Spread my Wings

Spread my Wings

A Poem by Popshakes

This poem is based off of a contest for a Pokemon forum I used to write for and tells the story of a shiny Caterpie as it goes through all of its stages of evolution.

Among the group I'm different -
painted in beautiful colors unlike my siblings.

Gold skin wraps around my body tenderly.
Though modest with nature I can't help myself - 
I'm too glamorous for my own good.

All I want is to be free - 
find others like myself with this incurable disease. 
My skin shimmers - 
my skin glows - 
it's unnatural and I want to find an escape.

Accused of being a monster - 
accused of nothing more than looking different -
is this what the world has come to?

In the Viridian woods I find myself alone - 
without my mother, 
without my siblings - 
who needs them? 

Their resentment kept me going -
inching my way through the tall grass I find an opening.
It isn't long before I find myself thrown against a tree nearby.
My eyes catch a glimpse of a human and their Pokemon.

Their excitement is baffling - 
I'm only a bug-type, 
what more could they want with me?

The tall, human child chants: "Shiny! Shiny!" over and over -
like a ritual about to take place.
Their Pokemon partner stands before me,
lingering around as his burning tail sets the grass before me ablaze. 

My heart hammers, 
my pulse races -
the heat is almost too unbearable before I faint to the smell of burning grass.

I awaken to darkness. 

Haunting memories fill my mind, 
the longing for my family wraps around my heart and tugs.

I inch and inch to no avail - 
no escape, no light -
not even my shimmer can break through the darkness.

I am alone, lost, confused - 
where am I?

Before long a red beam swirls around my body - 
thrown out onto the cold, hard concrete -
my body shimmers and sparkles under the heat of the sun.

Peering eyes weigh my body down - 
the trainer from before stands above me yelling out inaudible orders.
Confusion sets in as my body is flown into a nearby bush.
Now's my chance.

I wriggle, I climb - 
however my shimmer is a giveaway. 

The child pulls and tugs at my tail - 
uncertainty fills me as my defences raise. 
A shield of orange encases my body in a flash of light - 

Electricity pulses through my body - 
sticky strings of yellow flash itself upon the boy. 
Cries of pain fill the world around us - 
the distraction plays into my escape...
... if only I could move.

Frozen like ice,
my body remains - 
Unable to move an inch, 
I'm unmovable.

Anger fills the child's eyes - 
a white and red capsule within his free hand. 
Before long my vision fades -
back into the darkness.

Serves me right - 
being born different.

My dream to be normal -
to fit in within this world...
... gone. 

However, within the darkness, 
my soul is at peace. 
Although my vision is impaired I feel normal,
for the first time in forever.

No more shimmer, 
no more shine.
For once I'm a normal Pokemon. 
For once I can breath easy.

Chained within these unloving walls, 
I've finally found the solace I was longing for -
however, was it all for naught? 

My heart longs for another - 
my soul longs to be part of the world.
Have I given in too easily? 
Is there more to the world than resentment and pain?

Questions unanswered - 
questions lingering within the darkness.

I squirm and I writhe - 
I scream and I cry. 

My hope for freedom was dwindling - 
then it happened. 

My body was tossed from the darkness - 
trees filled my vision with the smell of burnt grass as I landed in a familiar bush.

The trainer stood before me - 
a small growl escaped trembling lips. 

"My shiny, why don't you listen?
Why don't you obey?" 

Anger fueled itself into tears.
Unable to respond, 
only able to watch with fearful eyes.

Without warning his hand rose - 
my heart leapt -
was this the end?
Was this all I was meant for?

In one swoop a ball smashed before me, 
pieces striking my hardened, orange skin. 

Confusion swept the field.

No more words - 
only tears as the boy raced off.

I was alone once again - 
without my family, 
without my trainer.

Darkness fell before me - 
stars painted their glow upon my burnt skin. 
I was unable to move -
unable to fend for myself.

Was this my true purpose? 
No - this was only the climax.

Scared that I was in delusion I tried once more -
to break free from the ice that bound me.

I wriggled, I writhed - 
it was hopeless.
Or so I thought.

Through my efforts - 
through my trials something clicked that night.

Beautiful, light pink wings sprouted through my cracking skin - 
black feelers felt the world around me for the first time. 

I broke through my barriers and embraced life, 
for the first time. 

Pink appendages gave me the right-away to a whole new world - 
I felt everything around me, 
the trees, grass, my old shell...
... everything had a meaning.

The moon resonated it's glow against my bright, shimmering skin - 
I felt renewed, 
as if the moon had breathed life back into me. 

Although I was born with this incurable disease, 
I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Others may reject me - 
but it makes me unique.

For the first time in forever I spread my wings, 
ready to take on the world and find a purpose.
Ready to find others like myself - 
and find my destiny in this world. 

© 2015 Popshakes

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Added on July 3, 2015
Last Updated on July 3, 2015
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