A Story by Poppletron

An interview with a man who claims he saw bigfoot

I don't know what I saw up there in those trees, but certainly wasn't no man in a monkey suit or someone's hairy uncle. I was up hunting with my dog and we were headed home when he started yippin' like he never had. He eventually stopped and we went another hour on our way to the truck before he starts yippin' again I told him to shush but he kept on with his barkin'. He then starts to runnin' off and I go after him not wantin' to lose a good dog. He got some ways away could only follow him by his constant yammerin'. I was gonna catch up to him but he stopped his barkin'. I kept on going towards where I last heard, but I wasn't paying attention and Snap! Wadda ya know I stepped in a bear trap. I never saw that dog again, but I did see something moving in those trees as I tried to get my foot unstuck. It was big and hairy and stood on to legs. It was maybe 50 feet from where I lay, didn't know what it was so I shot at it to scare it off which I did. Wasn't till I got off the hospital meds did I start thinkin' 'bout what I saw, honestly I don't know. It could've been Bigfoot I can't tell ya for sure. What I do know is that I've tried lookin' for it, and he's stayed hidden for who know how long since that day, so what makes you so sure ya can find it?

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An enjoyable read. You just can't have too many bigfoot stories. Do you suppose Big Hairy set the trap, wanting to catch a human and study it?

Posted 7 Years Ago

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