Love To Last Forever

Love To Last Forever

A Story by United Writings

This Tells A Short Story About How Truly This Man Loves This Woman and THe Love They Have Is so Great...




Love To Last Forever



By United Writngs



           The trees swayed in the wind of this beautiful garden as they always have. The

flowers still sprouted up for new life, the birds chirrped merrily as always. Yet this was

only one of his favorite places in his life. Many have gone away from him for good.

Others have changed forever and will never feel the same. But this beautiful garden has

stayed here, sort of everlasting, like the love he felt for the fair Idrial. The places that have

gone forever and left his life didn't take with them the memories of his friends and

lovers, for he still recalls these wonderfull moments of his life. Some of these people

have passed on, and others are still living, but no matter what he loved them all. But not

even one of them can come close to compare to the binding love he felt as strong as

ever for his dear Idrial. All of these memories that he felt just lost all of their meaning

when he decides to think of love as something new. He understands that never in his

life will he lose affection for all the wonderful people and all the greart things that went

long before. He knows that he will often stop everything he has been doing, just to sit

and ponder to wonder about them. But a feeling deep inside that feels so divine tells

him, in his life he will love Idrial much more. He spent long amounts of his life with

family and friends and the greatest times of his life with family and friends and the

greatest times of his life that he could ever imagine. But none of these felt as great as

the superior moments he has with the beloved Idrial. As he waits there in the

beautiful garden, the beautiful Idrial approaches. The sun beams its rays on her golden

hair as to make it look as if it glows. Her eyes gleamed a blue that looked like the

everlasting sea. Her long gorgeous gown made of silk swayed in the wind. She walked

up to him, to see in his eyes the love that she so deeply felt for him. As they sat there in

that everlasting garden, they held each others hand, knowing that their deep intimate love

could easily withstand the vastness of time itself. For in this world she knew there was

nothing that she could ever love more than her sweet man Cassius. He felt that same love

that not a thing could harness to even come close to his affection for Idrial. So their

greatest moments they had were always of them together, mostly in that beautiful garden.

For this where they believed the power of all their love was kept. They also believed that

this also was the location of all their greatest memories, which all involved each other. So

forever and always they will love each other with no power great enough to stop it.


Love To Last Forever

© 2008 United Writings

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United Writings
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Added on December 9, 2008
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United Writings
United Writings

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