Chapter 23 - My Last Post.

Chapter 23 - My Last Post.

A Chapter by Kristen

How sad, eh?
I'm turning 16 exactly one week from today, and since I'm going away for the weekend and I'm busy the rest of this week, I decided that this will be my last chapter in this book. 
I'm excited to turn 16, as it's one of the "big ages", like 18 and 21. I can't wait to get my drivers permit and license later on this year. But, as I always do before my birthday, I reflected on what kind of a year I had, and what better way to do that than read this book? It was basically a summary of my year. So, I read it, and what disturbed me was how unhappy I was back in the winter. I tried to think of why I was unhappy, and I figured out that it was my poetry and writing that was making me unhappy. In order to write my poetry, I had to be in a wrathful, depressed mood, which was affecting my ordinary life. I don't want that to happen again.
So, I have two options. Option A: Stop writing altogether. Option B: Write happier, lighter pieces. 
I'm still not sure which I'll choose. Option B is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I'm willing to try it if I have time to. Option A is appealing to me only because I become insanely busy during the school year, so trying to stay updated here is problematic. So, I'm not sure which I'll choose. You'll see me pop in from time to time to answer messages and friend requests, but any future writing is questionable. I figured I'd let all of you know; well, any of you that actually read this, anyway.

Have a nice year.
- Kristen

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© 2010 Kristen

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Reviewing myself, six years later:

Crazy how time flies and how you forget so quickly the things that you once experienced.
Reading all of these posts feels like reading about another person (thankfully). I was quite the stuck-up, moody twat, wasn't I? I suppose we all kind of were around this age. I've since stopped writing poetry all together, but reading this sends me right back to those days of sitting hunched over my keyboard, tapping my fingers against my desk and desperately willing the words to come to me. I was obsessed with sharing my thoughts and how anguished I felt at that time. To this day I wonder why. To this day I also believe that I was extremely wrapped up in my mind, ignoring others, and this "book" kind of made me despise my younger self. The sweet lenses of retrospect.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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