Chapter 6 - This Is War.

Chapter 6 - This Is War.

A Chapter by Kristen

The sixth of 8 past blog posts.

I didn't post a blog entry last week because, frankly, I had nothing to write about. I still have nothing to write about, but I figured I'd post something so you know I'm alive.

My best friend is at the Olympics in Vancouver (lucky huh?), and I've never felt so alone. Kinda cheesy, but very true. I never realized that she was the person that I talk to the most until she left for the Olympics. Our whole communication thing is working like this.. I'll text her on a Sunday, and she'll answer on a Thursday. She hasn't answered my latest text though, so she's either ignoring me or her phone charger died; probably the latter. Still though, I realized that I have no friends! I haven't texted anyone in a few days. Part of me thinks it's nice, to not talk to anyone and feel sort of isolated, but part of me thinks it's rediculously pathetic. I'm kind of at war with myself, wondering which is better: to have one good friend or many okay friends. Sure, if you have one good friend you have one person you can truly depend on, but one day they might just disappear forever (hypothetically, of course). Then you're really alone. If you have many okay friends, then you'll always have someone to talk to, but you'll never feel like you can depend on anyone but yourself. Oh, what a war with myself.

I had no inspiration for any new poetry before I wrote this entry, but now I feel like I have something to write about.. stay tuned. :-)


Listen to: This Is War - 30 Seconds to Mars

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