Maze Of The Beast

Maze Of The Beast

A Poem by United Writings

This is about a man who was tossed into this deadly maze by pirates and he can't escape the beast waiting for him.


Maze Of The Beast

By United Writings


Man lost in this terrible maze,

What did you do to deserve such a fate,

Your young yet you look old with age,

As you wander through this labyrinth decaying,


You wonder how could such a thing happen,

Where no one can hear your cries,

And your faith begins to dampen,

Through the horror you know that awaits you,


As you run by these walls,

You are basically living through torture,

For you know the slimy beast's prey, it mauls,

And you don't want to fall prey to this giant worm,


You start to run faster through the maze's corridors,

Looking for any possible exit,

But you know there is none, not any doors,

You were dropped in here from a hole above, now sealed,


The growls of the giant worm grow louder,

As fear and your mind uncontrollably merge,

The slime used for past victims entangles you as it gets closer,

And the stench of decay gets stronger,


You stand as still as can be,

The worm stops confused and detects the air,

You discover it senses motion and can't see,

Then you wonder even so how can you escape,


To have a chance you toss a rock across the room,

And it begins to slither towards the stone,

Then you make a run for it prolonging your doom,

Just hoping somehow you can escape this maze,


You find out your lost once again,

And decide to stop so it won't detect you,

Yet you discover you stopped at a dead end,

And see an exceptionally large amount of skeletons here,


Quickly you turn around to find the giant worm blocking your way,

It's gaping mouth of teeth shoots out silk to engulf you,

As it's cocoon binds you, you think you've seen your last day,

For in this sticky coffin you can't breathe or move, and hear it's feasting.


© 2008 United Writings

Author's Note

United Writings
The man is lost in this maze of a cavern and eventually gets eaten by the giant worm which is the beast. Let me know what you think and if it kept you at suspense!

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I felt the despair of the poem, of being hopelessly trapped. I could hear the shallow breathing and feel the panicky heart. Very nicely done. Depressing ending though, but it suited the poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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United Writings
United Writings

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