Chapter 14 - You're All I've Ever Wanted.

Chapter 14 - You're All I've Ever Wanted.

A Chapter by Kristen

Dreams only last for a night...

I would know.

I look around nowadays and it seems that all of my friends have boyfriends. When/how did this happen? In society we are so surrounded with ideas of love and romanticism that now I'm feeling a little left out and, quite frankly, pathetic. I read books, and there's romance. I watch t.v. and there's love. I take a walk outside and see couples. I feel so... loserish. Which is strange for me, because I usually don't conform to society's perception of perfect or beautiful; I find myself just average. But now it's haunting me when I write and read as well, and that's where I usually find my comfort spot. Don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy reading romance novels and poetry about love. But recently it's been bugging me. Why?

I'm 15, 15 1/2 really, and I've never had a boyfriend. Never been kissed. Never even really had a good friend who was a boy. I'm sure the fact that I go to an all-girls high school contributes to that, but it's driving me insane! When I get to college I'm not going to understand guys at all! Ugh. So frustrating.

I know, I'm sounding like a whiny teenage girl. But honestly I feel so incomplete. I think that even if I had some sort of contact with the opposite sex I'd feel better. Yeah, I have friends who are guys over the Internet, but it doesn't feel the same... I don't know. I'm not making any sense.


And that's the end to this strange post, thanks for reading!


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© 2010 Kristen

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