Victor & Shane in: Scare In London Pt.1

Victor & Shane in: Scare In London Pt.1

A Story by United Writings

This is an adventure I created staring me and my friend going on adventures..

Scare In London


By United Writings
          My friend Shane and I were saving up to go on a huge trip to Europe. I called him and he said he’d take his flight from Albuquerque, New Mexico to In Fort Myers, FLorida so he could meet me, then we would take our flight to our first stop London, England. For months we have been saving up for this trip.
Once we started to get on our plane I said, “I can’t believe we are finally going on this trip!” Shane said back to me, “Yea, I know! It seems so long ago since we first thought of going to Europe.”
 The plane ride there was pretty scenic, if what you wanted to see was horizons of crystal blue sea. Shane dosed off while I was just staring out of the window watching the occasional bird fly past. Then I started getting drowsy myself and then fell into a light sleep.          
When I awoke later it was dark out and we were just an hour away from London International Airport. Shane was awake now and he was paging through a Sports Illustrated magazine. I just sat there waiting for our arrival. Then all of a sudden the plane was landing and we were there.
 The first thing we did was check in at Luxury Hotel. Once we were inside I got in my bed and went to sleep. In the morning we each took a shower and we left to go start exploring.
Our first stop had to be the historic Big Ben clock tower and the Houses of Parliament. We went to listen to a tour guide and he started describing the British History.
After the tour was over we decided we were going to get lunch. We each got a salad from a local restaurant   because we weren’t that hungry.
After that we went into the London eye to get a view of the entire city from a hawk’s view. Then All of a sudden the power on it went out and we stuck a few hundred feet in the air above London! The others in our compartment were all panic stricken and screaming. I told them to calm down and everything will be all right, that somebody will save us. Then the sky darkened and it began to rain.
I was thinking, “Oh great just what we need.” I looked down and saw that the Egyptian Parade was watered down and they were closing it up quickly for this storm was fierce. The 60 some foot walking robot-like statue of the Egyptian God Anubis just stood there getting poured on. Then it all of a sudden began walking with no one controlling it and it was heading straight for the London Eye!
It started to run into the Ferris wheel-like London Eye and the structure started to creak and moan. Nobody could stop the other people’s shrieks now. I yelled out to Shane, “What in the world is going on here???!!!!!” He yelled back, “I don’t know but I don’t like it at all!!!” Then it started to lean more and more and then the London Eye was collapsing sideways into the cold, rapid River Thames with the Anubis falling in as well. Our Total fiberglass see-thru compartment submerged into the murky darkness.


© 2008 United Writings

Author's Note

United Writings
mme know what you think and if you want me to continue a series with it!

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I like the concept--sort of a Godzilla-type story that could have an interesting supernatural side. Before you continue this, I think it might be good to go back and add more details. Build the tension before the monster appears. Very creative, good luck!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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United Writings
United Writings

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