Brodus Clay Loves Dinosaurs

Brodus Clay Loves Dinosaurs

A Story by Pugsly

Brodus Clay loves to dance and act like a dinosaur... a little too much sometimes.


Brodus clay likes to be a dinosaur



"I really like dinosaurs!"Brodus giggled continuing his little dinosaur celebratory dance. 

"We know Brodus." Cameron sighed as they packed up their stuff from the locker room. Brodus started doing the little dance that he does in the ring after matches. He began humming his theme song as well, Naomi started giggling at him.

"Are you going to help us pack up?" Cameron asked impatiently.

"In a few minutes let me finish being a dinosaur!" he pouted and resumed dancing.


"I think Brodus believes he's really a dinosaur." Naomi said to Cameron when they were in their hotel room.

"It's kind of funny."

"Not when we have to pack up and get out of the building and we've got a million things to pack!"

"We didn't have a million things to pack today Naomi calm down..." Cameron three the face wipe in the trash can and sat down in her bed.

"Sometimes I think he forgets he's human..." Naomi sighed and shut the light off.



The next WWE event...


"Roar I'm a dinosaur!" Brodus roared as they walked to their locker room.

"Brodus you are not a dinosaur."

"Yes I am, don't tell me what I can or can't be!" he stuck his tongue out at Naomi. She sighed and gave up trying to convince him that he wasn't a dinosaur.

"You know one of these day's you're going to turn into a Dinosaur..." Naomi sighed but Brodus didn't really care about her warnings. 

Later That Night...

Naomi entered Brodus's locker room with Cameron right behind her, "Alright Brodus it's time to go~" she froze shocked to see that Brodus had turned into a dinosaur. 

"Um... There's a dinosaur in the locker room... is that a real dinosaur?" Cameron asked nervously.

"I told you that you were going to turn into a dinosaur but you didn't listen to me!" Naomi sighed frustrated with him...

"No, Naomi you don't understand! I can do this at will!" He said but they looked at him confused and scared. They heard nothing but roaring coming from his mouth. Brodus began doing the little dance he does and returned to normal. 

"How the hell did you do that?!" Naomi asked shocked. 

"The dance I do, it turns me into a dinosaur!" He smiled and sounded like a small child in a candy store. 

"This is amazing!" Cameron laughed but Naomi wasn't happy at all. "You're going to go on TV and turn into a dinosaur in front of everyone?" 

"Yeah it'll be great kids love dinosaurs!" He smiled and headed out of the locker room towards the arena...



© 2012 Pugsly

Author's Note

Meh this isn't anything serious I wrote it for the hell of it and it's complete shit but i thought it was a funny concept.

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Added on September 18, 2012
Last Updated on September 18, 2012
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