A Chapter by Diomaz

The Van Broughn, the latest in a line of high-tech research facilities studying the behaviour of Whales based on seasonal changes, work is irrespectably easy there.




December 31st 2029
Van Broughn SONAR research facility


My name is Laura Sigern, I am a university graduate working at the Van Broughn.
I have been here 2 months since the launch of the facility and work has been easy to say the least.


There has been a function planned in the main assembly hall to celebrate the new year, it will be my first time socializing with workers from the other factions.


"So this is it? Comeon we're making a video for the public to gaze at you as some sort of genius, you can't do that by saying that 'work is easy'!" Cameron shouted, getting down from his stall behind the camera.

What was going on here? The public have been dying to know what goes on inside the Van Broughn, so Cameron Thero, a rookie director straight out of film school, is putting together a documentry starring the beautiful young graduate named Laura Sigern, who is suprisingly logical considering her 'air-headed' appearance, composed of long locks of blonde hair, green eyes and a well shaped body to match, you would have never expected someone like her to be working on what was now the most discussed research facility among all others.

"Okay then, just explain to us what you're doing here on Bronny, m'kay?" Cameron  suggested, taking point behind his camera again, "-and... go!"


Hello, and welcome to the Van broughn, I am Laura Sigern, the lead marine biologist and part time acoustics operator, and I'm going to explain what it is exactly, that you tax payers have payed 430 million dollars for.


Laura got up from the stall infront of the green screen, and walked towards an artists rendition of whales swimming through the ocean, an indicator of how budget this documentry is, even the sound quality was crap.


I think you'll notice this big guy, he is the Humpback Whale, a drastically declining species which we are enduring to monitor to find out what we can do to stop their decline... Although we already have a pretty clear indicator towards what their decline is being caused by, like ocean acidity, Japanese whaling ships, the amount of their environment is being ruined by human intervention, and the amount of food we have taken for our own unwarranted needs-


"Stop! Comeon, less opinion and more glammer please?" Cameron asked.


It was understood that Laura was most definately a greeny, and had nothing but hatred for those who did not like taking care of the Earth.


"Just start from the top, m'kay?"


Laura haulted him, "Wait!"

"Hm?" Cameron replied, looking back to her.


"I think what we're doing here is just to... Oh whats the word! Speedy?" Laura stated.


"What's that supposed to mean?" Replied Cameron.


The roaring of heavy machinery in the background made the conversation difficult to hear, Laura sighed and stood up, dragging him into the bottom floor dorm section.
"Van Broughn has only been running for 2 months, we have barely started our research on Whale behaviour and frankly I'd consider myself among the few people here who actually gave a crap about actually working-"


Cameron sighed, took of his hat and rubbed his face, "Listen Laura-" He began, "This is my one shot, I want to be a director, if I don't get this out on time, my dream is ruined, understand?"

Laura tried to butt in but Cameron continued, "-and when my dream is ruined, my life will go on hold, and it will all be because of this tiny, tiny bump on the road, which is the whole lack of research-"

"6 months" Laura replied, crossing her arms.
"What do you mean?"
"Give us 6 months, if you can gap it till then, we'll make that dream of yours come true, deal?" Laura reasoned, provoking Cameron to think for a moment.


"Deal" He said, "6 months, July 1st, you better have something ready!"


Laura smiled, "Don't worry, there will be."




© 2011 Diomaz

Author's Note

Wont be able to update very quickly, this story will become quite complicated and will require some research and laymen conversion on my part.

But hope you liked it, I'm stoked to be getting into this subject!

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A Book by Diomaz


A Book by Diomaz