Dr. Holman

Dr. Holman

A Chapter by Pugtaco

The man that spoken was standing in the doorway. He had a lab coat that was white and a name tag that said Dr.Golan. He was about 30 and was 6 feet tall. Will and Dr.Golan studied each other for a few seconds. Will decided to be the first one to break the silence.
"I was just looking around," Will said awkwardly," I'm just trying to find my file."
Dr.Golan didn't say anything,he just studied Will. Now he was really creeping Will out. This guy was looking at him like he knew his fate and deciding if he's with the trouble or not.
"I'll just go..."Will said," have a happy evening."
Will creeped towards the doorway.
"Wait," Dr.Golan said," You just surprised me. I wasn't expecting any visitors."
Will stopped.
"I'll help you find your way out," Dr.Golan said," You just have to listen to what I say."
Will agreed. He was still suspicious of this doctor,but he was sane, which is better than nothing. The doctor took out a long piece of cloth and brought in a wheel chair from the outside.
"I'll have a o blind fold you and wheel you towards the exit. I don't want you tortured and forced to give up the information," Dr.Golan said.
"I'm a tough nut," Will protest," They can't get any information from me!"
Dr. Golan just shook his head. Will thought about it. He cand go with the Doctor and risk being killed by him or he can go alone and find the exit by himself. Will thought about the monster in his dream. He also thought about the guy. That guy will just have to escape by himself.
Will reluctantly agreed to go with him. He had som questions he needs to ask and would rather not be alone. Will sat in the wheel chair and begun his journey through this hell like hospital.

© 2016 Pugtaco

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Added on October 27, 2016
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