Bye bye sister Debbie

Bye bye sister Debbie

A Chapter by Diomaz

The town is in chaos and Debbie is somewhere in the midst of it with a deadily Anima, Pyro and Karin put fowarth their tripping plan of escape, which does not prove to be so easy.


Hello guys~ Thank you for reading this if you did! :3
Please read my first chapter "Unwanted reply" to be up to speed if you haven't already.



Chapter 2: Bye bye sister Debbie

Pyro narration

The street was haunting. It was surprisingly unthought-of of in terms of what the Equinox tribe could do with 3 Anima, but although the risk of being hunted down by one of them, I held onto hope, with Karin’s hand in mine, we sprinted our hearts out down the street, not a word spoken, but we were both thinking the same thing, I just knew it.

I felt a chill go down my spine, one of them was coming, I always got that feeling when I was being approached by someone I'd rather not have approach me. Karin screamed, as I turned my to witness the younger boy of the Anima trio leaping towards me, and before I knew it, he had tackled me onto the ground, "You call us wogs!" He shouted, scaring at my arm, which I instinctively held up to attempt to defend myself. "You demonise us!" Another slash at my arm, "-and you will not live to regret it!" He readied another, which I am sure my now weak flesh could not take, but I heard a loud boom, a gunshot no less, and then a reload.
The Anima's face was in shock, and I could just see a trickle of blood making its way from the floor of his mouth, and then, another gunshot, and I saw a huge separation of flesh and blood from behind his head, it was then I noticed the other shot directed at his torso, and I had Anima blood stained on my shirt.

The boy fell off me onto the ground like a ragdoll, and Karin leapt to my aid immediately, "Pyro a-are you alright?? Your arm! It’s-"

"Mutilated!" Marian finished her sentence, approaching us with a shotgun, 'Well at least we know who saved us, and frankly I'm not surprised it was her...' I thought, before the sobering thought of complete and utter pain tore through my mind. "Out of my way! Out of my way!" Marian ordered, as Karin did that hastily, "Good god! your arm is a complete mess!" She sad, stating the obvious. "I'm going to have to treat that strait away; I don't know what kind of thought made you pull such a stunt as to run out on the street at a time like this." She told us off, as Karin began to sob at the sight of my arm, as black spots were appearing in the wounds I was given, and visually as we conversed, got bigger, and blotchier. "We best hurry then..." Marian stated while helping me up as Karin tried to assist, "No Karin, open the door to the shop for me, pull out a tall chair next to the pool table!" She commanded, limping along the ground with me.

As I thought I was in good hands, being Marian and all, I heard a noise I never wanted to hear, a howl, as in synchronisation me and Marian turned our heads to examine its origin, and the larger Anima, the one with a tail you'd just want to hug forever, but then you get to his inhumane physique, long black claws, red demonic eyes and ears which on a certain angle would look like devil horns, and then it's alright to panic.

Marian hurried me along to the bar, as the Anima sniffed his ally’s corpse, and shot a deathly glare toward us, and took a sharp leap forward. "Hurry!" Karin cried, as Marian pushed me into the bar right into Karin's arms, and Marian turned, loaded her shout gun and in parallel formation, the shotgun burst tore through the Anima's torso and the Anima scrapped Marians shoulders before falling onto her. Karin flinched at the sight of the Anima's blood splatter on the window outside of the bar, and Marian emerged inside, leaning on her now empty shotgun. "Marian! Your shoulders!" Karin cried. "I'm alright lads; it's just a scratch, now you..." Marian continued, pulling open a concealed draw as part of the pub's counter, and took out a box of medical supplies, "-you're the bad case here, so don't you worry about me!"

She was selfless, but I couldn't help notice the streams of blood on her shoulders, but there was a difference, the slices on her shoulders weren’t developing these black spots, when mine were. "Okay, I'm going to have to look into these spots a little more, just sit tight." She stated, poking a needle into one of the black blotches that were swelling up, but whence she did the needle got stuck in there, and began to melt in front of our very eyes, before we knew it, drips of steel cascaded the floor beneath the pool table, smoking an awful stench of melting metal. Marian held a hand up to her face, a bit distraught by the event, Karin was only looking even more unsettled than before, "W-what’s wrong!? Didn’t you learn about this in your university!!?" She cried, leaning her arms on the side of the pool table.
Marin shook her head, "I was under the impression this was a form of gang-green, but never have I read about such phenomena as these spots..." She concluded, and she touched the black blotched with her finger, making Karin jump a bit, as if Marian would have let out a cry of pain, "It doesn't burn my skin... okay Pyro my boy, stay still.." Marian ordered, taking a bandage roll from her medical supplies, and rolling it round my arm vigorously.

Funny, it didn't hurt at all when she did just, I just felt the obvious tugging sensation of the bandage wrapping around my forearm, in fact, since the black spots appeared, all the pain from the attack of the were wolf had completely gone.

"Okay my boy, we're gonna have to stay here the night-"
"No!" Karin shouted, earning herself two surprised looks, "Marian, there is only one of those beasts left, and she's taken my sister!, If we don't get to her before she escapes the town we'll be facing hoards of those things!" She explained, as Marian nodded quickly in response, a sign that she completely agreed with her. "Yes, yes, but you can't go out on your own can yeh'?"
"I'll go" I said unusually straightforward.
Karin nodded.

Marian frowned, "My boy, you are very badly injured no I don't care if you feel any better, we know not of the sort of these spots, so get your head out of the clouds, you're staying here, Karin, you saw what those things did to us-"
"But this female one didn't hurt Debbie..." I spoke, as Marian turned to me, "She was taken under the mayor Debnsky's place, the cathedral" I continued, as Marian shook her head.
"You're far too young an in-experienced to make that kind of leap, the Cathedral is all the way at the other side of town!" Marian debated.

I nodded, "I made it from the orphanage to here didn't I?", "Yes, and you got a severely mutilated arm because of i-" At that moment Marian fell to the ground, Karin stood behind her with a pool stick. I gasped, "K-k-Karin! She's middle aged! How could you!?" I shouted, feeling the numbness in my arm start to wear off. "That would have never ended if it wasn't for me! Now come on, Marian will be fine!" She held out her hand, as I received it and stood up, we exited the bar.


Now, thanks to Marian's acts of shotgun rage, the streets were quiet, and empty, I felt like getting on my knees and bawling, but I couldn't, I just couldn't! Karin held on to my arm, noticing a profound lack of bumpiness on the fore. She took interest in the bandage and unravelled it, as we both noticed the black spots were gone, and the scars, unseen. We couldn't think too much on the subject, we just gave each other this confusing look and continued running down our now void of a street.

I looked in despair as the Orphanage I have lived in my whole life was ruined, as we made it to the Cathedral, and only saw a familiar face in agony leaning against one of the pillars at the entrance. "Metcarf?" I questioned, leaning down on one knee as Karin let go of my hand and stood to the left of me, "They got you to?" I asked to obvious. He nodded, breathing heavily, "You... are looking... for... Sister Debbie... yes?" He said under his painfully sounding heavy breaths. We both nodded, and he coughed a bit before continuing, "She... is in the lower level of the cathedral-" He paused to cough, "I tried to stop the girl from taking her... but those Anima... they're so powerful..." He continued.

I nodded hastily, "We know all about it, they tricked us into letting them into the town-"
"So they could kill us off and take our resources..." Karin finished my sentence.
Metcarf smirked, "No... That’s not it..."
I cocked an eyebrow in response, as Karin leant over, "What do you mean?" She asked.
There was a roar coming from the lower level of the cathedral, I couldn't bear waiting much longer, so I hurried Metcarf, "What do you mean!?"
"Debnsky... he knows..." Metcarf concluded, closing his eyes.

Karin put two fingers on his neck, "He's still alive, leave him to rest here..." she advised me, as I stood up, "Karin, Debbie! We have to get her now!" I said, Karin nodded, "Mm! let's go..." We both ran to the flight of stairs behind the podium in the cathedral, and ventured down them in haste to come to an unexpected sight.

Debbie wasn't harmed, she looked a bit dirty from the rubble but other than that she was fine. "Debbie!" Karin shouted, running to hug her older step-sister, Debbie widened her eyes, the dark half of the underground of the cathedral revealed the other final Anima, walking from the shadows holding onto her shoulder, which was bleeding badly. "Karin, Pyro, she's weak!" Debbie shouted, moving her younger step-sister off of her and emerging into the corner, pulling a pistol from a pouch under her nun-uniform, and holding it in the Anima's general direction.

"Stop!" Karin shouted, hitting the pistol out of Debbie’s hands, "Are you out of your mind!" I shouted, confused at the intention of Karin's actions, "Karin, what is wrong with you!?" Debbie scowled along with me, as Karin stood in front of her.
"Why did you attack the village, you sent us a message of peace didn't you!?" Karin asked, hoping this Anima could understand them. I frowned and replied, "Karin! This was obviously a trick!"
Debbie took a few steps forward, "Let the Anima talk...”

"You told us we were Demons, and mocked us in the name of the Nevertheids... When said in the message that we would become enemy of yours if you decline" The female Anima spoke, he eye's still as red as the blood that poured from her shoulder.

Karin shook her head, "No we didn't! Mayor Debnsky nodded when we wanted him to accept, even after Debbie's speech!"

The Anima laughed, "He nodded and did not come through, I believe this to be fallacy..." she stated. Debbie kicked the wall behind her, "No! That b*****d lied to us!" She shouted.
I shook my head, "No, this can't be, Mayor Debnsky must have known what would happen!", "-and has this Debnsky human showed himself for the town to see, I think he hasn’t!" The wolf-girl stated, as us three stood there in utter disappointment, "There is no stopping Equinox now, you must flee before other howlers arrive!" The girl warned, "But you..." she pointed at Debbie, "-will not leave...” The Anima leaped in Debbie’s direction as Karin leaped out of the way.

Debbie quickly ran for her pistol and shot the Anima in the chest twice, "Go! Now!" Debbie shouted, as Karin and I did just that, until I turned around half way up the stairs, "Debbie, what about you!?" I asked. She smirked, "We will meet again Pyro, but it's my job, in the name of our lord to protect whoever is left!" She stated. I couldn't help but smile back, ofcourse the fact we were leaving her for the first time since we lived in Brookstone was nearly heartbreaking, but she would never lie to us, she told us we would meet again, and I believed her!

It wasn't long till Karin and I found out that the front gate wasn't an empirically easy escape route.

We had approached it with our spirits high to finally escape this town, but in the dark forest beyond the front gates, figures emerged, the allies of the three Anima that had terrorised our town. We had no idea why Debnsky lied, nor did we know why that female Anima let us go so easily but not Debbie. Questioned filled our minds I’m sure of it, many the same, but there was no time to ponder them, we had to find another way out and fast.

We turned and sprinted our hearts out in the opposite direction, past the pub where Karin had so willingly knocked Marian out, we could see the poor lady along with Louise and Franc hiding in there, their eyes met with mine and Karin's as we passed.

The other end of the town was drawing closer; it was a fractured part of the wall, thank goodness! It looked easy to climb up, all we had to do was take a leap of faith on the other side and hope climbing would be as simple, these walls were very tall, and for good reason.
But whence approaching the wall, we heard a howl, and the melancholy of screams of fear and pain that came with it, these Anima were brutal creatures, ones that I would not forgive, let alone how verbally offensive we appeared to them because of our untrustworthy Mayor.

Without exchanging a word, I helped Karin up onto the first fracture of the wall, and she continued to climb it without effort, things were looking bright, but the howls drew nearer, and sooner rather than later, am Anima was running strait for us. I began to climb but it was too late, the creature grabbed up leg and tugged me to the ground, he was shouting in his echo-language, so I'm guessing he was cursing me.

"Pyro! Wait in coming down!" Karin screamed.
"No!" I shouted back, working my legs to keep the Anima's claws away from me, "I'll be fine just keep running before another one comes!"
"No! I'm not leaving you in this hell!" She replied, as I managed to kick the Anima's face, and push him with my legs to the side, as I squirmed to get up.

Now a look of rage filled the Anima's face, he was allot bigger than me, and the little human-tooth earring that came with his look didn't help ease this feeling of COMPLETE HOPELESSNESS. But before I knew it, I heard Karin groan and a brick cascaded into the Wolf-man's head, and he fell over unconscious, I looked to Karin who smiled back at me, and our little moment had ended as soon as the howls started to sound through the town again.

I climbed the fractures of the wall as Karin helped me to the top, and on the other side was a straight 20 foot drop to the bottom to the bottom, and with her hand in mine, we took the risk, and leapt off the side of the wall, in the moments before we hit the ground, thoughts ran through my mind, so many questions I wanted to ask, but no one with answers, I wanted to see if my friends were alright, is Sister Debbie got out okay, but like always, now was not the time for questions, I felt the damp ground beneath my feet, and then a blank void of blackness hit my eyes.


Next chapter coming as soon as possible :3

© 2011 Diomaz

Author's Note

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so I have two responses :3

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I love it; you have such amazing ideas and such an amazing writing voice. They jumped 20 FEET???! OH MAI. O.O And it is SOOO sad how they left Debbie. D: and ughhh. Stupid Mayor! I HATE HIM. T^T HE CAUSED THIS, THE STUPID IDIOT. T^T

ANYWHOOO, i cant WAIIITTT for the next chapter!! I wanna find out what happened and see what it's like outside the walls of Brookstone. Cant wait, so post the next chapter please!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Oh man! I just read the title and cringed! Not Debbie! I liked her. I really like Marian too. She seems like this sort of mother figure that the main characters otherwise would not have. She seems (despite being tough) genuine and kind amongst their twisted surroundings. I found myself really intrigued by the wound and black spots. What will become of Pyro? I get the feeling it's the start of something big. I really likes this chapter a lot. I hope they can figure things out for themselves, AND the anima.

other suggestions:
-The street was haunting. It was surprisingly unthought-of of in terms of what the Equinox tribe could do with 3 Anima, but although the risk of being hunted down by one of them, I held onto hope, with Karin’s hand in mine, we sprinted our hearts out down the street, not a word spoken, but we were both thinking the same thing, I just knew it." Nit picky opinions jumping in again... but this sentence seemed to run on a little to me. It's great, especially to open this chapter. I would just put a period after 'hope' and split this in two right there.

-"You demonise us!"" demonize

-"Good god! your arm is a complete mess!" Capitalize 'you'.

-"She sad, stating the obvious" said

-"the Orphanage I have" Orphanage doesn't need to be capitalized

-"Questioned filled" questions

Posted 12 Years Ago

Yet again a good read. I like how you ended this chapter.

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is wonderful work, I absolutely loved it! I must say that I am really enjoying your story so far, it keeps getting more and more intense and just as interesting! Brilliant, keep up the good work mortal~

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I love it; you have such amazing ideas and such an amazing writing voice. They jumped 20 FEET???! OH MAI. O.O And it is SOOO sad how they left Debbie. D: and ughhh. Stupid Mayor! I HATE HIM. T^T HE CAUSED THIS, THE STUPID IDIOT. T^T

ANYWHOOO, i cant WAIIITTT for the next chapter!! I wanna find out what happened and see what it's like outside the walls of Brookstone. Cant wait, so post the next chapter please!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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