Mystery in Wonderland: part 1

Mystery in Wonderland: part 1

A Chapter by PokemonFan#1

Here it is, part one of Mystery's adventure in Wonderland!


One day Mystery and her mother were out in the woods on a nature walk for some odd reason, Mystery bringing Midnight along for the outing. They didn’t get along very well, which for Mystery, this was all too strange for her even though the Headmistress was her mother. While walking about more, for a split second, Mystery almost swore Axel had just run by, wearing rabbit ears, a fluffy tail, and a white and red trench coat with hearts and spades. He seemed to be in a hurry, often looking at a silver pocket watch. She rubbed her eyes and checked again, not seeing Axel anymore. Mystery’s mother turned around, telling Mystery to keep up and she did so. Soon the three came to a river bank and Midnight jumped out of Mystery’s arms to take a drink, Mystery keeping a close eye on her cloud gray cat.

   Then, when Midnight was done, she ran into the woods; Mystery chasing after her into a patch of flowers. The amount of flowers there were ridicules and very thick, giving her a hard time finding Midnight. Mystery saw Midnight up in a tree and so she rushed over to save her cat, but the ground underneath her crumbled and a large rabbit hole formed, Mystery falling possibly to her early death. As she was falling, she was screaming and it seemed to be going of forever until she stopped just inches away from hitting the hard tile floor, and her outfit had changed into a purple, black, and white dress, her shoes turning into black boots.

     “Ow…where am I?” She asked groggy and scratching the back of her head. Looking around her, she saw a glass table with cake and tea, along with a golden key. She walked over, eyeing the cake. There was a loud grumble sound and it had come from her empty stomach. “Gosh, I’m hungry…Ah, what the heck, it’s not like this is anyone’s.” She reached for the cake, but was stopped by a creaking sound that startled her.

     “W-who’s there?!” She called. No response. She gulped and turned around to take the cake, but nearly had a heart attack seeing what looked to be Juno wearing a top hat with cards and other crazy objects sticking out. She wore a jet black trench coat and she took one big bite of the cake, finishing it and licked her fingers clean. She then grabbed the tea cup and brought it up to her lips.

     “Ju…Juno?! What are you doing here?” Mystery asked. The so called Juno sent a confused look to Mystery, setting the cup down and said, “The name’s Hatter. Mad Hatter. Not Juno.”


     “Take a seat, have some tea.” Hatter said casually, a chair appearing from behind Mystery who fell into it as it scooted her up to the table. The surrounding changed and the two were now at an even longer table; wooden and messy dishes all over the place.

     “Where am I?!” Mystery asked.

     “Where are you? You’ve got to be kidding me.” Hatter asked.

     “No, I’m serious; I have no clue where I am.” Mystery said.

     “Wonderland. You are in Wonderland my dear.” Hatter said smiling mischievously. Two other familiar faces joined the table, Mystery asking, “Crona? Lee?!”

   Crona and Lee looked up, both saying in unison, “Who are they?”

     “What- but-” Mystery stammered.

     “I-I’m Dormouse.” The so called Crona the Dormouse said in a quiet and sweet voice.

     “And I’m Mad March, sometimes March Hare, and- …spoon.” The so called Lee the Mad March or March Hare said suddenly putting all her focus and interest on the one single bent silver spoon.

   Hatter gave a glare to March, Dormouse silently giggling to herself.

     “As I was saying, have some tea.” Hatter said turning her glare off of March and giving Mystery a warm, mischievous smile once more.

© 2012 PokemonFan#1

Author's Note

More is to come soon...hopefully; very busy with working on a manga and reading Pandora Hearts, etc. But don't worry, I have to finish what I started! (Books don't count, those take long to finish...)

Part 2 coming soon!
Character's own to in chapter:

Mystery = Ghostlyauther
Juno = Imaginator
Crona = PokemonFan#1 (me)
Lee = Imagination-mage
Picture for this chapter: Mystery
Done on a dress up game

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just wondering., but what game did you use to make the story picture?

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

I used:

10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

:) this seems like a fun idea I cant wait to see what happens to Mystery next

Posted 10 Years Ago

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In a land only Alice was said to go to; through the tunnle and down the rabbit hole; Wonderland, AZ

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Chap 1 Chap 1

A Chapter by PokemonFan#1