Broken Bonds

Broken Bonds

A Poem by Melody ♫

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget."

It's funny how we loved knowing each other,
until we started to enjoy how we knew each other.
There are no connections between us anymore,
we just got disconnected.
All started from a silly rumor,
that nearly cost us our friendship.
But that didn't kill us,
thank goodness.
Sadly, we chose different paths,
that, we had our different ways.
I tried putting us back together,
like solving a puzzle piece.
Did that work?
How so?
Because you weren't by my side no more.
Instead you chose them.
They really meant a lot to you.
I fully understand why.
I'm not jealous or upset about that.
I know you have a stronger bond with them.
I'm upset because you don't have feelings for me anymore.
I truly do care for you deeply,
but if you're not there for me...
What am I to you then?
Your tissue?
B***h, please. I'm only friend-material,
not a toy where you can play with me and then trash me out to a garbage can.

© 2010 Melody ♫

Author's Note

Melody ♫
Please help me on any grammatical errors and rate it. It would also be nice if you gave me tips or ideas to make my poem better! Thanks!

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Added on February 4, 2010
Last Updated on April 21, 2010
Tags: friendship, sad, backstabbed, careless, hate, gloomy


Melody ♫
Melody ♫


Hey Hi Hello! To start off, my name is Melody. I love to read & write. I enjoy reading poems and interesting stories. I adore writing, though perhaps my grammar may not be correctly done, so please in.. more..