Space Adventure

Space Adventure

A Story by Polly

A group of people stuck at Outer Space, trying to find their way back to Earth.


The last time I watched the sunrise was my eighteenth birthday. That was the luckiest and the most unfortunate day of my life.

8th March 2023, that was the day I turned eighteen and then I was chosen by the NASA people for a contest I entered. I took the exam and I was surprisingly qualified. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the whole world, but I shouldn't have come here. To be honest, I regret coming here.

Walking around on an unknown land aimlessly and living with a fear that a living creature which could eat anyone who appears before them, it is really scary, the highest level of scary. Sometimes I miss home. I remember mom worried so much about me that she would not let me go at all and dad had to persuade her so that I could go. For days, we live with empty stomachs and just water. If I was at home, no one would even let me stay empty stomach. I could eat all I want, they spoil me too much.

I miss home...

Tears come out of my eyes and float on the air.

Heh. How convenient, I don't have to go through the difficulties of wiping my slobbery cheeks after crying, and no one will even know that I was crying. How great. But despite that, Ashley, my best friend, noticed that I was crying.

She floated up to me and sat beside me. More like floated beside me, and asked me, "What happened, Tess? Why are you crying?".

I sighed and shook my head.

"It's just that, I miss everyone at the home. I want to go back." I said.

There was a silence after that. Neither Ashley nor I talked. More tears floated out of my eyes and Ashley made a sympathetic face. Then, she grabbed my shoulders and said, "Look, we will get home, no matter what. I strongly believe that we won't be stuck here, forever." She said with a determined expression on her face.

I looked at her and then looked away and sniffled.

"Okay..." I said looking down. Ashley hugged me and I hugged her back.

Ash actually made me feel better and increased my hope for getting back home safely, and I'm grateful to her, for that.

"Come, now. We have to go join the discussion with the rest of the people here. They're discussing our strategy and plans for when a spaceship comes into our sight." Ashley says.

I follow her and join the discussion by floating with them huddled together.

"Or we could even hop on the rocks which enter the orbit of Earth and we could return." Dane suggests.

"But won't that be too dangerous?" I ask.

"Tess is right, we can't risk our lives to get back. The rocks will fall at a very high speed and we might get burnt." Oceana agrees.

"We should see what resources we have and try to think of a way by using them for getting back." Ashley says, which was probably a good idea, but we didn't really have anything left with us.

"But we don't have any resources." Sky says and I nod.

The five of us, who were all the people who were stuck in the outer space. We fell into deep thoughts and tried to think of ways to get back.

Just then, I noticed a spaceship really far from us which landed on the moon. I hyped up and started to shout.

"Guys! Guys look over there! It's a spaceship, we can finally go back to Earth...!" I say and everyone looks to the way I point. Dane tries to calm me down.

"No, Tess. It can be a spaceship of aliens. We don't have any evidence that it is an Earth spaceship, but there is no harm done if we sneak through and try to steal the ship and if it is an Earth spaceship, then that is even great." He says and everyone agrees including me.

"We have to be super careful, though." Ashley says.

"Yeah.." Sky agrees.

We float toward the moon where the spaceship was and tried to hide as much as possible and finally reached the moon's surface and hid behind the spaceship. We peeked in through the window and noticed no one was there, inside.

I start feeling uneasy, and the words blurt out from my mouth, "Let's go inside. Maybe we can find a clue."

Oceana, Sky, Ashley and Dane, all disagree with me.

"No, that is too dangerous, Tess." Sky says.

"Yeah...maybe we should wait for someone to appear, first." Oceana says.

Dane and Ashley sigh and I look at all of them with disbelief in my eyes. I start to back off, floating and say, "Fine...if you guys don't want to come, then I'll just go on my own. I need to get out of here, anyway!" I shout at them and float at my highest speed, toward the entrance of the spaceship. All four of my companions run after me and eventually, all of us enter the spaceship, making a lot of noises. We made a noisy entrance, but there was nobody inside.

All of us fall silent, and then, I notice a lime green object moving in a corner. It was hardly even noticeable. I gulp and walk toward the object. Ashley notices me, and tags along with me.

When I reach the corner, I see an organism, a totally different one. Neither I nor Ashley had ever seen a living organism like that.

It couldn't be an amoeba! It is obviously, bigger than an amoeba! I thought to myself.

Ashley and I looked at that object, agape. Dane, Sky and Oceana notice us and come look at what we were looking, as well. Their reactions were the same. They stood agape, as well.

"What is that?" Sky asks.

"An...alien, I guess?" Dane replies.

I start to shake and hide behind the closest thing I can see. Suddenly, I hear noises and manage to make the loudest whisper, I had ever made, "Hide, everyone,"

Surprisingly, the alien runs off by itself, once all of us hide.

"Okay, that was funny." Oceana says and all of us nod.

"So we got a spaceship, all to ourselves. What to do, now?" I say.

"I guess I can fly a spaceship, I had taken courses for learning when I was still in Earth." Sky says.

"Okay, you fly the spaceship." Dane says.

All of us agree, and quickly start to settle ourselves. We were all, very excited. We were finally going to Earth.

3 months later,

"We are going to land, be ready!" Sky alarms everyone.

My heart starts to beat faster and faster, as our spaceship is pulled in by the Earth's gravitational force.

Suddenly, everything goes pitch black.

7th July 2028

"My name is Tess. I am a proud 23-year-old Earthen lady. My experience of being stuck in the outer space for a year was horrifying, but adventurous as well."

"Okay, so that was the famous Tess, who is a human everyone has been talking about for the past four years along with four other people! Thank you so much, for coming to our show today, Tess. We would love to interview you again. Don't forget tp watch your favorite news channel, Mars News, again!" The reporter says as she puts down her mic and we handshake, firmly.

You must be wondering that I, Tess have returned to Earth. Sadly, that is not true. I have no intention of going back, as when we reached the Earth, we found out we were in Mars. And we were surprised to find living creatures, there. Everyone there said that Earth was no longer there. It was the end of Earth just a month after our departure to the outer space. Global warming had already finished Earth, and I lost my hope. But I found my new home. I can proudly say that I'm a Marsian citizen, now.


© 2015 Polly

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very nice story. You can add background description, my be about the time or and place where the story was happened. Its make your story to become power full and has meaning interested to communicate with reader. Okay ... keep your momentum to write your story. Sipsip, mantaf!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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