Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by PokemonFan#1

The first chapter


The re-birth of a slayer


Her long, once red, but now faded back into her natural golden blond hair was let down, the wind blowing from the window and around her to give her the extra beauty, her sapphire eyes glistening in the morning sun with dark eyeliner applied, her peach skin lit up from the sun for all to see. She wore a red gown with white frills, a big bow on her side, and red toms on her feet. Atop her head was a golden crown, letting all who saw her know she was of a royal family. She sat in her room one day, tired of listening to the same old boring lesson her tutor would repeat constantly; finally, she had enough.

     “Stop! I’ve had enough of this lesson, if you could leave me be, I am feeling rather light headed from all this learning. So, BEAT IT!” She said bitterly.

     “But Princess Rylie, I-” Her tutor began.

     “I’m not feeling well, and would like you to please leave…another time for learning would be fine but, not today…Please leave.” Said girl Rylie interrupted, rubbing the side of her head.

   “Yes ma’am.” He said and gathered all his papers and left the room.

     “Finally! I thought he’d never leave!” Rylie said. She dashed over to her dresser, grabbed a pair of jet black skinny jeans and a gray baggy T-shirt and went into her bathroom to change out of her Princess clothing and into her comfortable, commoner outfit. Once out, she grabbed a leather bag and, with her great ninja skills, snuck past all the guards and came to the outside world where the sun’s rays beat down onto her.

     “Ahhh! So nice to be out of the castle; it was so boring in there. I wonder what Dria is up too?” She said taking in a breath of the fresh air and headed off to a nearby village. She walked through a thick forest, eventually finding her way to her destination. Walking through the village, she came to a restaurant where a busy hostess and her co-workers were running from table to table.

     “Dria!” Rylie called.

     “I’ll be with you in a second miss.” The said girl called back while seating a large family of nine at a table. Her hair is a dark brunette and rather curly, pulled back into a bun, and held by a light blue headband. She wore her nice regular clothing which was a white loos top, the sleeves reaching to her elbows, dark blue shorts, and jet black boots on her feet. Rylie patiently waited for her friend to be done so she and Dria could hang out. Once Dria set the family to their table, she rushed to Rylie who had summoned her.

     “Hey Rylie, what’s up? Sneaking out of the castle again, are we?” Dria asked with a mischievous grin.

     “Yeah, yeah, I wanted to know if there are any hunts for ogres, goblins, and dragons up yet.” Rylie asked.

     “Well, ogres are all full, the goblins are all taken care of, but the dragons, no one has signed up to slay them yet.” Dria said.

     “Really? I’m surprised; they keep taking sheep, chickens and even the town’s people. Surprised they aren’t getting their revenge.” Rylie said folding her arms across her chest.

     “Well, if I were you, I’d skip signing up and just go look for them.” Dria said.

     “Way ahead of ya.” Rylie said unfolding her arms and putting her hand on her hip. “If I’m to slay a dragon, I’ll be a hero! And you’ll be the other one!”

     “Ummm…yeah, about that…” Dria mumbled.

     “Are you chickening out?” Rylie asked.

     “I can’t go; I got grounded and have to do a month of chores…” Dria said.

     “Damn...Next time?” Rylie asked.

     “Hopefully…and don’t get killed by them, or I’ll come and kick you’re sorry a$$ if you do.” Dria said serious, but Rylie just laughed.

     “I won’t die Dria, not without you.”

     “That’s right b@#$h!” Dria said jokingly.

     “See ya later.” Rylie said waving bye to her friend and headed back to the castle so no one would send the guards out looking for her. Once she traveled through the thick forest again, ninja snuck her way back to her room, she got re-dressed into her red Princess dress and golden crown. Once again, Rylie sat by her window and gazed out to see nothing but trees and a thick fog rolling atop the branches to the calm cool river moat surrounding her castle.

     “God…I don’t want to be stuck here in this tower…If only I could be free and go on an actual adventure…” Rylie moaned. She began to feel sleepy, so she stood up to flop onto her bed, only for a slithery, scaly tail to begin wrapping around her waist. “What the hell?!” She slapped it away and backed away, tripping over her dress and falling onto her bed. A slithering sound was heard and the room went dark. Rylie was now terrified and began to quiver. She stood back up and quickly ran to her door, only to find it locked.

     “Sh@#!” She cursed. A clawed hand gripped her shoulder and then the same tail wrapped back around her waist, pulling her towards the window. The two fell out, Rylie shutting her eyes for the reality of death was upon her, but as it seemed they were about to hit the ground, she suddenly felt like she was flying. Rylie snuck a peek and notice, she was flying.

     “I-I’m alive?” She thought aloud. “I’m alive! But-” She looks up to see a jet black lizard who was currently both her savior and enemy. Oh my god! I’m being kidnapped by a dragon! The black scaled dragon had long wings that soared the two across the land and large puppy emerald eyes that kept its focus on its one destination.


Rylie and the dragon soon landed on a rocky terrain, and immediately, Rylie was taken by the arms by a mysterious figure holding a knife to her neck.

     “Good job for bringing her Shadow. I’ll reward you as soon as I am done with this here slayer.” The figure said.

     “S-slayer? I haven’t even gotten to kill a single goblin yet!” Rylie said, but the figure inched the knife closer to her neck, making her more nervous than she already was. “L-look, I think you’ve got the wrong girl, I-”

     “I know a slayer when I see one and you girlie are a slayer. If you have not slain a living creature, then why do you have the aura of one?” He asked. Rylie was in a pretty tight situation and this man was asking something of her she could not reply back to. He gave a “Phhhft!” and moved the knife away.

     “Huh? Y-you’re letting me go?” Rylie asked.

     “If you really are a slayer, then you would have taken Shadow out and you wouldn’t be here.” He replied. “If you ever do become a slayer, never go after the dragon’s, or Shadow and I here will slay you.” With a gulp and a nod of the head, Rylie was taken back into the sky and back in her castle. She walked over to her bed and instantly fell asleep.


The next day came by quickly and Rylie groggily sat up with dried up drool covering her mouth.

     “Eww! Gross!” She said cringing from the saliva and whipped it away. She stood up, but her legs gave out and she fell on her bum. She cursed under her breath and got back up using the bed to keep her balance as she made her way to the bathroom. Once she got in there, she moved away her hair from her face and she looked so miserable and tired.

     “God…What happened? I look so F@#$ing terrible…” Rylie muttered. She stood up straight and grabbed a new pair of commoners clothing to change into and head out to see Dria. While on her way, there was a rustle in a nearby bush heard and she prepared herself for what was to come.

     “Oh crap! Is it a dragon? No! It might be a troll; a goblin, or an Og-” A small little chipmunk suddenly came out of the bush. “-er…Uhh…never mind…” She continued her way and came to Dria’s house.

     “What is it?!” Dria answered in her cranky tone. “Oh…it’s you…sorry, Rylie. What’re ya doing here so early in the morning?”

     “Dria, I…I can’t go slay a dragon…” Rylie said saddened.

     “Why are you baling out? This better not because you wanna go when I’m ungrounded, there’s a high chance the witch who runs this house will ground me again.” Dria said.

     “Don’t call your mom that.”

     “Rylie, she’s an actual witch, remember?”

     “…Oh yeah…mornings; you know I can’t think properly.”

     “Who can?” Dria said. “Back onto the subject; why are chickening out?”

     “I don’t know; I just can’t. This guy had a knife at my throat and thought I was a slayer already.” Rylie said.

     “Whaaaat?” Dria asked.

     “Yeah, so I’ll have to wait till any other job opens up to slay anything.” Rylie said.

     “That sucks.” Dria added. With that, Rylie left to go check out if there were any slaying’s open.

© 2012 PokemonFan#1

Author's Note

Hope you like this so far Rylie! More is to come soon! (Finished this chapter in just 2 days!)

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i know this is late but im just now reading it! i love it!!!!!!! you should defffff write more! i wanna know what happens! thank you:D

Posted 12 Years Ago


12 Years Ago

Oh! You made an account! (I love the name you chose ^.^)

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Chap 1 Chap 1

A Chapter by PokemonFan#1