Friend request

Friend request

A Story by Pravir

humanity follows love


I was returning home after a long tiresome and monotonous day. Being a software engineer it is not easy to sit in front of the desktop for that long eight hours. Its not that I hate my job but I don’t have much passion for this, I followed the path that my parents showed and never thought much about it.

After having dinner I opened my laptop for some refreshing. I usually spend some time on the facebook as it’s a great place to relive old memories and connect to new world. I saw There was a new friend request from ‘Manisha kulkarni’.

I checked her profile , she was really looking beautiful in her profile pic with goggles.she was from delhi and was doing history honors. I really had no idea who she was…. But accepted the request,thinking that she might be knowing me


Few minutes later I got a message

“hii….” It was from Manisha

“heloo…. Do you know me”, I replied

“why ….????you don’t talk to strangers or what..” she said

What a weird reply was that. I thought it must be a fake id….  Someone must be trying to fool me. So I ignored it and waited for a while… but could not resist my curiousity so replied.

“sorry its not like that.. I thought you may be knowing me that’s why”

“its okk.. I am Manisha from delhi and m new to this .Well I love to make new friends . I feel so adventurous to talk with unknown peoples. Its so great to know the culture,thinking and traditions of peoples coming from different backgroundJ” she said

“wow ….. i must say that u have a different yet very interesting way to live life… by the way, there is nothing much to know about me…… I am a 26 yrs old fat boring software engineer ….” I said

“well on that case I will say that no one is boring,… everyone has their way of living life…. I want to live my life as the most happiest girl of the world….hehehe” she replied

“ actually I dont have much friends, I live here alone….. so get bored… just want a break from this city’s crowd and my monotonous life…” I said

“ohh.. then go date a girl… make frndzz … enjoy life man …. hahahaha” she said

“I m disaster in impressing a girl…. Anyways it was nice talking to u …. Have to sleep nw… gunnait frnd” I said

 “ohoo…shy guy … have a gud sleep .. gdnt swt drmzzz “ she said

There was something in this girl which attracted me towards her. She seemed so much satisfied from her life. I felt so much energetic after talking to her. The next day there wasn’t much work at office and to be honest I wanted to continue my talk with Manisha. She was also online, I typed

“hiii there..!!!!”

“hey amit….. wats hpng??”

“nthing great …. At the office… wht abut u”I said

“working on some of my writings….. hey did u approach any girl“ she said

“how can I ???? I barely know any of my female colleague… “ I said

 “ ohooooo….. instead of thinking so much,… just go talk to any of them make friends,….. have fun “

“ I believe in those relations which are connectd from heart “ I said

“ wow….. great dialog ….. I like it”she said

We started to talk on a daily basis…. Then slowly we became good friends …..  she used to tell me everything she did from morning to evening… there was so much in her life to express…. And I only loved to listen her each and every gossip…. I don’t know which relation was between us…but it became my important part of daily life to talk to her…. She was the only girl who made me feel relaxed after the whole days work. 

One day I asked her

“hey can I get ur phone no. ….. I want to hear u voice…..?????” I asked

 She didn’t reply, i waited for a while and then again said

“sorryyy… if ur not comftble, its okkk…”

After about an hour her reply came .

“Actually my phone was in silent mode. this is my no 9563028375 … ping me” she said

The next day I called her.. with a lot of hesitation and excitement I was waiting to hear her voice.

“helloo.. who is this” a very soft voice replied

“may I talk to Manisha …. I am amit”

“ which amit … I don’t know sorry….” Said the voice

 I quickly disconnected the phone. I rechecked the no. again it was the same…. Next moment I got a call from the same no. Again the same voice said

“what happened mister…got puzzled… hehehe. I was just fooling u” she said

The first thing which I told her was

“u knw what , u have a great voice….. “ I said

 I think this was the moment when I fell for her for the first time…. I was just getting addicted to her sweet voice. We used to talk daily…. Sometimes I wanted to express my fellings for her…. But the fear of losing never let me to say…… this was happening for the first tym in my life…. But Manisha has been once in relationship,but she broke up and never said anything about the reason. She used to sing songs … sometimes I also sung for her and she always appreciated. Although I had very bad voice.

Finally I decided to open up and take this relation to a new I called her

“hey…. Wanted to say u something” I said

“yaa dear say na …. Keeping so much suspense.. whts that??” she said

“ look I think I have a soft corner for u…. you always said me na.. go approach a girl….i wanna take you on date CAN WE MEET????” I asked

The phone got disconnected …. I called again.. but no one picked…. After another ring the phone was switched off……i got tensed. Why did she reacted like this…. After six months of our friendship. Don’t I have this much right to ask her…. I gave her all the rights of my life , can’t I deserve this much. She always showed show much care and affection …sometimes she even scolded me when I had cough and ate ice-creams….. if she had to go one day like this then why did she come in my life….. why did she show me a new way to lead life… to relive and cherish every moment ….. 

Suddenly my phone beeped. There was a new message.. It was mainisha

“I know amit….u must be mad at me….. yes I don’t have the right to leave you in such an awkward situation… after all u r my best friend…. But you only know what I have told u….. u don’t know anything about my life….. my life is only restricted to my WHEELCHAIR…. My both legs are paralyzed…. Few years back I met with an accident in which I lost my family and my all happiness…… my boyfriend ditched me saying he has his dreams to fulfill and don’t want to waste his whole life with a handicapped…..please forgive me…… its true that I also loved the time spent with you … but don’t want to be burden on youu…stay happy and blessed…”

I was dumbstruck …. My life shattered in front of my eyes … I reconnected her phone…. But she had blocked me….. I took her address from facebook and without thinking a moment I boarded to the next flight to delhi…

It took me few hours to find his address… I knocked at the door


“is this Manisha Kulkarni’s house???” I asked the lady who opened the door

“yes …. Plzz come in sir??”she asked

I entered the house, a lady was sitting in a wheelchair and staring outside the window, she turned back and a smiling face invited her to a new life….

“hi mani…. I have brought two magical legs for you from Hyderabad….. they will walk each and every step with you and will never leave you whatsoever be the situation” I said with wet eyes……

She opened her arms and said “ I trust u my love….. sorry dear …. i got scared“

I hugged her and said “ I love you tooo…. Never leave me ever….”



© 2017 Pravir

Author's Note

plzz ignore my grammatical mistakes ..... And do review on the plot and story.....

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Featured Review

It's great, the way you helped us (as reviewers) know what you want & expect as feedback on your story. I believe in commenting on content more than construction becuz there are many writers who do not speak English as their first language. Your English is well done & understandable, despite the errors.

This is one of the best stories I've read that shows how today's social interactions happen online. A texting conversation can be boring, when used in a piece of writing, but you managed to include just enuf of the texting, so it's interesting, but not boring & over-detailed. You crafted your story to include drama & suspense, even tho it was mostly about interacting without action.

I can relate to this story so well becuz I am also disabled from a neck injury & I live far from town & far from people, so I don't get much social interaction in my life. Your story shows such a sweet side of how online friendships can go, which is so refreshing in a world where there are so many disappointments & heartbreaks that many are writing about when they describe their online social experiences. What makes this story great is that you show your true spirit which is very loving & accepting. Our world needs this (((HUGS)))

Posted 3 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


3 Years Ago

thanx a lot dear.... ur review really brought a smile on my face.... it was very sad to hear that yo.. read more

3 Years Ago

You are correct . . . my injury has been transformed into a blessing, after some years of hard work .. read more

3 Years Ago

that was great to hear .......... fully inspiring review it was.... thanx again for ur review
.. read more


You are a talented writer. The story line and the characters. Worthwhile and wonderful. I liked the making of a friendship leading to a perfect ending. No weakness in the amazing story. I like your work.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Not talented but yes I will be one day...,, if friends like you keep supporting and inspiring me by .. read more
Coyote Poetry

2 Years Ago

You have talented and you are welcome. I enjoyed your work. You are a grand story teller.
well, the work was done very well...keep writing and sharing.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thanxxx for your visit . . . m glad you liked it
can i share this story on my facebook account

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Of course . . . no issues. .
writ rajat

2 Years Ago

It ws good.....!!! Very emotional story.... though there something .. read more

2 Years Ago

Yes if anyone has given correct address then u can reach there y using google mAp And in this story .. read more
Wonderful story again. I've read it twice last night. And once again i say, your thinking has got some power. Express your thoughts through your writing. I'll suggest you to revise your writing several times after you finish it. You understand your flaws only when you point it out. None has the right to point out your mistakes. You learn from yourself and inspire yourself. This is my thinking. Of course, lots of friends are here to let you know where you've made a grammatical error. But trust me, when u point out urself, you've moved a step ahead!
Keep it up dear...
I knw you're gonna be a very good story writer someday!

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thanq for such a lovely feedback of yours. . . and yes i totally agree with you that i am solely res.. read more

2 Years Ago

😊 keep going... yes i understand, time is such a worm... hope you do well ahead.... stay inspired.. read more
Wow.... Such a wonderful and beautiful write!!!! I really got into it as I read the first lines, just beautiful!!😊

Posted 2 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


2 Years Ago

Thanx anjali. ... It feels gud that u liked the story . keep visiting

2 Years Ago

It would be a pleasure!
I'll take a story like this one over the traditional love story any day. Your story shows true evolution in their friendship/relationship. They start off awkwardly bumbling around each other but eventually grow to care deeply for one another. The two characters' lives and personalities are realistic and understandable. And the ending is beautiful.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thanx for stopping by and reading this . . . yes i love to be in realistic world and its reflected i.. read more
its an emotional write... the way you have crafted it, you deserve a solute for much dedication is involved... its a pleasure to read this kind of productive stuff... very well done.. keep writing :)

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Good to hear such appraisal from a talented writer like u. . . . m so glad that u liked it. . . than.. read more
This story brought me a wide smile.... I loved it so much....I have no words to appreciate it... It's beyond that...the excellent work, really loved it....Keep it up.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

My pleasure..iske liye toh aapko thanks ki apne itni achi story likha

3 Years Ago

Ji . . . shukriya time nikalne k liye . keep reviewing . .

3 Years Ago

yeah, sure.
Very emotional story and as good as expected.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Shukriyaa sumit bhaiii . .. . . time nikalne k liyee. . .
This was truly a beautiful story. Felt so real and touching. Nice write. Keep up.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Thaanx a lot for your visit . . . thnks again

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asansol, west bengal, India

i am 22. .,. an electrical engineer.. i know writing has nothing to do with my profession... but still i write,not to become famous ... its just that i find solace in expressing my untold emotions an.. more..

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