85% in sync."

     "That's wonderful to hear." Komui said, Hevlaska putting Sarah back down next to Komui. "Let’s take you back to your room so you can rest for tomorrow."

     "Okay." Sarah said.


The Black Order: Sarah's room


     "Good night!" Komui said closing the door behind him.

     "Night." Sarah said sitting on her new bed. "This all seems so crazy...."

   Sarah began to feel sleepy and fell asleep so quickly, that she didn't notice. Once morning came, Sarah was awakened by her grumbling stomach and realized she fell asleep sitting up.

     "Oh....I must have not noticed I fell asleep." Sarah said lazily getting off the bed and stretching. "Boy, I sure am really hungry. Better get some breakfast."

   Sarah wondered out of her room and looked around for the cafeteria Allen, Lavi, and Lenalee showed them.


The Black Order: Cafeteria


     "Hi there, you must be one of the new Exorcists we've heard about." A man said. He has two long braided hairs and wears black sunglasses over his eyes.

     "Yeah. Oh is this where I can order my food?" Sarah asked.

     "Yep. We have a good variety of foods you can choose from." The man said. "So what can I get ya?"

     "Uh. I want: Scrambled eggs, pancakes, French toast, and a glass of milk." Sarah ordered.


     "Oh, and maybe nacho's, macaroni and cheese, chicken, mashed potatoes, and spaghetti." Sarah continued.

     "I-I's that all?" The man asked, his sunglasses almost falling off."

     "Oh, is that too much for me to get?" Sarah asked.

     "No, no. Anyone with that big of a stomach is always a pleasure to serve to." He said pushing his sunglasses back into place.

   Sarah left to find an empty seat to sit at.

     "Oh, hey there’s the other's!" Sarah said walking towards her eight friends, but then a person walked into Sarah, Sarah colliding with them.

     "Watch it will ya?" The person said sounding angry.

     "I-I'm so sorry. I'll watch where I'm going next time." Sarah said. Looking up, it was a boy that also wore the black trench coat and had long black hair put up in a pony tail.

     "What are you staring at?" The boy asked.

     "N-nothing!" Sarah said.

     "Great. Now I've got to get my food again." The Boy said getting up.

     "I'm so sorry." Sarah apologized again, getting up. Sarah sighed and said, "How embarrassing...." Sarah continued to the table her friends were sitting at and joined them.

     "Hi Sarah. Did you sleep well last night?" Siana asked.

     "Uh. I think so." Sarah said.

     "Yesterday was so crazy, huh Siana?" Yasmine said.

     "Totally!" Siana said. "Komui's robot was really scary too...."

     "And he even shot Sarah with a tiny stun dart!" Yasmine said.

     "I'm okay now need to worry Yasmine." Sarah said.

     "Okay you just stole that from Dawn in Pokémon." Yasmine said.

     "Sorry." Sarah apologized.

     "Here's your food ladies and gentle man!" The man said.

     "Thanks." The nine teens said.

     "Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! Sarah, you can't eat all that food!" Yasmine said.

     "Yes I can!" Sarah said.

     "No you can't. You'll just waste it!" Yasmine argued.

     "I said I won't! I promise I'll not leave a crumb left on the plate." Sarah argued back.

     "What seems to be the problem lady's?" Allen said walking up to the two bickering teen's.

     "Yasmine say's I can't finish all this food!" Sarah said. "And I'm telling her that I will finish it all."

     "No she won't, she wasted a lot of food every day while we were on the Patagonia trip!" Yasmine said.

     "She's got the parasitic type of Innocence like me, which means she can finish it all." Allen defended.

     "Thank you for backing me up Allen." Sarah thanked.

   Allen turned to Rachel and saw that she had gotten more food than Sarah.

     "Wait; are you the parasitic type too?" Allen asked.

     "Uh...I don't know." Rachel said.

     "She always eats’ this much." Yasmine said.

     "Well then, looks like I just found someone with a big appetite like me, who might not the parasitic type." Allen said smiling at Rachel, causing her to blush and walked off to join Lavi and Lenalee.

     "So you see Yasmine, I am aloud to eat all this!" Sarah said.



The Black Order: Weaponry room


After finishing breakfast, they all headed to the weaponry room to find their Anti-Akuma weapon. Well, except for Sarah. Sarah was taken to a room to learn how to call up her anti-Akuma weapon and how to control it.

     "Go walk around and what everyone reacts to you will be your weapon to keep." A large man said.

     "Look at this scythe guy's!" Jaya said. The scythe glowed so Jaya took the scythe down and held it in her hands.

     "Look B-mel, this is my weapon!" Yasmine said. She had on two battle gloves, but Bethany wasn't all that interested in it.

     "Oh yeah Yasmine? Check out this mace!" Bethany said showing off her mace.

     "Oh yeah? I got me two pair of twin machine guns!" Siana bragged. "Meet Bob and his wife Mary!"

     "That’s cool guys, but nothing's reacting to me, Tallan and Rachel." Riley said.

     "Then you three are the parasitic type." The man said.

     "Oh, look at these cool looking hand guns!" Rylie said showing off her guns in a pose.

     "Okay, now that you all have found your weapons, go see Komui. He'll take you to get checked out by Hevlaska."


The Black Order: Parasitic training area


     "Now focus and say or think the word, activate" Allen said.

     "Activate!" Sarah said, her right arm turning into a sword anti-Akuma weapon. "I-I did it!"

     "Fantastic! Now moving onto how to battle with it." Allen said. "Think fast!" Allen dashed towards Sarah, Sarah quickly blocking it. "Good, now try to get me off of you if you can."

     "Arg!" Sarah groaned. H-he's too strong!"

     "Are you goanna give up?" Allen asked.

     "N-no. Hu!" Sarah said throwing Allen off of her.

     "Hold it Allen!" The man said coming in. "These three are also Paracitice's."

     "Riley, Rachel, Tallan!" Sarah said.

     "Okay. You'll have to wait till they can call their weapon Sarah. You can take a break." Allen said.

     "Okay, will do." Sarah saluted and walked over to the bench to rest. "Whew! It sure has been a long day. Hm....I wonder how the others are doing.


The Black Order: Weapon training area


     "Ready to start your training?" Lavi asked the five teen's that were equipped with a weapon.

     "Yeah!" Bethany said.

     "Great, let’s get started then." Lavi said. "We'll all pair up into two's got that?"

     "Uh, Lavi, everyone has a partner, but me." Jaya said.

     "Hm? 1, 2, 3, 4....You're right." Lavi said. "Hey, why don't you be my partner?"

     "Okay!" Jaya said, blushing.

     "First, everyone say, activate." Lavi said.

     "Activate!" Everyone said, there weapons activated and ready to go.

     "Now, begin fighting each other." Lavi said. "Just be sure to not kill each other. Ready Jaya?"

     "I sure am." Jaya said ready and eager to begin.


The Black Order: Parasitic training area


     "Okay Sarah, they've learned how to call their weapon." Allen called.

     Finally.... Sarah thought. "Coming!"

     "Can you believe it Sarah? The four of us are like Allen!" Riley said getting excited.

     "Now where were we Sarah?" Allen asked.

     "Learning how to battle with our anti-Akuma weapons." Sarah said.

     "Right. That means you'll all face off in battle with each other." Allen said. "Now pair up into two."

   Rachel and Riley paired up and Sarah and Tallan paired up.

     "Show me what you've got." Allen said and blew into a whistle, signaling they could start.


The Black Order: Weapon training area


     "Stop!" Lavi said, Jaya's scythe at his neck. "You win...."

     "Jaya, one. Lavi zero." Jaya bragged.

     "Okay everyone; you've done a great job today. Make sure you come back here tomorrow to learn what to do when you face an Akuma." Lavi said. "See you all tomorrow!"


The Black Order: Parasitic training area


     "Okay everyone! You can stop fighting now." Allen said stopping the battles.

     "Is it already that dark?" Rachel said looking over at a window.

     "Yep. Time to get some rest for tomorrow." Allen said. "We'll be learning how to fight against the Akuma's tomorrow."

     "Okay. Night Allen." They said leaving the room.


The Black Order: The next day


The next day comes, everyone going to have breakfast and then learn how to fight an Akuma.

     "And for the Parasitic user's, we are able to survive when hit by the Akuma's blood bullets, destroying the virus before it spreads." Allen explained.

     "Any questions?" Lavi asked.

     "I have a question." Sarah said, raising her hand.

     "What’s your question?" Allen asked.

     "Uh, may I go to the bathroom real quick?" Sarah said, knowing that wasn't anything they were talking about.

     "Sure. In fact, why don't you all take a quick break?" Allen said.

     "Thank you!" Sarah said getting up and leaving the room in a rush.


The Black Order: Outside the bathroom


When Sarah was done going to the bathroom, she walked out of the bathroom, hitting the same person she bumped into at breakfast the other day.

     "Not you again!" The boy said standing up, steam blowing off him.

     "I-I'm so sorry! Please don't hurt me...." Sarah said getting ready to block a hit, just in case.

     "Hurt you? Why would I do that?" The boy asked with a confused face.

     "Y-you’re not goanna hurt me?" Sarah asked.

     "OF CORSE NOT, I WOULD NEVER HIT A GIRL!" The boy said.

     "Ah! I'm sorry...." Sarah apologized. "Umm....c-could I have your name?"

     "’s Kanda." The boy Kanda said. "Tch, you must be one of the new rookie’s."

     Did he just, "Tch" me?! Sarah thought. "Y-yeah, I am."

     "Should have known." Kanda said. What's your anti-Akuma weapon?"

     "Oh, um, I'm the parasitic type." Sarah said.

     "I don't work well with them. Bye." Kanda said rudely and left.

     "Grrr. How rude can a guy like him get?" Sarah said storming back to the Akuma learning room.


The Black Order: Akuma learning area


     "Allen, Allen Sarah's back." Lavi said.

     "Great, now let’s get back to business." Allen said.

     "Uh, hey Allen. I just ran into someone named Kanda outside the girl’s bathroom door." Sarah said. "Does he always act mean?"

     "Kanda? Uh...yeah. He can be mean sometimes." Allen said. Why was he outside the girl’s bathroom?

   After learning more about how to handle and battle Akuma, it quickly got dark out and it was time to head to their rooms.


The Black Order: Komui's lab


     "He, he, he....This time I'll make a Komlin to help with the-" Komui said to himself in the dark, until the light was turned on. "Turn off that light Reever!"

     "Sorry...." The man Reever said turning the light off and closing the door behind him.

     "Now just a few tweaks hear and there and then I connect this wire to this part and-" Komui said, hearing the sound of a robot booting up. "Yes! It worked! Now to find a good specimen to use this on."


The Black Order: Sarah's Room


     "It sure has been a long day today. Especially when I saw-


     Hu? What was- Oh no, not again!" Sarah said seeing Komui's robot break her bed room wall.

     "Hello again. I just wanted to have you test out this new, Sir Komlin the sixth, for me!" Komui said with a large grin.

     "No. I don't want to be any part of this...Uh...thing of, whatever this thing-a-magige does!" Sarah said.

     "Well you don't really have a choice because I already had asked it to start with you." Komui said. "This is my newest invention to help you Exorcists. There’s no need to be afraid my girl, it won't hurt a bit. NOW GET HER!"

     "Ah! No! I'm not going through with this Komui!" Sarah said running past Komui and underneath the bot.

   Komui let out a sighed and said. "Why won't you believe me? It really won't hurt!"

     "Help! Allen, or Lavi, WAKE UP!" Sarah yelled.

     "Uh...what's with all the commotion?" Reever asked, soon seeing the Komlin bot heading towards Sarah. "KOMUI! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW?!"

     "Humph. Just go back to whatever you were recently doing. This is none of your concern." Komui said.

     "It already is my business! You're goanna wake everyone up and they'll be angry." Reever said.

     "Sarah? What's up?" Allen asked opening the door.

     "KOMUI MADE ANOTHER ROBOT AND NOW IT’S AFTER ME!" Sarah yelled, soon waking Lavi up.

     "What?!" Lavi said sitting up in his bed.

     "I'll take care of this." Lenalee said running past the three teens. Lenalee’s shoes were a dark black with a green line and a circle. "Ha!"

     "No! Don't hurt him dear sister! He's only a baby!" Komui cried.

     "Too late. Now go to bed!" Lenalee said kicking the Sir Komlin bot and Komui down the edge.

     "Is he goanna be okay?" Sarah asked a worried expression on her face.

     "Yeah, he'll be okay." Lenalee said. "How about you sleep with me for tonight? Your room will be fixed by the end of tomorrow."

     "Okay..." Sarah said yawning.


The Black Order: The next day


     "Okay all you new Exorcists! It’s time for you to head out on to your first mission." Komui said handing them a pamphlet for their mission. "I'll be sending Kanda and Lavi to go with you four (Yasmine, Bethany, Riley and Jaya) and for the rest of you, (Sarah, Rachel, Rylie, Siana and Tallon) I'll have Allen and Lenalee go with you. Your mission is to find the Innocence and bring it back here for Hevlaska to hold."

     "Got it!" Everyone said and left to their separate missions.

© 2012 PokemonFan#1

Author's Note

Riley: Boy
Rylie: Girl

IF YOU READ THIS ALREADY, I RECEMEND STARTING AT THE WEAPONRY ROOM PART NEAR THE END. BUT YOU COULD READ IT ALL AGAIN IF YOU DARE. (It's like, 8 pages! Thats the longest I've ever written!) I guess this chapter was mostly about Sarah.... Oh and in the begining the twelve teens are:
Rachel, Yasmine, Tallan, Siana, Rylie, Jaya, Sarah, Riley, Bethany, + Allen, Lavi, and Lenalee. (Sorry if you got confused...)

Next chapter information:

The nine teen's are heading out for their very first mission and bring back the Innocence they find there for HQ. When a handsome figure appear's, Siana get's a little destracted and her team mates try to snap her out of it.
Then on the other mission, they're going pretty smothly without any problems. Well, except for the Akuma's.
Next time in D.Gray-Man: Akuma's and Noah's.

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in the beginning you said twelve, instead of nine. maybe get spell check, (not trying to be mean or anything, but then people like me wouldn't tell you what's spelled wrong). Bob and Mary aren't just GUNS! they are wonderful creatures that makes other's insides blow up~ and kanda's more of a "DEATH GLARE" person then a "What do Ya think yer doing" person.

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