Chapter 7 - Immaturity.

Chapter 7 - Immaturity.

A Chapter by Kristen

The seventh of 8 past blog posts.


My pet peeve of the day? Immaturity.

Immaturity is a somewhat-sensitive subject for me; not because I'm often called immature, but quite the opposite. I am often called very mature for my age, known for having the composure of a 40-year-old in a 15-year-old's body. It is a sensitive subject for me because I am surrounded by immature people, and not necessarily people I don't like. And so, what's the point of all of this talk of immaturity? My best friend, the one who has often been the subject of my blog posts, is also incredibly immature. Despite the fact that she is almost an entire year older than me (360 days, to be exact) she acts as though she is at least three years younger than me. Usually I don't have a problem with this, but sometimes I do, especially when I'm trying to explain something I find important and she, you know.. acts like she's 10. Seriously, WHY? WHY are there immature people on this planet? Just to irk the people who actually know when to stop being annoying and realize when enough is enough? Ranting...

So yeah. Basically she's being very stubborn at the moment about something completely rediculous and I can't even talk to her it pisses me off so much. I'm just so sick of immature, thoughtless people. Is it so hard to think before you speak, to consider other people and not be so selfish? Gah, grow up!

Well, thank you, everyone, for all support I have received over this site, and thanks to you for reading this entire rant. While you're at it, mind leaving a comment on what you think of immaturity?


Listen to: Careful - Paramore

© 2010 Kristen

Author's Note

Thank you for reading this long rant, leave a comment!

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Added on March 6, 2010
Last Updated on March 6, 2010




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