The God of Destiny: Prolouge

The God of Destiny: Prolouge

A Story by United Writings

This a stroy of how the God of Destiny came to be.... I hope you enjoy!

The God of Destiny
By United Writngs
“You just chose your destiny. You can’t change that” said the highly intelligent prophet. I said “What do you mean?” He said “You chose to pick up the legendary sword of destiny that was created by Zeus himself.” I stood there unbelieving that I was the one to be able to wield this Magnificent sword. I then stuttered, “It can’t be possible, how could it possibly be me?”
         The prophet then replied, “It was destiny that you should be the one to wield this very sword that is only supposed to be wielded by only the chosen mortal that Zeus himself momentously chose.”  In a state of Shock I then thanked the profit and then thanked Zeus. Then I was sent to an island in the Mediterranean which would be my new home, Ithaca where I became king. Everyone around me that I knew in my life turned into someone like I did; in an ancient time but it was ironically still the year 2007. Once I got to this area I had to fight in a great war for a year. After this I set sail back to my home Ithaca.
 I was stunned to find out that It was being overrun buy evil people of another land. Once I got there I was shocked to find out they also had Cyclops fighting against us. I then yelled why are you allowing this oh, Lord Poseidon? The sea just splashed really cold water upon my face. Now the gods are betraying me. But how, if I have the sword of destiny? Then all of a sudden lightning cracked down upon the soil near the enemy. They shrieked out in anguish. We then landed upon the land and docked the ship. I took my sword and stabbed it straight in the ground and a rumble came from it that shook the sea. All my men and their men around me including the Cyclops fell.
Then when I lifted the sword out a new rumble came that knocked me straight on to the hard ground. I had a gash on my head from the impact on the ground. Then out of the water came Lord Poseidon with his brilliant triton glowing. I quickly grabbed my sword as he tried to strike me with his mighty triton but I blocked it with my powerful sword. He looked astonished. He then bellowed, “But how can it be that you wield the sword of destiny?” Then Zeus came down to the earth with a thud. He yelled to Poseidon, “He is the chosen one we must fight with him to save his land!” Poseidon replied, “But he is fighting against my children, my flesh and blood, my Cyclops!” Then Zeus threw a steaming lightning bolt at Poseidon and he fell to the ground electrocuted. The tide brought Poseidon  back into the water.
Then Zeus and I fought together to save Ithaca from despair. At the end of it all most of my people were alive and the enemy's people were all dead. Zeus then left me to be with my people. Me and the men who fought with me were declared heroes. I then put the sword of destiny into a beautiful case right above my bed. That very night Poseidon had the ground crack and I fell right out of my bed. I ran straight into the water angrily and shouted, “Stop this now, Poseidon!” He then sent a huge tidal wave that sent me far out into sea. I didn’t have the sword of destiny with me. I found a rotting log and clung on to it dearly. Then Poseidon’s wave was sending me straight to Charbdis, the whirlpool that ate men.
But then luckily, Hermes picked me up and flung me to the island of the goddess Calypso. On that island was nothing but women. It had seemed like I was in heaven. Then I was offered to be immortal and I gladly accepted. I then became the God of Destiny. Little did I know my destiny was to be the god of destiny. I later went home to Ithaca where my wife and children were waiting. I lived as a god at my new home.

© 2008 United Writings

Author's Note

United Writings
Let me know what you like in the story and if I should continue the life of the God of Destiny! i'm sorry I kind of left it bleak with so many questions arising so I plan to work on writing a book for it and this can be the introduction for it!

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