A Chapter by Robert J Poe

The Face of Evil

The black flame crackles lightly in the large cauldron with pentagrams engraved across it sitting upon the throne of the greatest evil to plunge existence. This cauldron is one of five cauldrons lighting the small, circular room. Though the flames are black, the room is as well lit as a completely black room can be. The only other color than black is the large, red pentagram in the center of the room, with its five tips placed under the cauldrons and the large throne chair. The room is unbelievably bland and boring; without even a single window, portrait, sculpture, or even a chandelier hanging from above. Only the five cauldrons, the throne chair, the pentagram on the floor, and a large, double door, placed on the opposite side of the chair, makes up the room. The large, double doors burst open with a force that causes the flames of the cauldrons to jump wildly, and the loud bang of the doors slamming against the wall rattles the room. The orange lighting of the outside hallway floods the room but the brightest of the light shines on the chair. A tall figure covered by a large, thick cape enters the room and reveals a human-like hand with sharp claws at the tips. The hand sways once, like a Jedi trying to control a person’s mind, and the black flames spontaneously turn red, filling the room with an eerie, red glow. The caped figure sits upon the throne and pulls back the hood of the cape. The face revealed is clearly masculine but not human. The structure of the head is mostly human, with a strong jaw leading to a chin made of two small horns close together, but not connected. The being gives a sinister smile, revealing his carnivore-like teeth. His four eyes glow with a hate and evil that would make even a cold blooded, heartless psychopath break down. Six horns grow out of the top of his short haired head. The six horns outline the top of the skull in an oval outline, with two in the front and back and one on each side of the head. Although this is not the most terrifying, demonic face ever, it is the face that commands all demons in existence, threatens the balance of all that is good and right, and rules over evil with an absolute power. This is the face of Sithior.

© 2010 Robert J Poe

Author's Note

Robert J Poe
please tell of any grammar, spelling, or plot errors. I will try to make this the most boring part of the story.

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Added on April 15, 2010
Last Updated on April 23, 2010
Tags: boring description of great evil