Chapter one

Chapter one

A Chapter by Little-Red-Writer

Kellyn is the rebel...if thats what you even want to call it. She is closed off and constantly in her sister's shadow. After to moving to Forks Washington she gains some unwanted attention.

I woke up to the pattering of rain on my thin glass window. Great. With a light sigh I stood up and stretched, my muscles rejoicing with happiness. I raked a pale, slender hand through my chocolaty brown hair. Today was the first day of school. Yay, not. I quietly slipped into the small bathroom that three of us shared. I looked into the mirror and saw a girl staring back at me, her brilliant blue eyes stared blankly back at me, her long chocolaty brown hair was tangled and damp with sweat, her fair skin had a small, unnoticeable light pink blush to the high cheek bones.

I turned away from the small rectangular mirror and reached my slender hands out turn on the water. I successfully heard the downpour of water as the shower turned to on. Steam rose into the chilly air. I stepped in, letting the scolding water wash away my last bits of sleep.

I stepped out of the shower, turning off the burning water and started to dry myself off. I bent over and wrapped my soaked hair in a white towel. I opened the door and was immediately greeted by an unwanted draft of cold air. Shivering, I silently made my way back into the room I shared with my sister, Bella. I saw she was still silently sleeping, I shook my head and walked over to the tiny walk in closet that held both of our clothes, and got dressed into a pair of neon green skinny's, a black baggy tee with the word's "Mayday parade" on it and a pair of black doc martans. I grabbed my phone and quietly headed downstairs to grab something to eat, preferably an apple.

I silently slipped down the stairs, well as silent as I could be but the oak stairs groaned silently under my small body. I finally ended up downstairs. I quickly grabbed a shiny red apple that had hints of yellow in it. I spared one last small glance at the quiet house and stepped outside. The sky was a steeley grey, the sun was hiding behind the ominous grey clouds. I smiled to myself before pulling my light leather jacket around myself and walking to school.
I walked into the rustic red building that was surrounded by tall thick green tree's. I got a few stares as I wordlessly slipped into the front office. I saw a woman behind the big mahogany desk, she peered up through her thick lensed glasses, her light blue eye-shadow laying heavily on her hazel eye's. " I'm one of the swan girls, Kellyn." I mumbled and saw a smile play on her red puckered lips. "Yes, yes...Mrs.Swan, I have all your papers." She said and handed me a few papers. I gave her a nod and stumbled away from the desk. "Have a great day." Her nasaly voice called after me.
I hoped I would.

© 2014 Little-Red-Writer

Author's Note

Twilight Fanfic! Please tell me what you thought!

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Thank you! That means alot to me!

Posted 6 Years Ago

I liked this better than Twilight. Great job Hope to see more of this.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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