A Chapter by Sarah H. (Shadow Mage)

Leo was happily enjoying himself in the world of books. He enjoyed his escape from the reality of the real world from time to time. While he was reading he hadn't noticed the Nightray boy, Elliot hovering over his shoulder... Or rather, he tried to ignore the noble like the many times he had when the boy came to Fianna's House. It was bothersome.

     Elliot leaned in a little bit. He himself was curious what the scraggy haired boy read about. The young noble had his own book in his hand that he was going to read beside Leo, but was now quite enchanted by the book Leo was reading.

     Leo closed the book and sighed.

     "Hey, I wasn't done with that page!" Elliot complained.

     "Could you please stop reading over my shoulder already?" Leo asked in exasperation. "It's annoying!"

     There was a moment of silence.

     "I want you to be my valet." Elliot asked like the many times he asked before during his visits to the Fianna House.

     "Hell no." Leo replied bluntly without hesitation and turned away from Elliot at an angle where he could not read over his shoulder and returned to his book. This always happened, and this always made Elliot even more determined to have Leo as his valet.

     The Nightray boy pouted and decided to try again his next visit, and the visit after that, and the visit after that, and so on, so he sat down beside Leo to read his book titled: Holy Knight.

© 2015 Sarah H. (Shadow Mage)

Author's Note

Sarah H. (Shadow Mage)
There'll be more snippets of the past like this.

Art © Jun Mochizuki

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Added on April 23, 2015
Last Updated on April 23, 2015


Sarah H. (Shadow Mage)
Sarah H. (Shadow Mage)

Zyeane, AZ

Hey, I'm not active here anymore. I'm mainly using this account to use as a way to keep my buddies who wrote Mystic Academy updated about its editing process, and any other update things for it (even .. more..