Something we don't have.

Something we don't have.

A Poem by QC

I don’t understand.


No hello to people on the street.


Keep walking, keep walking

Don’t make eye contact

S**t, are they talking to me?

Keep walking, keep walking


We are cold individuals.


We are made of paranoia.

It crawls under our skin

Like the terroristic bug

We are all so afraid of.


So scared of different

Wary of anything new.


Overanalyze is what we do.

9/11 did that to us.

But have you ever just thought of why that happened?


Why the people from the Middle East decided:

Let’s go crash two planes into building.

Let’s go kill a bunch of people

And sacrifice our lives. 

Cuz it seems a little stupid to me that they'd do it just for fun. 


It’s not because they weren’t raised in America,

It’s not because of their religion,

It’s not because of their skin color,

It’s not because they’re less fortunate than we.


It's because we're trying to change they way they are, 

because they have something we want. 


We want it and we want it bad.




So we become less than human to get it.

We emerge like the smoke of the Twin Towers onto their land.

We disrupt their peace,

Trying to ‘help’ them.


Saying things like “Westernization is better.”

Telling their women “Don’t you wish you were like us?”


We temp them and in turn for messing with them,

We start an almost-war.

Killing innocent troops while simotaniously trying to get what we want 

and protect our country in the process. 


All because we are greedy Americans who want oil.



We don’t care about how our actions affect others.

Why do we think we’re ‘helping’ them?

They’ve lived Western-free for a long time,

Resisted it. So what makes us so certain that we’ll change them?


Because we won’t.

And the sooner we learn this,

The sooner bad things will stop happening.


The sooner people will feel more at ease flying on a plane,

The sooner people will feel comfortable working at a major building.

The sooner we can all get over our fears of another terrorist attack.


So here’s my question:

Where has our humanity gone?


So here’s my demand:

Think about it. 

© 2011 QC

Author's Note

This topic has been really bothering me for a while. What are your honest thoughts on the topic? I want to hear them.

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It's a topic that has been bothering mankind for a very, very long time and it's getting worse, not better.

Trinkets for land, the exploitation of mineral wealth, 'I've got a bigger stick than you,' so I'm taking it, and worse still, the wholesale decimation of indigenous populations. All designed primarily to line pockets, (a pointless exercise really, given our three score year and ten is merely a blink of the creators eye.) And how odd it is, that mostly, such behaviour seems only to fulfil a need that didn't actually exist before we so-called 'progressed' from being relatively content with shelter from the elements and food in our bellies, to how we are today.

Your demand requires an answer which I don't have, though I truly wish I did; (other than the thought that we are perhaps genetically programmed in such a way,) in which case the blame lies with a higher hand; though at best that is a poor excuse.

End of rant, sorry, but it's a subject I dwell on often. Beccy.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Amazing truth in this remarkably frank and bold writing. You managed to bring about the real reasons and the situations before the tragedy. Such eloquence is conveying a difficult logic is rare and astounding. Great writing, incisive, relevant.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I think that humanity has never been very pure, and the new technology that we've created only helps our "darker side" (not to be melodramatic). And I think you're right that we have to learn a lesson and stop interfering. Still though, I'm not sure when that would ever happen, because after over 10000 years without learning, I don't see that we ever will.

And on your poem, it's very haunting and thought-provoking and forces us to look at the uglier sides of what we do. I especially like the italicized portions.

Posted 11 Years Ago

beautifully explained,nice efforts, read mine too " QUEST OF LIFE".

Posted 11 Years Ago

I really liked this poem and I think that it would perfectly well as a song. I also liked the how you're poem made me analyze the issues we are faced with.

Posted 11 Years Ago

its so true theres nothing baou tit thats not true

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is a powerful poem and yes I totally agree. I can imagine this being read publicly as a speech - very good. Annie:)

Posted 11 Years Ago

True so true. I think we need to find a way to harness pain and suffering and turn it into fuel. There is plenty floating around the world.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Our humanity has gone down the drain ever since the bankers have been controlling the world, which I guess...has been forever.
Whenever you have money in an equation, humanity is on the lesser side.
As long as bankers are governing, and people have faith in governance ( word ? ), this is the status quo. It will either be a very psychological battle, or a bloody one. Either way, see you on the other side.
( works like these make people take mental steps forward, well done )

Posted 11 Years Ago

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