A Chapter by Sarah H. (Shadow Mage)

How did the nightmars start? When did it begin? And what will become of everyone...


How were nightmares created? How did the humans react to the nightmares they began to have? Simple. It’s all because of one girl. One girl that no one cared about. She had no friends, her family left her, but she didn't care. She didn’t need anyone. All she needed was herself.

     The girl walked into a building one day. It was large and had glass windows all over, the sun reflecting off it. She was a loner, her hair long, dark and black. Her left eye hidden behind her emo bang, a golden eye in the visible one. Her skin stood out amongst the people around her. It was a light porcelain skin tone. Her lips were a healthy pink, in the shape of a heart. On her right hand she wore a black fingerless glove that covered up a marking of some sort, a marking she's had ever since birth.

     She walked over to an empty seat, her white tennis shoes squeaking as she dragged herself over to sit. She sat down, pulling her dark gray hoody over her head, grabbing her iPod touch out of her dark blue jeans, and plugging herself into the world of scremo music.

     “Hey girly.” A buff looking man with his blonde hair put up into a mohock said. “I hear you got the skill of a warrior. Is that true?”

     The girl sat silent, the music on her iPod keeping any disturbance away. Her expression was bland, and seeming she didn’t give a care about the world.

     “Hey, did you hear me?!” The man asked growing angry.

     “Leave me alone.” The girl suddenly said, still listening to her music. The man grabbed her by the wrist, the girl shocked. Her eyes widened and her heart beat rapidly. She was dragged out of the building and brought into a dark alley way.

© 2012 Sarah H. (Shadow Mage)

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DOOOOM!!!! *gaspeth!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Sarah H. (Shadow Mage)

11 Years Ago

Yeah, finished this part a looong time ago and haven't known what else to put....I'm gonna need to b.. read more

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Added on August 10, 2011
Last Updated on August 11, 2012


Sarah H. (Shadow Mage)
Sarah H. (Shadow Mage)

Zyeane, AZ

Hey, I'm not active here anymore. I'm mainly using this account to use as a way to keep my buddies who wrote Mystic Academy updated about its editing process, and any other update things for it (even .. more..