Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Pugsly

Her parents grow more distant from each other, they continue to not care for their child, and the world thinks Emlyn is crazy.


Chapter 4


Over the next few years, my parents continued to spend as little time as possible with me. Everyone thinks I’m crazy for ‘believing in my imaginary friend’ despite having grown out of the ‘imaginary friend’ stage. If they only knew he was real, there’s no consequence for inviting people to Divide, but no one believes me when I try to explain to them they need to come to my house in order to get there.

My room, despite the fact I’m about to enter middle school, hasn’t changed in the five and a half years I’ve had to call this room my own. A mixture of a glazed pink with a touch of light pink as well, to bring out the pink walls, the deep mulberry purple walls and finished off with a rose silk accent on the ceiling. I have a balcony not that I need one other than to gain easy access to a lower part of the roof. I sit there and watch the clouds sometimes, mainly when my parents think they can tell me what to do after months of forgetting I exist.

“Emlyn, we’ve been calling you for hours!” My mom opened the French doors to the balcony.

“No you weren’t, I counted five times and I already told you that I don’t care what you have to say to me.”

“What is with your attitude?” She asked shocked because of my recent attitude that I’ve had for the past year or two.

“I stopped listening to you when I was ten, if you paid any attention, you’d know.”

“How about I tell your father?”

“How about I tell your lover that you’re married and have a daughter?”

Time for another fight to take place grabbing a chunk full of my hair she yanked me off the roof, into my room, and slammed the doors shut making sure the blinds were closed before turning her attention back to me.

“Are you really going to hit me?” I asked looking into her eyes, she tried to look serious, and she stared me down and didn’t blink. I stood my ground; she wasn’t going to hit me. “I’m not worth ruining your manicure or risking a wrist injury. You’d have to wear an ugly cast on your hand. A big bulky plaster cast won’t match anything you have in your closet; you could also opt for a black brace, it could help your fashion crisis of having a swollen wrist.”
“I am not cheating on your father, stop telling lies!”

“Well I guess you forgot that all I do is tell lies.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“You need to stop acting like a spoiled brat!”

“Spoiled? I’m spoiled?”

“Yes, you’re spoiled and rude, you need to grow up.”

“Okay, you keep telling yourself that’s why I hate you.”

“You don’t hate me; you’re just a rebelling child.”

“Oh so the one time you listen to Dr. Candara is when he tells you I’m messed up!”

“Because it’s true, it was cute when you were a child but you need to stop living in a fantasy world!”

“My so called ‘fantasy world’ is all I have left. Aren’t you late for some party or a dinner? Why don’t you go get ready for that and just leave me alone like you always do?”

She looked at her watch and gasped, she was indeed running late because she decided to fight with me. She said nothing; she ran out of my room and slammed my door shut. 

© 2012 Pugsly

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Author's Note

Here's chapter four, I know there's a massive time gap between chapter 3 and 4 but it's all I could do for the moment otherwise I'd keep hitting road blocks and I really want to finish this story.

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