Heart of a Spartan

Heart of a Spartan

A Poem by United Writings

This one i tried to make longer than the other ones and put more feeling into it! It's About how a Spartan's heart and life is


Heart of a Spartan

By United Writings


 We know that we must go out there and fight,

If we need to we'll definitely do it all night,

Seeing our shining armor is a magnificent sight,

We all know that once we save our beloved Sparta we'll see the light,


Our spears will pierce through your men,

our shields are magnificent and can block more than ten,

Any Persian we can easily fend,

Once your near a cliff we'll push you past the end,


Through devious training we'll attain strength and power,

So it's ok if we see those Persians cower,

For our Gods compared to theirs will tower,

So don't get your mood to turn sour,


Were said to be the best of warriors you know why?

I'll tell you it's because we aren't afraid to go out there and die,

We've never had a fight that you could call a tie,

So you might as well just sigh,


We've descended from Hercules himself I know from our gains,

I can feel the rush lurking deep down in my veins,

We've never let down and fought through all others reigns,

Our swords have dealt out great vicious banes,


For what we stand for we'll never show weakness,

Where we'll flank you from next you can only guess,

Will we win in glory? Yes,

Our future isn't blocked out by cloudiness,


We'll never forget the brave like Leonidas,

The Persian kind will never attain the renown he has,

Into our land we won't let any of them pass,

If they do we'll fillet them up like a bass,


We'll never ever think to give up and surrender,

For we'll always protect Sparta forever,

We don't care whatever the weather,

For we all know we'll die in glorious honor.

© 2008 United Writings

Author's Note

United Writings
Lemme know what you think! i just got the idea and started writing! I put a lot into this one! I fixed all spelling!

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Added on December 9, 2008
Last Updated on December 9, 2008


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United Writings

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