A Chapter by PokemonFan#1

Why is this happening? Why did it have to turn out this way? Why did we have to move? I loved the life we were living in before that man came into our lives. What was your thought for breaking the promise to the second oldest daughter? Did you even think what we would be feeling? The feeling of being hated by your own daughters you gave birth to? Is this really the path you wanted....the path of never being love by us again? Was it worth it for us not to go to your second wedding with..."him"?

It was so sudden...we didn't want to see him because you left dad for "him". If it was a man that wasn't him...then we would probobly get to like him...maybe. Why did you chose to go behind dad while he was on a trip? Why did you chose to go to Texes to see that stranger from twenty years ago? Why did you have to find everyone that was in your school year book? Why did you do this to us? After the Christmas in 2010, we've been more stressed than taking test, quizzes, and reports at school. Is this what you planed to happen. Having your daughter's hate you like the Rebecca Black haters? Having lost best friends you used to hang out with all the time. The ones who told you not to go to Texes? Was all this worth it? Is this the life you wanted to have?

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Author's Note

Expressing my feelings.

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I'm giving u a big hug on monday

Posted 7 Years Ago

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A Chapter by PokemonFan#1